Once Upon A Time! πŸ™ˆ


10. After The Funreal.

Sierra's P.O.V

After the funeral, my family and friends all went to my house. We had some soda and food.

" Heyy, Sierra!" Zayn says walking over to me.

" Yoo!" I say smiling.

" What's up Harry" a guy with a red SnapBack, black skinny jeans, with a rip in the knee, and a black Shirt came up to us.

" Who DaFuck is that.?" I asked. " Ooh, how rude I'm Luke" he smirked at me. " Si-" he cut me off. " Sierra,I know who you are. Well all know who you are." He says. " We all.?" I say.

3 other guys walk up.

A Asian looking one, he was dreamy, he had a black SnapBack on, a band shirt on, and black skinny jeans on with a rip in the knee. " Heyy I'm Calum.Calum Hood" he says smiling at me.

A boy with red hair, a muscle-tee it was red it looked like a checker board, with Black Skinny Jeans. " Hii I'm Michael!" He smiles at me. I smile back.

Last, a boy with a muscle-tee, black skinny jeans, and he had a bandana around his forehead. " I'm Ashton" he says to me smiling.

" I'm Sierra! Nice to meet all of y'all" I smile at them. " The pleasure is ours" they all say.

I look at Harry, and he smiles down at me. " Sierra, can I talk to you.?" He ask me. " Yeah of course babe" he takes me in the kitchen.

" Don't get involved in Luke, he'll try and take you from me. I can't lose you again" He says.

" No one or Nothing can get between us! Especially, a guy I just met. I love you to much! To lose you" I put my hand on his cheeks and kiss him.

" Okayy! Good! I love you too" he kisses back.

We go back out, and Luke is staring at me. " Harry, wanna go meet some people.?" I ask him. " Yes !" He smiles. I take his hand, and walk to My Grandparents. " Granny ! Papa, this is my boyfriend Harry" I smile at them. " Nice To Meet you" He says smiling. They get to know each other. They love him!

" Harry, I need to tell you something.." I say, acting like I'm sad . " What's wrong.?" He says sad. " I'm moving.." I act like I'm crying. " Where.?" He starts to cry. " a place called You're room" i say smiling! " Wait! You're living with me ?" He smiles! " Yess! You're mom trust us enough, and I mean we're almost 1 month in a few days! I know it's fast. But we can make it work" I smile. " Omg I love you so much!" He kisses me. " I love you too!!!" I kiss back.

We go back to the guys. " Guys! Guess what?!" Harry says happy to them . " What.?" They say in unison. " Sierra! Isn't moving any where far away! She's living at my house!!!" Harry says happy! " Omg ! Yay! We won't lose you!!!!!" They all say happy! " You can never lose me! You're stuck with me now" I smile. They all hug me together! " Group hug" Niall laughs.

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