A few cuss words, not many. Really it's 1/4 romance 3/4 heart break so far. The main character is Lithie. Lithie is a very special girl, she can turn into a dragon, but Lithie isn't the only one, there are many kids in hiding from scientist who wish to discover why they turn into dragons. Lithie is the Co-captain of a big thunder (group of dragons). Jake is a dashing trouble maker, the other co-captain of the thunder. He never meant to break Lithie's heart, but how can he not break hearts with both Lithie and Char (pronounced Shar) being the few things he love in the universe? Who will he pick? Or will he pick neither and live a life of pain? Will Lithie and Char stay best friends? Will everyone be caught by scientists? Guess you'll have to read it


2. Run Away

Lithie heard Charlotte laughing and blinked awake. She was lying on the floor with Jake's arms around her. She was human again. Lithie looked up at Charlotte.

"What's so funny Char?" Lithie asked.."

"Haven't you heard? I'm laughing at Jake the silly fool." She replied.

"Hmm?" was Lithie's response.

"I'm laughing because he's going to have to face your wrath Lith," her voice became a little more gentle, "he tried asking me out last night while you were gone. He wants to break up with you."

Lithie had pushed up into a sitting position. She glanced at Jake and her heart shattered. She was out the door a second later.

Lithie morphed and let out a small pitiful sound. She unfolded her wings and began to move. She used her wind abilities to lift her higher and faster. She flew above the clouds so as not to be seen. 

Lithie was puzzled by strange agonized ripping noises that were coming from some where, then she realized they were from her. She was crying. Lithie hated crying. It was such a useless function, she didn't need it for survival. She didn't need Jake to survive either. 

Lithie dipped below the clouds and spotted a convenient looking forest. Still in her dragon form, she landed and began to rake leaves, grass, and twigs into a suitable looking nest, Next she tore branches off trees and gathered those that were on the ground. Then she morphed into her human form.

Using her strength and speed which were enhanced by her morpher abilities, she made a shelter big enough for her dragon form to fit in. She tried out her earth abilities by summoning clay from a near by stream and coating her shelter in it. Quickly she reentered dragon form and blew a few quick blasts of fire over it in order to bake the clay. 

She morphed and entered her shelter and was satisfied with her handiwork. Lithie reached up to her neck and allowed the restless Lisana to slither onto her hand. Then, Lithie heard a voice in her head.

"Why did you run away?"

Lithie's jaw dropped as she stared at Lisana, "You can talk?!"

"Telepathically to you, yes. It's a special ability between a charm snake and their companion." was Lisana's reply.

Lithie blinked, the hugged the snake to her, but Lithie didn't really like talking. 

"I ran away because I was humiliated..." she said quietly. 


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