A few cuss words, not many. Really it's 1/4 romance 3/4 heart break so far. The main character is Lithie. Lithie is a very special girl, she can turn into a dragon, but Lithie isn't the only one, there are many kids in hiding from scientist who wish to discover why they turn into dragons. Lithie is the Co-captain of a big thunder (group of dragons). Jake is a dashing trouble maker, the other co-captain of the thunder. He never meant to break Lithie's heart, but how can he not break hearts with both Lithie and Char (pronounced Shar) being the few things he love in the universe? Who will he pick? Or will he pick neither and live a life of pain? Will Lithie and Char stay best friends? Will everyone be caught by scientists? Guess you'll have to read it


3. The King

Jake was feeling horrible. Lithie had dumped him and Charlotte hated him. His friends didn't like him. He couldn't even talk to Lithie.

At that moment Lithie quietly came into the meeting room. It was just Jake, Zach, and Lithie in the room. Almost as if Zach could sense Lithie's growing anger, he excused himself from the room. 

"You know," Lithie began, "you could have just told me. I don't appreciate finding out these things from other people."

"What-?" he began.

"The one thing that you always promised me was that you would never leave me for her!" Lithie sniffed. 

Jake was silent.

"You asked her out! You were planning to dump me and asked her out!" Lithie was in tears now.

"I never asked her out, "he said, "Did you ever ask me if that was true?"

"I didn't because how could it not be? She's so much prettier than me, and in the past you too..." she trailed off.

"No, I love you. I want to be yours, not hers." Jake was close to tears himself. 


"Of course, I love you."

"I'm so sorry..." Lithie began to shake.

"It's okay." Jake moved towards her and wrapped his arms around her.

She cried against him, her body shaking. After she calmed down a bit she hugged him and took a deep breath.

"Can we try this again?" Lithie asked quietly.

"I don't want to hurt you again..." he replied.

"Okay, I understand." She could feel her heart breaking all over again.

"Wait a second, I never said no"

"So we can?" she asked hopefully.


Lithie hid her face in his neck and whispered, "I love you."

"I love you too." he said. 

"Enough of this sappy shit," a voice said.

"Shut up Zach, "Jake replied.

Zach strutted into the room. Lithie turned her head just enough to seem him. Jake still had his arms securely around Lithie.

Jake knew that Zach was a pervert. He also knew that Zach liked Lithie. Zach had openly admitted his feelings to Lithie. He had told her two things, first, that he loved her. Then, he told her that he wanted to have her in his bed and do a lot of things with her. 

For this reason Jake never wanted Zach alone in a room with Lithie. He didn't want his friend making a move on his girl. 

"Jake?" Lithie broke through his train of thought. 

"Hmm?" was Jake's reply. 

"Zach agrees that we should be moving to a new base soon. A scientist was spotted in town." Lithie explained. 

Jake pulled Lithie a little closer to him while remembering that just yesterday Lithie had run away and could have been caught. He never wanted her hurt. 

What about Charlotte? He thought about the water dragon. She was beautiful, smart, amazing. He loved her too. What if she was caught?

Jake felt Lithie shaking with laughter in his arms, what had happened? Zach had a smug look on his face. Oh hell no, this guy was not making a move on his girl. He was going to wipe that smug look off his face.

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