I dont fall in love

"I don't fall in love." I told him walking away. Drea short for Andrea loves sports, she's the captain of the basketball team, soccer team, and football team, yeah that's right a girl is the captain of the football team. Every guy wants her and every girl want to be her. A new boy comes to her school and things happen. Will it change everything?


2. Dont bother me!

Drea's Pov: (I'm going to call her friend Andrea her full name so yall won't be confused)

I finally found Andrea. She was hiding in the janitors closet.

"Bish you know you can't hide from me." I told her pushing her playfully. She pushed me back and we started play fighting that is until the same person came walking. Great I thought.

"Hi" he said smiling down at me.

"What do you want?" I asked kind of annoyed what does he want with me I don't even know him and he doesn't know me. I don't need another lecture from my father because I was seen talking to a guy. I looked up at him and saw sadness in his face but as fast as it came it was gone.

"Well I was looking around for Mr.Johnson's class, I saw you and we'll I was wondering if you knew?" Sighing I took his schedule.

"You have blocks 1-4 with me and the rest you have with Andrea here." I pointed to Andrea "so come on before we end up with a detention." We walked down the hall up a flight of stairs took a left turn until we stopped at a door.

"By the way this teacher is strict so don't do anything stupid. Oh and please don't sit next to me either." I didn't want to sound rude it's just that Mr.Johnson will tell my father and I would be in huge trouble.

We walked in and noticed we were early.

"Mr.Johnson this is Stefan he's new here." I told him walking to my seat in the middle of the class room alone because I don't have this class with Andrea. Looking at the board I saw our assignment and got started with it. Half way through the rest if the class started piling in.

"Okay quiet down everyone you're assignment is on the board work on it." He told the class sternly

"Pst" was all I was hearing for the past 5 minutes. I turned around facing the back to see the one and only Stefan.

"Don't bother me" I announced loud enough for him to hear.

"Ms.Williams would you like me to call your father?" Mr.Johnson warned although I know he's going to do it anyways.

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