Bidding My Life Away

Sydnee Gaudino is 17 years old. She lives in Buffalo, New York, just like thousands of other teenagers. When she turns 16, the Wealth academy decides if she's pretty enough to go through the auction, which is a privilege. And when she turns 18, she has to be auctioned off to a guy, just like every other girl. If she's lucky, a caring, young man will buy her, who won't treat her like a slave.


7. Electrifying

     After my embarrassing night at the club, it was Monday morning.

     I woke up to an empty bed. I shrugged, thinking he might've been downstairs cooking breakfast. I looked at the clock beside my bed, it said 11:56. Maybe lunch time.

     I slowly rose up, rubbing my eyes.

     "Marlene?" I called out, seeing if she was here.

     "Miss Sydnee? Are you awake?" Marlene's small shape appeared in the doorway.

     "Where's Louis? Ow," I said. My head was throbbing so hard and loud, I'm surprised Marlene couldn't hear it.

      She smiled and walked in, shutting the door behind her. "You slept for awhile. Louis has a meeting today, he'll be home around five." Her smile faded. "What's wrong, miss? You look so pale."

     "My head hurts, a lot. I feel like I got hit with a truck," I said, falling back into the bed.

     "Let's get you some medicine. Oh, I almost forgot! Louis has a very special dinner tonight and he wants you to go. He said dress simple, but fancy. I have the perfect outfit picked out for you," Marlene said, helping me out of the plush bed. I slipped on my silky black robe and slippers and followed Marlene to the kitchen.

     "Here, take these and eat." She handed me a bowl of salad dressed in thick red sauce with two small blue pills. "This is what Louis takes whenever he gets a bad hangover," Marlene laughed, "and trust me, he has had many."

     I bristled at the idea of Louis getting drunk with other girls, took the pills and started stabbing my salad.

     "Are you alright?" Marlene asked me, sitting across from me at the dinner table.

     I nodded my head yes, and stabbed my salad so hard that my sliver fork shattered into pieces.

     Marlene stood up and took the salad away from me. She put it on the counter and gave me a worried look. She walked back over to the table and sat down, grabbing my hands with hers.

     "Miss Sydnee, girl to girl, okay?"  she said, looking into my eyes.

     I nodded my head again, looking down at the table.

     "Mr. Tomlinson... he didn't, um, hit you did he?" she asked.

     "No, no," I replied, horrified by the idea that he would actually hurt someone, especially me. "It's just.. I don't like the idea of Louis being drunk with other girls."

     Marlene smiled, getting up from her chair. "Don't you worry about that Miss Sydnee. Mr. Tomlinson never brought home a girl. He just got drunk because of the stress of his work. He's a very classy man," Marlene said.

     I blushed, feeling silly for assuming things about Louis.

     Around 4 o'clock Marlene took me upstairs to the closet. She searched through the racks, until she found a short, white cocktail dress with a beaded sweetheart neckline.

    "Try it on!!" Marlene exclaimed. She went towards the back of the closet, looking for a pair of shoes.

     I brought the dress into the bedroom and slipped into it. It was tight and showed off my curves. The dress was a bright, blinding white and it sparkled in the late afternoon sunlight.

     Marlene came back with white pumps and a sparkling necklace that dangled delicately.

     "Oh, Miss Sydnee. You look gorgeous!" she said, rushing over to me.

     I thanked her and slipped into the heels, towering over Marlene. She stood on her toes and hooked the necklace around my neck. She smiled at me, admiring my outfit.

     We heard the front door slam shut. Marlene sighed and hurried out of the bedroom.

     Louis barged into the bedroom a minute later, his usually perfect hair falling over his face. He looked flustered and worn out. He looked up at me, looking over my body. "Sydnee.." he said walking over to me. I blushed and looked at the floor. He took off his tuxedo jacket and walked over to me. He tilted my head up and looked into my eyes. "You look ravishing."

     He kissed me, grabbing my face and pulling me close. He grabbed my thigh and pulled my leg up around his body. I was surprised by his sudden act, but I went along with it. I tried to remember what they taught us. To move with the flow and do anything the man asked you.

     Louis started to slide his hand up my dress, but he pulled away, smiling at me. "Sorry, you just look so tempting," he said, biting his lip.

     "It's fine, sir," I said, still shaken up by what had just happened. His kiss made me feel electric.

      He smiled at me again. "I'm going to go get ready. We'll leave in 20 minutes, darling."

     After perfecting my make up, Louis and I went to what he called a business dinner. It was held in a giant building downtown. There were a bunch of fancy people in glamorous gowns and tuxedos, making my cocktail dress look out of place. Louis introduced me to everyone. They were all the same, formal and nice. There was a small speech and Louis was announced for a promotion. Around 10 we finally left.

     When we got home, Louis immediately rushed me to the bedroom. He flung off his tuxedo jacket and laid me on the bed. I slipped off my heels as he undid his tie and took off his dress shoes. He got into bed and pulled me on top of him.

     He tucked my hair behind my ear and brought his hands down to my sides. "You're so beautiful.." he whispered to me. I blushed again.

     Louis kissed me with passion, pulling me closer to him with every breath. I smiled half way through the kiss, thinking about how lucky I was to be making out with Louis Tomlinson. The electric feeling came back. We kissed deeply for what seemed like hours.

     Eventually, I rolled off Louis and laid flat on my back. Louis grabbed me and pulled me close to him. He cuddled his head onto my shoulder and said, "Goodnight, Sydnee."

     "Goodnight, Lou," I whispered, closing my eyes with a smile.

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