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1. Blood Red Moon

"So, what are you doing after school today" Vanessa asked her best friend Coral. They were walking in the school hallway and the bell was about to ring. It was the end of the day and they were so happy that it was the end of the school year. "Same as always what about you?" Coral asked. Coral always went to the O-Negative in the summer. "My parents want to go camping but I reminded them that we're vampires and we can't go camping." Vanessa was almost about to go crazy at this point. She, Coral and their whole neighborhood were vampires. Vampires can't go camping or to the pool or even to the beach in the daytime because of the sun. In the evening or at night they don't have time for any of that because they're hunting to stay alive. Though Coral was born a vampire it was a mystery how she was and her parents weren't. Vanessa and Coral walked past a group of boy vampires, one of them was Vanessa's boyfriend. They've been together for over 245 years, his name is Aaron. He's the leader of the vampires and they're the perfect couple in the whole history of vampires. The names of the others are, Kevin, Simon, Alec (Aaron's brother), James, Nick (Coral is in love with him but he doesn't know it), Logan, and Tyler. "Are you coming to the fire tonight" Aaron asked Vanessa. "If you wanna go then I'm in." She answered. Coral reminded her friend about they're movie night tonight, but Vanessa just asked Coral to come along to the camp fire. "But I don't have a date, no date, not going. Vanessa who in the world would want to take me?" Coral asked, she knew she was the most beautiful girl because people told it to her all the time, but she didn't think that she was. "Nick will take you," Vanessa began, "He'll be your date. Please Coral tonight's the Blood Red Moon and no one wants to miss it? I know you don't." Vanessa was now just desperate. "Will Nick even agree to taking--" Coral was interrupted by Nick's voice, "I'd be happy to take you if you want." Coral was super excited when she heard that. She wanted to say yes but then she thought about it, what happens if she embarrassed herself in front of him. But then maybe they'll take a walk away from the others and just talk. 'Okay' she thought to herself, 'let's go with Nick'. "I'd love to go with you," Coral answered."But I have change my outfit" Coral said.

Vanessa was overly cheerful, I thought she lost her vampire-self and became a girly-girl human. "Jeez, Vanessa I didn't know that you could be so... human." Aaron said. Vanessa hit him playfully and laughed. "So, what are you gonna wear?" Nick asked Coral. "Probably that new dress that Vanessa got me for my birthday" She answered. "Cool. How many vampires do you think are going to come tonight?" Nick asked Coral. She really didn't know but she did know that there was going to be a lot. "I don't know but there's probably going to be a lot." She answered, for all she knows there could be hundreds going to the Blood Red Moon fire. She was a shy vampire but she did love going outside during the night to hunt. Aaron and Kevin taught her and Vanessa how to hunt when they were just about twelve years-old. When Vanessa and Aaron saw each other it was love at first sight.

One time Coral was walking in the park and she saw them together and that's when Vanessa told Coral about her and Aaron. Coral was so happy for them she wasn't even mad that they kept it a secret that big from her. Aaron and Coral did get along very well but Aaron would never hurt Vanessa or Coral will make him cease to exist. "The Council is going to be there," Alec started. Alec can see anything in the past, present and future. "They're going to have a sacrifice to whoever they take." Alec said. It wasn't fair to the other vampires that they're own kind is killing each other. "How can they get in without an invitation?" Kevin asked. "They're the Council, they go anywhere they want!" Nick said. Now Coral was definitely not going. "What if they choose me or Vanessa?," Coral asked. "What am I supposed to tell my parents, 'Hey I'm dead visit me in hell?!" She said. It was a risk to great to take, she couldn't go. "No, they're not gonna pick you or Vanessa. I won't let that happen." Aaron said. He was over protective of Vanessa and Coral (because she was Vanessa's best friend). Maybe she could just bail or call in sick. "Well still, I don't wanna go," Coral started. "I'm just gonna stay home alone, my parents come home around 11:30." She finished. Nick looked a little disappointed that he won't be able to see her at the fire but it's for the best. "Umm... Maybe if you want I could stay over with you" Nick offered. Coral liked that idea better than just staying at home by herself worrying about Aaron and Vanessa. "Ok, but if we're staying home, let's go to your house." She said. Nick and her would actually get to spend some time together. The bell rang and everybody ran out of the class rooms. Aaron and the rest of Coral's group left the school as fast as they could. "So you and Nick are going to be home alone?" Alec asked. She knew Alec had a crush on her but she would never feel the same way. She was in love with Nick no matter what. "Yes I am, and I want to keep it that way Alec, okay?" She said. Coral just wanted it to be her and Nick tonight. She looked at Alec seriously and he looked down at his feet and nodded his head saying "yes".

8:00 pm

At the fire

"When are they going to be here?!" Aaron asked he was getting impatient for the council to come and take their sacrificial. Even though it was his kind, he didn't care who it was unless they were in his group. "Calm down baby, they'll be here soon!" Vanessa said. She walked over to him and hugged him. He couldn't help but hug back and look straight into her eyes. "I love you, you know that right?" Vanessa nodded and kissed him on his cheek. They were in love, they would love each other from what point they were at now until they died. Aaron as always talking about how if she died, he died. They wanted to be together no matter what. "Look if you--" Vanessa was interrupted by Alec. His voice sounding serious. "Aaron, we really need to talk!" He didn't want to have to tell Aaron what he saw but they made a deal. Whatever Alec see's Aaron has to know.

9:00 pm

At Nick's house

"Coral!" Nick screamed. He went out to O-Negative to get some food for Coral and himself. He and Coral ate the same blood type so she was okay with whatever he brought back. "I'm coming! Just let me--" Just as she was about to open the door she tripped and fell landing in one of the steps from the stairs she was walking down. "Shit! Ow! Nick!" She called. He tried to get in to help her but he couldn't get in until he realized that he could pop in from a window. "Coral! Coral where are you?!" Nick asked. You could tell by the sound of his voice that he was desperate to find her. "I'm stuck in the stairs! My foot got caught when I came down." When Nick heard that he ran as fast as he could to the stairs and helped her up. "How did you get stuck?" He asked. She explained again what happened and she left it at that. "Okay well you do have our food for the night right?!" Coral asked. He nodded and showed it to her. After about two hours they started to get bored just watching movies and listening to each other's stories. "Maybe we should stop by at the fire and see what's going on there." Coral suggested. Nick thought about it but said nothing. Coral knew what he was thinking but she didn't say anything. "I think we should just stay here for now, okay?" He asked. She wanted to say no but just sat there and ignored his question. "Coral? Are you gonna answer me?" She nodded and said, "Yup. But sorry for this!" He gave a confused look and before he could say anything Coral knocked him out and ran as fast as she could to the campfire.

11:00 pm

At the campfire

Alec didn't want Aaron to know what he saw but he had to tell him. "What did you see, Alec?" Aaron asked. He was getting really angry with his brother at this point. "You won't like this but," Alec started. "They're going to choose Vanessa. They're just toying with your mind to make you think that they'll choose someone else but they want her. She's going to ask you if she can go look around and try to find them but you'll say no and she'll sneak off anyway. You can't change what's going to happen in the past Aaron. I'm so sorry." Alec finally finished what he saw in his vision. Aaron didn't know what to do, he didn't want Vanessa to die but what else was there possible to prevent it? "Vanessa!" Aaron yelled. No one came. He shouted again, still no answer. "No! She couldn't have gone! You said that she would ask me first before she left. What happened to that?!" He yelled.

Coral finally arrived and asked what happened to Vanessa and why Aaron was yelling. Alec explained everything and then Coral went nuts. "How does that happen?! You said it yourself she doesn't leave until she asks Aaron if she can! You also said that the we can't change the future!" She screamed. About one hour after Coral got there Nick arrived. He was extremely pissed off. She did apologize (again) though. Even though he was mad at her, he did forgive her. "Okay so how are we going to play this off?" Nick asked. Alec and Coral though about it for a second until she came up with a plan. "I thought of something but it's too risky," She started. "Well if you have something then share it we'll work our way up from there, okay?" Alec said. She nodded and then shared her plan with Aaron and the rest of them. "Well... You know since I'm a tracking vampire and all, I could pick up on her scent and lead you too them. But since I've been with them before I know the way in and the way out. The thing is we would have to go through the Gast forests." She thought about it for a second and then continued to speak. "It's a dangerous journey but if you have me I can get us through there and the other obstacles that stand in our way." Nick shook his head telling her that it was too risky but Aaron and Alec didn't care. "We leave in the morning." Aaron said

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