I dont fall in love

"I don't fall in love." I told him walking away. Drea short for Andrea loves sports, she's the captain of the basketball team, soccer team, and football team, yeah that's right a girl is the captain of the football team. Every guy wants her and every girl want to be her. A new boy comes to her school and things happen. Will it change everything?


1. Move


 Drea's Pov:


 I had just finished my 50th push-up when I heard my father calling me from inside the house. I walked into the house wiping the sweat off my forehead and smelling my armpits as I went up the stairs but scrunching up my nose. I need a shower. You see I have been working out since 5 in the morning and it is now 7:05 which means I have 30 minutes to get ready for school.


 "You called?" I said walking into my fathers office sitting in the seat.


 "Yes I did, your school called.." uh-oh this cant be good I thought as he took off his glasses setting them down and folding his hands. He continues "They told me you weren't at last weeks football (American football) practice nor soccer practice. You're these people's leader and I expect you to be at every practice, every game, every meeting. Now do you mind telling me what on earth was more important than practice?" He asked more like yelled. I kept quiet for a moment and looked at him.


 "I was studying.. for a huge test I had, Dr.Sweden said we need to study if we want to pass and you're always telling me I have to be at the top of my game, top of all my classes so that's the reason why I couldn't make it to last weeks practice and I'm sorry." I know he wasn't going to believe me but I was telling the truth.


 "Bullshit! I bet you were out at a party with boys! You cant be thinking about boys when you have your mind set on two things and two things only. Getting into the best college and getting a sport career. You don't have time for boys and parties!" he screamed at me.


 "I didn't go to a party or I don't think about boys but you know I still am a teenage girl! I have needs, I don't always want to go to every meeting or practice and i don't know how you want me to be at the top of all my classes when I have a practice every day of the week! I need to study if you want me to pass!" I replied trying to keep myself calm.


 "Can you just stop lying for once?! I want you to pass with a's not a's and b's, i want you to be in a good college, why cant you do that?"


 "I have to get ready for school." I mumbled getting out of his office walking in the direction my room jumping in the shower. Yeah i have a bathroom in my room. When i finished washing my body and hair i didn't need to shave so i jumped out and put on my outfit. It wasn't that cold nor too hot out so this outfit was perfect. When i finished i put on my shoes looking at my watch 5 minutes to get to school. Perfect. Grabbing my school bag and duffle bag i walked out to my white Range Rover. It took me the whole 5 minutes to get to school and the bell rings in 2 minutes. I could've walked but it would've taken 7  minutes since i don't take that long of strides and i hate walking.


 When i got to my locker my bestfriend who is also named Drea came up to me.


 "Hey sexy." she winked


 "Hi baby!" we did our bro handshake and than i kissed her cheek. If y'all are thinkg 'Are they gay' no we aren't we just act like a couple its just how we roll.


 "My father gave me yet another lecture this morning and i just want some monster to get me running and not break anyones neck today." I told her closing my locker leaning my head against it.


 "Guess what I've got" she reached in her bag and took out a can of monster drink.


 "Oh mah gawd i love you!" I snatched the drink out of her hand taking a huge gulp out of it until it was taken from my hands. I was about to cuss whoever it was out until i saw it was just Drea drinking it.


 "Lets go to class." I told her grabbing her arm. I was walking backwards so Drea was telling me if i was going to bump into something or someone, or so i hoped she would. I fell right ontop of someone spilling my monster drink all over both of us.


 "Fuck Drea I'm going to kill you!" she was laughing her ass off that she was silent her face was in a weird laughing faze and she was slapping her leg. To sum it up she looked like a seal.


 "Run bitch RUN!" I warned her and she stopped laughing immediately. I was about to get off the stranger but they had a death grip around my  wrists. I was able to break free without look at the person so i started running after Drea but once again someone grabbed my ankle. The person on the ground got up walking infront of me. I looked at the face and noticed it was a guy 


 "Move" I told him he shook his head no


 "Move" I warned again but he didn't budge. I tried walking around him but he was too fast for me and that surprised me.


 "Ugh what do you want?" I asked annoyed


 "Stefan. Stefan Salvatore." he pulled me into a hug but i didn't hug back i just pushed him off. Walking around him and the group that formed trying to find Drea. (No not Stefan from Vampire Diaries  I know they have the same name but its not going to be Stefan Stefan. If that makes sense)


 Hi I'm Andrea Daniels and this is just the beginning of something big.




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