I am immortal.


2. • one •

I sat on the gray windowsill, letting my blonde hair fall down my back. I adjusted the flower crown on my head. I was wearing a blue satin dress, with some sparkles on one strap. The dress helped my blue eyes stand out, and my hair was a kind of hazelnut gold.

I watched as people went by, and I stood up. I closed all my windows, which was only 4.

but I liked it that way.

I lifted the flower crown off my head, and started to transform.

My hair turned midnight black, my eyes turned a flaming orange, and my dress turned into a black silk dress. I wore a pair of black sandals, and my hair tumbled down my back in soft black curls. I waited, for I knew something was supposed to happen. I sighed, tapping my foot on the ground.

then it happened.

Two huge wings sprouted out. They were about 8 feet, and they were the kind of black that if you saw, you wouldn't believe it.

I sighed in relaxation, and flapped them continuously as I walked up the stairs, into my room.

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