Once Upon A Time! πŸ™ˆ


4. Changing

Sierra's P.O.V 

I had fun with Harry the other day, hes a good friend, but a bad influence.

The day after the mall i went to school, as usual 

** At lunch**

" So, hows the tutoring going" Cheyy asked me. 

' Can you not be so damn nosy!" I yelled.

"Did you just-" 

"Curse" Mimi finished. Cheyy's sentence. 

"l-uh, i think so..."

"Ekk." They both squealed.

"We are so proud" 

"Im not" I say getting up. 

"But you're still a goody-goody" 


** Later at Harry's**

"Okay,Harry there is, two study sessions with me and your already a natural!" i earned a faint chuckle from him on that one. 

"Hey Harry" 


"I want to try and change my image. I dont want to be the goody-goody- that everyone says i am."

"Woow, two days with me and you're already coming to the dark side " he said looking up from the page. β€¨" I know, but can you please teach me, a little more on how to be a bad-girl."

" Um,well firdt,drop the niceness dont use please and thank you. Got it?" i nodded. 

" Second, Dont do your homework tonight."

"Too late. Im already caught up fpr thr weel" He rolled his eyes and laughed. 

: Then dont turn in your assignment. Third wear something a little more open. Four, change your language."

" I said my first curse word today" 

"Really?" I nodded. : Your 16. im Suprised you did'nt curse before."

" I was a goody-goody remember" 

" Don't change you're repitation yet, you havent showed you arent a goody-goody yet" he laughs. " Lastley, do the steps gradutally." i nodded. 

"Thanks" he looked at me disaprovingly.

" I mean no thanks" I scoofed and Rolled my eyes.

"Your not welcome" he smiled like a angel.

** Next Day* 

" Okay class. Please hand in your test assignment.' Everyoe got up except for Harry and I.

I was nervous about not handing in my work. Harry winked at me . 

"Sierra, Where is your assignment?" 

" I did'nt do it." I said flipping my hair cockly.

" Oh, well you may turn it in late for half creit."

" Nah, im cool with a F" 

"Oh.are you now?"

"Yeah, i actually am"

"Young Lady, are you talking back to me."

God, this women is annoying.

"old bat, are you talking back to me."

"Thats it detention after school"

" Im good thanks, plus i have to tutor harry like , YOU made me."

 " Perfect, Harry can stay for dentition with you" she smiled at me and Harry.

I get up , and walk out, taking the test and throwing it in the trash can.

We go to lunch, and Harry and I sit with his " Clique" Liam, Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Harry of course. " Dude look at this hottie" Zayn says looking at me.

I laugh , " Thanks ! But I'm not flattered" I say. " Damnn. Someone's changing .?" Louis says. " 2 days with me and she's already over at the dark side" Harry laughs. " Babe, you needa dress a little more sexy" Liam said. " Thanks babe, for the advice" I laugh. " We will take you to the mall, so you can fix this look up" Harry laughs.

" We got detention after school, but then we can" Harry says laughing. " What did y'all do.?" They ask in unison. " Well I refused , and I took the test and threw it away, and talked back" I laugh. " Oohhhhh!"

**After Detention**

The boys meet us, and we all go out to the Mall, we go to forever 21. I start to grab things , and go try them on. My look as they say is Skater skirts, crop tops, black skinny jeans! And Carnage's that's what all my closet is full of now.

**At Harry's Place**

We didn't do any tutoring today, I walked in his room, and sat at the table , and he poured us some soda, and we just sat there and started to drink.

" Soo..?" Harry said.

" What..?" I ask .

" How do you like being one of us .?"

" it's great! If feels good, not people a goodie-goodie, I felt like I always had to put this good act on, but turns out I didn't have too" I laugh, taking a sip of my drink.

" I know !! Being bad is fun!" He laughs.

" Do you wanna do something fun.?" He asked me .

" Sure!" I laugh.

" Come on, Follow me" he smiles, and we walk to his room. He opens a door, to what I thought was his closet. I looked at him in shock. There was a keyboard and lyrics to a song.

I walk over to it " What's this.? I thought bad boys didn't sing." I laugh. " I have a soft spot for singing.. Do you wanna give it a shot .?" He ask me . " Sure" I look at his music. " Ooh my favorite song!! I say getting out bubbly by Cobbie Colate. Aka coco.

He played the piano and I start to sing .

" I've been away for a while now.

You got me feeling like a child now.

When I see your bubbly face.

I get this thingly feeling in a silly place.

It starts to my toes.

Makes me crinkle my nose.

Where ever you go , I always now .

That you make me smile. Please stay for a while.

*After song*

I look at him and he staring in my eyes , I lean in and next thing you know . We're making out he takes me to his bed. And we start go take off cloths . His finger does down my panties line.

Sierra what are you doing?!

" I'm sorry Harry I just can't.." I say putting my cloths back on..

" I have to go" I say. Waking out and walking to my house . It's freezing !

Why did I just leave him! What did I just do!! 😭😭

He's gonna hate me now

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