I am immortal.


3. • two •

I sighed as I plopped down on my red bed sheets.

I lived alone in a small countryside, and wild flowers grew just in small bunches of spots in the wide range of the yard.

I had a tinted window in my room, one that you couldn't see into, but you could look out of. My closet was separated into two sections, the fake human me's clothes, and the real supernatural me's clothes. I lived here, on earth's middle layer, instead of the lower layer, as human's call it, hell. Many creatures live there, from tiny little dark pixes holding tiny spears flittering anywhere and everywhere, to the legendary monsters under your bed type of thing.

And then there are the angels. Evil and cruel ones. The most powerful. They have jet black wings with dull colored eyes like gray and black and they can fly up to impressive speeds.

I'm pretty average, except for the fact that I'm a hybrid.

It happened a little like this: my careless mother has a threesome, taking risks and she creates me, evil baby. I really don't want to get in detail with that.

but it turns out I'm part of 3 different species.

I have jet black wings like the dark angels, but I have bright orange eyes, so that counts me off.

My electric eyes would originate from the Phoenix, but that's just a myth. I think they come from the fire mages, even though they have very very very faint orange-yellow eyes.

Finally, my hair is black, like the dark angels, but it reaches down farther than my shoulders. For dark angels, their hair naturally stop growing below it touches their shoulders. I know that it comes from the elves, because they are the only other species with black hair. Also the dark angels have straight hair only, naturally.

I usually just throw it up in a bun, or leave it down with a single white bow. The white bow stands out, making the hair seem darker.

I get rejected in every single species, each one fearing me even when I don't show any danger.

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