Once Upon A Time! ๐Ÿ™ˆ


14. How Do Break The Curse.?

Sierra's P.O.V

" Its my duty to break this curse, now I must do it" I say. Getting my coat. " What are you talking about.?" Harry ask. " Luke said I'm the only one who can save Storybook" I say kissing him. " If I do break this curse, don't forget me" I say. " I will never forget you" he says kissing back. " Now go" he says.

I start to walk too, All Things Magic, and walk in. " Hello.?" I say. " Is anyone here.?" I say. " Mr.Skin" I yell. I look at the lost things in the store. I try and touch the monkey. " Don't touch that!" Skins said. " Rumple. I mean Mr.Skins. Sorry"I say. " What do you need youngin.?" He ask me, standing behind his desk.

I put the map on the counter. " What's a silly map going to do.?" He laughs at me. "Just look and see if you see anything wrong" i say. He looks. " I don't see anything" he laughs. " StoryBook isn't on the map" I say. " Ahh, I see" he says. Walking to his cabinet, and taking a bottle with green liquid in it. " This will tell us, where it is something we can't see little things on the map" he says pouring the liquid on the map.

Nothing showed up. " That's odd" he says. " StoryBook is fake, we are all a fairytale" I say. " Are you okay darling." He ask me. " Yes! It's my mission to fix it. See the " Evil queen" put a forgetting spell in The Enchanted Forest, and it left us here in storybook. There has to be a remembering position." I say. " I have something. I have no clue if it will work. But to do it love, you have too go too the middle of the woods and find the wishing well. Drop this liquid and this cricket in it , and see if it works, if it don't then.. This is a real place, and you're just thinking thing." He says. " Thank you Rumple. I mean Skins." I shank his hand and leave.

" Just remember, magic always has a price" he says before I leave. " I'll take my chances, if it involves getting my mom and dad back I'll do it" I say. " If this is true, they won't come back to life, there dead for good. Once you're dead you're dead. No coming back. Never" he says. " Never say never ! " I say leaving.

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