Bidding My Life Away

Sydnee Gaudino is 17 years old. She lives in Buffalo, New York, just like thousands of other teenagers. When she turns 16, the Wealth academy decides if she's pretty enough to go through the auction, which is a privilege. And when she turns 18, she has to be auctioned off to a guy, just like every other girl. If she's lucky, a caring, young man will buy her, who won't treat her like a slave.


4. Meeting the Boys

     I woke up, still in Louis's strong arms. I smiled silently, not moving to make sure he wouldn't wake up.

     I heard the sound of a door opening, then voices. I panicked, not knowing if I should wake up him or not. Before I could make a decision, I felt Louis shift from behind me. He said in a rough, morning voice, "Shit, the lads are here already." He got up from the bed, then looked down at me. "Sydnee?"

     I muffled back, "Hmm?"

     "Get up and get dressed. Some of my good friends are coming over and bringing their girls. I wanted to introduce you to them," he said, walking towards his on suite bathroom. "Marlene should have put the clothes for you in the closet over there," he said, pointing to a door on the right side of the room.

     "Do I have to dress up?" I asked.

     Louis shouted back, "Yeah I guess, but not too dressed up." And slammed the door to his bathroom.

     Before I could even open the closet door, a girl with dark brown hair and a maid's outfit walked into the room. She saw me and said, "Oh, sorry, miss. I'm Marlene, Louis's maid."

     She wasn't very pretty. No wonder she was a maid. Wealth Academy would never accept her.

    "I'm Sydnee. Louis bought me last night," I replied, looking her up and down. I wonder if Louis ever tried anything with her?

     "Oh. Oh! Well, I'm sorry to bother you, Miss Sydnee. I was just coming in to tell Louis the boys are here with their girlfriends," she said, turning to leave.

     "Wait," I said. She turned around. "Can you help me pick out what to wear? Louis said to dress up, but don't try too hard."

     She smiled, "Of course. To the closet, shall we?"

     I opened the door to a massive walk in closet, filled with shoes, dresses, purses... anything a girl could want.

     "Wow," I whispered, taking it all in.

     Marlene smiled, "Thank you, miss. Over the years we've been stocking up the closet for when Louis brought home a woman. Anyhow, I suggest you wear this," she said, going towards the back of the closet. She pulled out a white lacy top and a black, frilly skirt. Then, she grabbed simple, black wedges and held the outfit up to me.

     "Thank you," I said, taking the clothes from her.

     "I'll tell the boys you'll be down in 20 minutes, miss," she said, closing the door behind her.

      Just as I was getting undressed, Louis came in from his bathroom. I stared at him. He smiled, and said, "Continue. I won't bother you."

      "Okay, sir," I said. My legs were shaking. He made me so nervous, even though he was just standing there.

      I got dressed and he didn't move a muscle. He just said, "Told you I wouldn't bother you. Now, put on make up and meet me downstairs." Then he walked out of our bedroom.

     Fifteen minutes later, my make up was done. I walked out to the hallway and went to the steps. I carefully walked down the steps, trying to waste time.

     I heard loud laughter coming from the living room. I composed myself, once again, then finally I walked into the living room. Louis noticed me right away and smiled.

     "Ah, boys. This is my girl, Sydnee," he said, standing up.

     Wait, did he just call me his girl?

     Four other boys and three girls turned to look at me. I smiled and walked over to Louis, my wedges smacking loudly against the wooden floors.

     "Syd, this is Zayn and Athena," Louis said, pointing at a dark haired man and a stunning woman.

     Athena had large green eyes and super long eyelashes. Her long caramel hair was curled down her back. Her skin was tan, like she had just returned from the beach. Her skin was practically glowing. Athena batted her eyelashes at me and flashed a white smile.

    "This is Niall and Brooke," Louis said, pointing to yet another flawless couple. Niall had blonde wavy hair and cute dimples. His eyes sparkled in the early morning sunlight. Brooke had long, jet black hair that was up in a high, straightened pony tail. Her lips were bright red and plump.

     "And this is Harry and Cassandra," Louis continued. Cassandra laughed, then said, "Please, call me Cass." Cass's hair was blonde, and cut to an angled bob that suited her face well. Her skin and lips were light. Harry had a lot of brown, curly hair. He also had green mesmerizing eyes.

     "And this," Louis finished, "is Liam." Liam was the only one without arm candy. His light brown hair was fixed to the perfect angle with gel. He looked me up and down with his brown searching eyes. He smirked, making me feel uncomfortable. I shifted my weight back and forth.

     "Well, don't be shy!" Cass said, patting the empty place beside her on the couch. I smiled gratefully and sat down. Louis sat down on the other side of me.

     Zayn spoke up, "So Liam, are you going to the extra auction tonight? You have to, man. If you get any older the girl won't be interested anymore."

     I dared to speak, "What's the 'extra auction?'"

     Liam answered, "If you don't get auctioned off the first time around, you get put in an extra auction. Its like the same thing you went through, only bigger. That way I have more options."

     "We'll go too, if you want support," Louis piped up with a smile. I shivered next to him, thinking about going back to that stupid auction house.

     "Yeah," Harry said, "I'd be happy to go with you. Afterwards we can all go to dinner or something." It was thr first time Harry had spoken all night. His voice was surprisingly deep.

     "Sounds like a plan," Louis said, rubbing my back.

     All the men nodded in agreement.

     "Meet at the auction house at 6?" Liam asked.

     "Okay" Louis answered, standing up. Everyone else stood up and made their way to the door.

      Cass hugged me, "It was nice meeting you, Sydnee. I'll see you later." The rest of the girls waved and headed out the door with their men.

     Louis and I were alone again.

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