Bidding My Life Away

Sydnee Gaudino is 17 years old. She lives in Buffalo, New York, just like thousands of other teenagers. When she turns 16, the Wealth academy decides if she's pretty enough to go through the auction, which is a privilege. And when she turns 18, she has to be auctioned off to a guy, just like every other girl. If she's lucky, a caring, young man will buy her, who won't treat her like a slave.


1. Graduation

     I walked into the doors of our school, Wealth Academy. In my opinion, it should be called Slut Academy because that's what they basically teach you in here. They teach you how to be a slut. Thank god my birthday's tomorrow, or else I'd have to go here for another year.

     It was Tuesday on our last week of school. I met up with my two best friends, Alex and Adrienne, in front of our class room. "Are you guys nervous for next week?" Alex asked us as we walked into Miss Irvin's classroom.

     "Of course I'm nervous," I replied, sitting down in my usual spot, "But I'm also excited. Finally we can be with boys. I was honestly getting tired of all these girls," I said, gesturing around our large classroom.

     Alex started to bite on her nails, a bad habit she's had since I met her. "I don't know guys. I'm scared. What if some old, mean, ugly man bids on me and wins? Will you guys keep in touch with me?"

     Adrienne flipped her long blonde hair behind her shoulder. "Of course we'll keep in touch with you. And don't worry about some old man bidding on you, Al. You're totally hot. A sexy, young man isn't going to let you get away that easily. But even I admit, I'm nervous. I want a really hot, rich guy to bid on me. I was born for luxury."

The late bell rang and everyone quieted down.

     Miss Irvin walked into the room. Today, her outfit consisted of a black, tight leather dress that had a zipper going down the front. It was unzipped just enough so you could get a glimpse of her cleavage. She had on black pumps and her short brown hair was straightened perfectly. Her outfits were always slutty.

     "Alex, darling, stop biting your nails. It's unattractive and will limit the men who bid on you," Miss Irvin said, sitting on her desk. A few of the girls up front giggled, along with Adrienne. Alex quickly pulled her hand down to her lap, cheeks bright red

     Miss Irvin smiled and continued, "I know most of you are excited because auctions are this weekend. However,  my teachings are not over yet. Today, we're going to pick out what you're going to wear at your auction. So everyone, follow me."

     Everyone got up and starting talking as we made our way down to the auditorium.

     "I'm going to try to get something pink," Adrienne said as she applied more pink lip stick.

     Alex and I remained silent on our way to the auditorium.

    Two hours later I had finally picked out a red, short dress with rips on the sides of my thighs and arms. Adrienne had, just like usual, gotten what she wanted. A pink dress that was see through everywhere but her crotch and boobs. Alex didn't want to pick, so Miss Irvin gave her a white shirt that she was going to wear as a daisy duke, and a very small black mini skirt. Everyone, except Alex, was bragging about their clothes.


     The rest of the week went by like any other. Wednesday was exercising (Adrienne bought me a necklace and Alex took me to dinner for my birthday), Thursday was 'Sex Ed,' and Friday was stage walking and manners. We were taught to call whoever bought us sir, always say please and thank you, and do what they say, no matter what.

     On Friday night, Miss Irvin and all the other instructors called us into the auditorium for graduation. We all dressed up and sat in rows. The instructors gave little speeches, congratulated us, then we all went to a club because Miss Irvin said it was our last night as 'single and free women.'

     Adrienne got extremely drunk and Alex drank nothing, just like every other time we go out. Alex and I had to drag Adrienne back to our room after the night was over, and she fell asleep instantly. Alex said goodnight and went to bed, too. But after I pulled the covers over me, all I could think about was the auction tomorrow.

Copyright splashleyyy

What do you think? Comment, I'd love to hear what you have to say. I hope you all like it. (: just a new story I came up with

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