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2. Dangerous Paths

Coral and Aaron were the first ones to stay on watch while Alec and Nick went to go get some food. "I miss her so much Coral. I don't think that I could live without her." He said. Aaron was so depressed and he didn't know what to do. "We are going to get her back, Aaron. I promise you." Coral said. All of a sudden Aaron started to... Cry? He was so sad and didn't know what to do with himself. "Hey, we're gonna find her, even if it kills me!" Coral promised. Alec and Nick came back talking about how they would leave in the morning because of the sun. "Don't you remember, we're VAMPIRES!" Alec said. Aaron didn't think about that part, Coral just took a guess that he didn't care, he cared more about finding Vanessa. "Look it's still dark outside. We can just head over to O-Negative and grab some of the clothes they keep on shelves for us. Then we start heading out, okay?" Coral said. She might not have been the fastest vampire but hell, she was the smartest. They all nodded and left where they were camping.

2:00 am


"Alright we get only ten minutes in here so let's hurry up guys!" Alec said. Aaron, Nick and Alec went over to the men section were they had everything they needed to avoid sunlight. While Coral went over to the women's section were she found the same things but for girls. She grabbed a black long-sleeve T-shirt and jeans to go with it. Coral found a pair of red boots and a red leather jacket, she found a dressing room and went to go change. "Come on, we have to go in five minutes!" Aaron told the guys. Each of them found something not only that they liked but something to protect them from the sun. "Okay, let's go get Coral and get out of here." Nick said. He went over to the dressing room and knocked on the door. "We're leaving! Are you ready?" He asked. She came out with what she grabbed earlier and nodded. "Let's go get my best friend." She said. After they all met in front of the store, Coral had to pick up on Vanessa's scent. "She's in... Australia? That's weird, their hideout isn't even six miles from here why would she be in..." Her voice trailed off. She remembered something from a long, long time ago. "Oh no, they're trying to take her to worst place a vampire could go. They're taking her to Havoc!" Coral had concentrated too hard and fell to the ground. "CORAL!" Nick yelled. He ran to her and picked her up. "She can't go on like this, Aaron. We have to get her somewhere safe." Nick said. They ran over to a place that Nick nor Alec had ever seen before. "What is this place?" Alec asked. Aaron looked and both of them and gave them a serious look. "This is me and Vanessa's hideout. We used to hide here when we wanted to be alone." He gave a sad look and turned away. Aaron walked over to a table and picked up a rose. "I gave this to her the day we met," He started. "She loved it, that was the day I knew that I wanted to be with her for the rest of my life." Aaron shed a tear and turned to a bottle with crystal clear water in it. "This will heal her, but it will take some time." He gave the bottle to Nick, who was laying Coral down on a couch next to the table. "Thank you, Aaron. I don't know what I would do without you." He said. Nick opened the bottle and poured the liquid into Coral's mouth. He and Alec sat there for two hours in silence until they heard a bang in Aaron's room. "Aaron, you okay?!" Alec shouted. He got up and started to walk up to his room. "Aaron? We heard something downstairs, I wanted to make sure you were okay." He said. No answer. "Look, I know how you feel. When we lost mom and dad to those assholes it felt like we had nothing left. But I realized I was trying to find something that was lost forever. I didn't know I had you until I needed you Aaron. So please, please say something to make me know your--" Alec got pinned to the ground interrupting his "speech". "Shut up! Shut up, shut up, shut the hell up!" Aaron screamed. His voice was deeper and raspier than usual. "Aaron, this is not you. Calm down. She's not dead but if you're like this, she will be!" Alec said. Aaron released him from the floor and helped him up. "Fine, you win. I'm sorry I just get really angry when she's disappears like she did. I just miss her so much." Aaron said. He told Alec to leave for now and he'll come down in a little bit. "What happened?" Nick asked. Alec shook his head and didn't say anything. He went over to where Coral was and kissed her forehead. "Are you leaving?" Nick gave a confused look and Alec nodded his head. "Why?!" Nick yelled. He might not have liked Alec that much but if he went out there by himself he could die! "We need you Alec, you are the only one who has the gift we need. If you leave not only will Vanessa die, but so will you!" He said. Aaron came down after Nick finished what he was saying. "What's going on?" He asked. Nick explained to him what happened and Aaron became FURIOUS! "Alec are you that crazy?!" He yelled. Aaron and Nick both wanted to slap him so hard until they heard coughing from the couch that Coral was on. "Nick! Aaron!" She screamed. Nick went to her so fast that even light couldn't keep up. "Hey, look who's awake. How are you feeling?" Nick asked. "Well, my head hurts a lot and I honestly feel like a human." She said. "Aaron said that you need to st-" "What's that awful taste in my mouth?!" She interrupted. "Nick, did you give me Faerie Water?!" She yelled. He didn't know what to say, he didn't want to say he did because he doesn't know what Faerie Water is. "Ask Aaron. He was the one who gave me the vile in the first place!" Coral turned to Aaron who's eyes was light a bright red with rage. "Aaron, did you give Nick a vile of Faerie Water?" She asked. He turned to her and nodded. "I'm sorry Coral, but you were fading. I couldn't lose you as well." He said. "Okay, I'm really confused. What is Faerie Water?" Nick asked. Coral walked over to him and looked straight into his eyes. "Faerie Water takes away your magic, or in this case my gift, for a little bit. Without it, I can't track Vanessa for a couple days. The only thing I can do is run fast, so now we have to postpone the search for Vanessa." She started to tear up. Nick went over to her and gave her a hug and kiss on the forehead. He felt sorry for her like really, really sorry. "I know you're upset Coral but you need to rest. I don't want to have to worry about you anymore okay?" Nick said. She was hiding it but Coral started to blush. She nodded her head and went over to the couch she was on earlier. "Okay, let me explain something to you Alec. We stick together no matter what the hell happens okay?!" Aaron said. He wanted to make sure that if they went to go find Vanessa they needed to work together as a team. Alec nodded his head and took his hand off the doorknob. "Alec and I will go get the food, you watch Coral. Okay Nick?" Aaron said. He had this all planned out with Coral. He would never let anything happen to her. Nick smiled and went over to where Coral was laying down. "I'm supposed to watch you while Aaron and Alec go get some food for our trip in the morning." Nick said. He was starting to like Coral and she already liked him. "Yeah, I'm definitely okay with that!" She smiled and rested her head on his shoulder. "I'll be here, with you, if you need me." He told her. Coral nodded and she stayed there for a couple minutes. Until minutes turned into hours and they stayed together until they heard something. This something was the loudest bang on the door ever. "You hear it to right?" Nick asked. Coral nodded and stood up. She looked through the window and gasped. "Coral what do you see?" He demanded. "They're here, Nick. They found us!" She tried to stay quiet but she couldn't.

"Who, who found us?!" Nick yelled. Coral shushed him and went over to where he was standing. "Trolls" She said. Nick and Coral stood there, ready for a fight.

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