I dont fall in love

"I don't fall in love." I told him walking away. Drea short for Andrea loves sports, she's the captain of the basketball team, soccer team, and football team, yeah that's right a girl is the captain of the football team. Every guy wants her and every girl want to be her. A new boy comes to her school and things happen. Will it change everything?


3. "You have best friends like hoes have dicks"

 Drea's POV:

 I got home from soccer practice and like I guessed my dad was waiting for me in the living room. I let out a long sigh and made my way to the couch sitting beside him.

  "Mr. Johnson called me" he gave me a hard stare. "What have I told you about hanging out with boys when you need to be paying attention in class and-" I cut him off 

  "Dad when will you stop treating me like I'm some toy?! I'm trying in school! I went to all my practices and meetings except for yesterdays! When will you give it a fucking rest? If mom was here she wouldn't-" I fell to the floor holding my cheek.

  "Never speak of your mother in this house!" He spat and turned on his heal to leave "And if I ever, I mean ever get another complaint from your teachers or coach, I promise you, you will be joining your mother." with that he disappeared around the corner. I sighed and stood up making my way to my room. I took a look in my mirror letting a sigh escape a groan soon followed after knowing I would have a bruise by tomorrow morning. My dad's not abusive, this is only the second time he's ever hit me. I sighed for what felt like the thousand time today and jumped on my bed forgetting that I had homework I fell asleep. 


   "AHH!" I screamed and the next thing I know my face was kissing the floor.

  "Oh- hahaha-- that- hahaha was- priceless hahaha!" Andrea tried to make out in between her laughing. I rolled my eyes rubbing my face wincing. 

  "That was mean" I frowned 

  "Awe, suck it up." I stuck my tongue at her. 

  "So I was thinking we could hang out with-" I put my finger up stopping her 

  "You know I can't." 

  she sighed in annoyance "That's always your answer." 

  "Because it's true, you know that too" I defended 

  "No, what I know is that you've been acting like a bitch lately." Keep calm Drea, stay calm. I ran my fingers through my hair and bit my tongue. 

  "I think you should leave." 

  "See what I'm talking about!" she announced jumping to her feet.

  "I just asked you to leave, where's the problem, Andrea?

  "You're the problem! You're being really distant lately and its really pissing me off."

  "I'm being distant? You leave me for your other friends every day but do you hear me complaining? I'm freaking hurt because you  don't even tell me you're leaving and you just leave. Did I mention anything, though? Nope. Now I am. You know you can replace me with them anytime you want." 

  "We've been friends for 11 years why would you ever think you're replaceable? Nobody and I mean nobody could ever take your place."

  I ran my fingers through my hair once again, bad habit. "You and Maggie have been close lately, so have you and Jahnya. Jahnya even gave you a friendship necklace! You know how much that hurt because we don't even have a friendship necklace, ring, bracelet, nothing and here you are being best friends with her!"

  "Really Drea, this is about Jahnya?" I bit my lip

  "I just feel like you're leaving me for them and I know I sound selfish but I don't wanna share you." I frowned

  "Yes, you sound really selfish right now and I don't like it, at all."

  "You call everybody your best friend! You have best friends like hoes have dicks!"

  "The only reason I've been hanging out with Jahnya and Maggie more than you is because they need m. Jahnya has the same eating disorder as me and she's the only person who understands me, Maggie is dating Hollie and is getting bullied for that."

  I let out a dry and low chuckle "So jahnay is the only one who understands you? What about when I needed you? How many times do you think I've tried talking to you about something very important and what did you do? You went right over to Jahnya. How many times do you think I cried myself to sleep because I knew they were better friends to you than me? How many fucking times do you think I've wanted to hurt myself but stopped because of you and my mom? How many fucking times Andre?!" My voice getting higher by the minute

  "Wow, just wow. Of course, you would turn this into an argument, over something so very stupid. Way to go." she clapped sarcastically.

  "I'm done Andrea, you need to leave. I'm done arguing with you." I held my bedroom door open for her. She grabbed her bag and stormed out the room, her footsteps were heard throughout the empty house and the last sound you heard was the front door slamming. I felt a few salty tears roll down my cheeks as I felt my knees giving in. I fell to the floor sobbing like a baby. It was times like these that I wished my mom was still here. I miss her so much.  I just hoped this fight I guess you could call it will blow over soon, I hated arguing with Andrea especially about stupid things was my last thought before drifting away into a deep sleep.  


Waddup waddup!!! DAMN YASMIN BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH UPDATING YOUR STORIES ONCE A YEAR hehee okay um so anywaysssss I'm truly sorry for not updating any of my stories I've been in the hospital IM FINE THO!! I really hope these next few weeks I can make it up to you guys by updating all my stories! I love you guys! Stay beautiful/handsome and goodnight. <3 <3 <3 <3


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