Bidding My Life Away

Sydnee Gaudino is 17 years old. She lives in Buffalo, New York, just like thousands of other teenagers. When she turns 16, the Wealth academy decides if she's pretty enough to go through the auction, which is a privilege. And when she turns 18, she has to be auctioned off to a guy, just like every other girl. If she's lucky, a caring, young man will buy her, who won't treat her like a slave.


8. Red Wine and Rose Petals

     The next three days were utterly boring. Louis had finals all this week, so he was either on campus studying or taking tests. When he got home, he would eat dinner, complain about how tired he was, and then go to bed. He wasn't demanding or sexy any of those nights, which slightly disappointed me.

     On Friday, around 3 o'clock, I was in the kitchen with Marlene when Louis came home. He walked over to me with a beaming white smile. As he picked me up, he said, "Oh Sydnee, I'm finally finished with all my tests. I feel so much better."

     I muffled into his shoulder, "That's great news!"

    "So I was thinking, we celebrate tonight. Just you and me," Louis said, finally putting me back down on the floor. "Dress casual," he continued, "I need you to be ready in 30 minutes."

     "30 minutes? What?! I have to straighten my hair and put on my make up," I exclaimed.

     He laughed, then said with a smile, "I know you'll look beautiful no matter what." He kissed me on my forehead, then walked to his at-home office.

     I ran up the steps, two at a time, rushing up to my bedroom. I quickly turned on my straightener and ran to the closet. I picked out white jeans and a gray sweater crop top. I paired this with grey stilettos.

     I quickly ran the straightener through my hair, trying to rush. Then I put on quick make up, with a matte smoky eye. Just as I was finishing, Louis walked in. He smiled at me, then walked behind me, so that his arms were wrapped around my waist.

     "See? I told you that you would look gorgeous no matter what," he said, kissing my neck. I blushed, smiling.

     He led me to his car, and we drove into town. We passed sky high buildings, lit up casinos, everything that for some reason seemed so new to me.

     I rolled down my window, letting the warm summer breeze hit my face and whip my hair. I heard Louis giggle from behind me, and I laughed in response. This was the good life.

     We pulled in to Joe's Diner, a little old fashioned diner in the middle of town. I looked at Louis, surprised he even knew about this hidden gem. He smiled at me, "I figured you would be tired of the fancy dinners, so I brought you to my favorite restaurant downtown."

     We got out of the car and walked into the restaurant, holding hands. We laughed and talked all evening. He told me about all his horrible teachers at law school, and I told him about the horrible slutty instructors at the Wealth Academy. He told me he was to graduate next month, and take over the Tomlinson Law Office.

     After we finished our milkshakes and hamburgers, we drove home holding hands. I would keep glancing at him, thinking about how lucky I was to be bought by this handsome, caring man. About how I might actually be falling for Louis Tomlinson.

     Once we were home, Louis led me upstairs to our room. "Change into your bathing suit. I still have more planned for this amazing evening," he said, rummaging through his drawers. I smiled and went to my closet. I found a purple bikini with ladder straps in the back, and matching purple bottoms. I brought them out and changed, right in front of Louis. I saw him smirk out of the corner of my eye. He took off his pants, and I couldn't help but stare.

     After we were dressed, we went downstairs to the pool room. I walked in and gasped. There was a trail of red rose petals leading to the in-ground hot tub. Next to the hot tub was a bottle of red wine and two glasses.

     I followed the trail all the way to the hot tub, and then turned to look at Louis. He was glowing with happiness. I ran towards him and jumped onto him. I wrapped my legs around his waist and kissed him passionately. I ran my fingers through his hair as he grabbed my butt. He walked over, with me still kissing him, to the hot tub and slowly lowered himself in. I finally let go and he poured the wine into the glasses, handing me one delicately.

     He took a sip, then slid over towards me. He put his arm around me and pulled me close.

     "You know," he said, looking down at me, "when I first saw you walk out onto the stage, I said to myself 'wow, she looks absolutely stunning. I need that woman in my life.'"

     I blushed to a dark red and turned away from him, "Thank you, Louis. I wouldn't want my life to be any other way."

     He pulled me into another long, passionate kiss, feeling my body.

     "Should we take this to the bedroom?" he asked me fiercely

      I nodded, "Yes, sir." I didn't even think about what they told me in school. I wanted to do this.

     We walked up to the bedroom, not taking our eyes off each other. He threw me on the bed, trailing his kisses from my lips down to my belly button. He looked at me, asking for permission with his eyes. I nodded, and with one swift movement he took off my bottoms. He went down on me, making me moan. I grabbed his hair fighting the urge to scream. After about 20 minutes of making me feel the best I ever have in my life, crawled back on top of me, kissed my forehead, and crawled under the covers.

     "I love you Sydnee," he whispered, holding me close to his body.
     "I love you too," I said, smiling silently in the darkness.

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