Once Upon A Time! πŸ™ˆ


6. I'm sorry! πŸ˜”

Sierra's P.O.V

So I have grown deeps feelings for Harry, it's been 2 weeks since we talked About everything . We're going to a party tonight !

**At the party**

We arrive at the party. The more we dance the more Harry drinks, I was thirsty, so I went to get a soda, and I came back and Harry wasn't there . At this point Liam and Louis are my best friends out of the group. I look around everywhere downstairs and he isn't there.

" Louis.?" I say. " Yeah love.?" He says. " Do you know where Harry is at.?" I ask him. " Try upstairs" he says . " Thankk youuuu!" I say.

I walk upstairs , to something .. I wish I didn't see .. My heart stopped. I was broken.. I ran downstairs to and out to the car, I skipped the car and just ran home .

Liam and Louis started running after me!! I ran in the house, thank god my parents were home..

I got the razor in the closet door , and start to cut! It hurt so much! But felt so good ! Then, it wasn't enough! I had to die ! I wanted to die ! I can't take things under the sink, they'll notice I tried and what if it don't work. I look up, to the sink, and there are pills!

" Thank you mom" I say, taking her pills she took before they left. I start to struggle to open the container!

" Sierra!!!" I hear yelling ! " Open!! Ugh!!!!!" I yell, trying to open the container ! " She is in the bathroom Louis" Liam says. And they run up to the bathroom.

Liam knocks the door down, and Louis take this container, making all the pills fall out on the floor . " Look what you did !!!! Why did you do it!!!!!!!" I yell , in his have . Liam pulls me back and they both hug me .

" It will be okay Sierra... It will.. What did you see..?" They ask me . I look at them and reply. " Something, that I wish I didn't." I cry harder. " Shh come here.." Louis hugs me , and we sit on the floor.. " He hurt me !!! I love him!!!! Why did he do it !!!!" I cry. " Shh love... We love you.." He says calming me down.

" I'm sorry..." I cry... " I'm sorry for everything !"

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