I am immortal.


4. • three •

There were barely any hybrids, but they rejected me too. They said I would use my black magic on them.

I wouldn't even hurt a little dwarf.

I closed my eyes, my soft wings wrapping around my body. I rolled into bed, and closed my eyes. I dreamt about love, happiness, and joy. I longed for those things, some of the things that were just too far from my reach.

As a little child, I used to watch kids play, acting like kings and queens. I would sit on the old hill above the creek, the soft wind blowing through my hair. I would run my hands through the grass. I would get up and prance around, picking wild flowers, watching butterflies flutter around me.

They weren't scared of me, mainly because I would come whenever I had free time.

I would sit alone, making flower crowns, one after another.

I would never put them on, but every time I made one, I would hang it on the old willow tree with the small, drooping leaves.

Every day, I would come home laughing, and Mother would always have a fresh batch of double chocolate chip cookies.

Well, my step-mother. She adopted me when I was about 2 years old, I was dropped off in a small metal box in front of the black market on Main Street. I had an enchanted flower crown then, and she accepted my supernatural features as part of me. I lost the very flower crown. I can't seem to remember why, but suddenly I had an urge to make flower crowns. I did.

One day, I made a white daisy flower crown with some bendable green vine. I decided to try it on, and I changed.

So that is human me.

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