A few cuss words, not many. Really it's 1/4 romance 3/4 heart break so far. The main character is Lithie. Lithie is a very special girl, she can turn into a dragon, but Lithie isn't the only one, there are many kids in hiding from scientist who wish to discover why they turn into dragons. Lithie is the Co-captain of a big thunder (group of dragons). Jake is a dashing trouble maker, the other co-captain of the thunder. He never meant to break Lithie's heart, but how can he not break hearts with both Lithie and Char (pronounced Shar) being the few things he love in the universe? Who will he pick? Or will he pick neither and live a life of pain? Will Lithie and Char stay best friends? Will everyone be caught by scientists? Guess you'll have to read it


1. A Queen

The girl, Lithie was out in the forest. She was checking some game traps that she had set two days ago. Four rabbits hung from her belt, and she added another. Upon her back a young buck was dangling. A beautiful silver snake with violet eyes slithered up to the girl. Slowly, Lithie lowered her arm and stared at the snake. The snaked slithered up her arm and up to her neck. Once there, it wrapped itself around Lithie's neck gently and bit it's own tail. The snake appeared to disappear, but Lithie knew that it was invisible. 

Lithie smiled brightly, a charm snake, she thought. Lithie finally had one of her own, not only that, but it was wild, too. It was a known fact that all queens had a charm snake. She reached up to the little charm snake and patted it's head. Her eyes flashed crimson for a moment then went back to her usual sea green color. The snake, Lisanashe decided, squirmed to alert her. Her morph was coming up soon. 

She could sense that something was going to happen when she morphed. Quickly she reset the trap she was at. She secured her game and started to sprint. As a morpher, her speed could hit up to 35 miles per hour. She instinctively knew she was running about 30 miles per hour currently. As she reached the base that her thunder was staying at, she glanced at her watch. Her watch read 11:54 pm, she had 6 minutes until her morph. She knocked on the door and whispered gently, "Fire."

The door was opened slowly and she rushed into the room. She didn't hear all the oo's and ah's as she entered the room. Her attention was focused solely on Jake. She removed her game belt and took off her buck and gently set them on a table. Then, with out warning, she ran into Jake's arms. 

"Jake!" she said, smiling and laughing like crazy.

He lifted her up and twirled her around in a circle. Gently, he sent her down, hugged her close to his body, and kissed her.

"Lithie," he said with a smile. 

She reached up to her neck and allowed Lisana to slither onto her hand. 

"Look Jake, I got a charm snake!" Lithie said proudly.

Jake hugged her close and beamed, "Right before your birthday, too!"

As soon as midnight struck, it would be her 15th birthday, she would either be a queen or a normal Dragon. As a morpher, she would either become a queen or normal Dragon depending on her forced morph, there was no skipping it. Jake was sixteen and had already been declared a king. Being a king or queen was special, it meant you had the full power of a Dragon.

At thirteen kids had the rare chance of becoming a morpher. At midnight of your birthday you grew horns, your eyes became the eyes of a dragon, and you sprouted claws.

At fourteen morphers had the chance to get a Dragon hide. A dragon hide let morphers take the form of a dragon. It also determined your type. Queens and Kings were multitypes, no matter what the color of your scales.

Some morphers were very unlucky and did not get a hide. They were given the job of scouts. All morphers were gifted with very enhanced abilities, super speed and strength.

At fifteen any morphed with a dragon form had the chance of getting wings and a type. Dark blue dragons could become water, Brown or yellow dragons could control the earth element. Red or orange dragons could breathe fire and were resistant to fire. Light blue.or white dragons could control the wind and fly faster. 

Kings and queens though, could do all of those things no matter what their color. Kings and queens were also the only dragons to get charm snakes. It was a special thing.

Lithie hoped with all her heart she could be a queen. Jake was a king, and Lithie wanted to be his queen. She loved Jake with her very soul. Especially his dragon.

His dragon form was a glistening blood red. The sight of his dragon was amazing, it would sweep the air from her lungs. Her dragon on the other hand, was blacker than night. The two of them together in Dragon form was said to look like fire flickering at night. 

Lithie shuddered involuntarily, her morph was coming soon. She glanced at the clock.

"I have one minute until my morph..." she whispered.

Jake wrapped his arms around Lithie, "I'll morph with you."

She sighed, kissed Jake, and slowly removed herself from his arms. Lithie walked to the center of the room and sat down. The room was exceptionally big and had only a few others in it. She saw her best friend, Charlotte, the water dragon. 

Suddenly Lithie's senses enhanced. She became aware of her temperature was rising. She felt her body lengthening and changing. Lithie blinked and looked down at her leg. 

A small sound of surprise came out of her about, why were her claws white? She glanced over to where Jake was to see his dragon. Then her attention focused on her body. 

She had wings.

Her wings were solid black except when she unfolded them, the inner parts were white. They gleaned in the dim lit room.

Lithie was excited to see if she had the abilities of a queen. Or possibly no abilities at all. 

I want to be water, she thought.

Suddenly Lithie was water. She felt odd, she did not have a body really, but still had a form. Her very essence was contained within the water she was. Lithie resumed her dragon form and tried to use her fire breath if she had any.. She turned towards Jake and blew out a little puff of flame. Jake snuffed and the flames dispersed and cooled. 

Jake slowly approached Lithie and nuzzled her muzzle. He laid down next to her and looked up expectantly. Lithie settled down next to him and rested her head right by his chest. He laid his head over her neck. She sighed happily and closed her eyes.

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