Left Behind

Charlie is just a girl who hasn't had many friends, five to be exact. It's just her misfortune those five friends end up in the same band and make it. They don't just make it, they really made it. One Direction, the most famous boy band of the moment.


9. Chapter 9 Most Perfectest Boyfriend


Charlie's pov

The concert was horrible to say the least. In the beginning is wasn't that bad, it was nice and I was even having fun. but then I felt two pair of eyes on me, two green once to be exact. even a pair of bright blue ones followed. But that was because me and Mark met a girl named Carmen. And as I knew Niall, he knew a girl named Carmen and was so sad about her leaving that he just rambled on and on about her to me. I was shown a picture of her and I recognized her. Plus the fact she told us she knew an Irish lad named Niall.

She was really nice and I even wonder why I was hiding behind her at some point. Couldn't blame me that I wasn't in the mood for them to recognize me. Yes I chanced a lot. But I recognized them too, why not the other way around.

So after the concert I was asked backstage together with Carmen. Leaving Mark out the question. I turned the offer down but Carmen didn't. Mark got furious.

I quickly walked away from Carmen, and Mark before they started arguing with me. I wouldn't even go to meet them, even if it was for my brother. call me evil, bitchy what ever term you would use for someone who wouldn't want their brother to meet their idols, even if there isn't a term for. but they played with my feelings, we bond, and then BOOF they crush that.

"Charlie! why would you do that, you could have met them." Mark stomped angrily, and made me make an halt. I frowned, and shook my head. but I didn't want to start this argument so I just ran. I ran like I would have always done. I always ran away from my promblems.

I just walked away, away from the noises. I wasn't really paying attetion, so I just walked and walked looking down. I was away from all the noises, and sighed. why did I come into this mess. but the noises came back, as a door slammed shut. when the door opened, many squeals, and giggles came out, but they faded quickly.

"sorry love but I don't think you can be here, you aren't allowed actually to come here, that's not allowed." a deep husky voice spoke. he trembled a bit but I ignored it, as I recognized the voice. not even from my own memories, but from al those stupid tv shows he was on.

"tellin' me once would have been enough." I snapped at him, and quickly made a turn and left again. I rather would be with my complaining brother than with him.

"wait love I didn't meant it that way." I heard him catch up to me, and I had the urge to slap him straight across the face. I turned around shot him a glare, and just rolled my eyes.

"then what did you mean?" I placed both my hands on my hips and shot more glares at him. he eyed me up and down, and a smile lit up his features. even this smile reached his brown eyes.

"Charlie?" he asked unsure. why did he have to break the moment, why did he even remember me. I thought he would already have forgotten me. maybe he is talking about someone else.

"who?" I asked dumb found, not really knowing what to do.

"oh, nothing.. sorry." his eyes turned really sad and I wanted to give him a hug, I always wanted because he looked like a lost puppy. or bear maybe, a cute sweet grizzly bear. but sadly he wasn't sweet nor was he cute.

"I'm sorry I couldn't help you. bye." I quickly walked off, leaving Liam alone. but I felt terrible for it. I felt terrible for leaving him allone, specially when he is sad.

"don't leave me." Liam whispered into my ear, and I chuckled.

"Liam you're such a child sometimes, it's just an horror movie, not even a scary one." I laughed. he sent me a glare, and I crawl closer to him, and peck his cheek.

"don't ever glare to me again." I told him sternly. but the thing I didn't notice was how red he became, it was dark, that's probably why.

"I won't, don't be mad." he gave me a side hug, and I could feel the warmth of his cheeks. he looked a bit sad, and I couldn't place why.

"don't be sad." I pinched his nose. he nodded, but remained sad. it was horrible to see him sad I found out tonight.

"why are you sad?" I asked again, but he fidget with his hands, not ready to speak. "you can tell me." I whispered softly.

"I'm not going to be kissed, never. I'm going to die alone." he whispered, his voice barely audible. I looked at him confused but nodded, in understanding, what he meant.

"I'm not going to let you die alone, and one day girls will be swooning over you." he chuckled lightly. "besides there are enough girls who are sending me glares when I'm with you. you can kiss one of them." I spoke the last part sarcastically

he shook his head 'no' "I don't want to kiss just someone, I want that person, someone who I love, only if it's in a friend way." he gave me light hint, and I got it.

"I get you, you.. you could kiss me. I've never been kissed before either, I get it when you don't want to." I whispered.

"b-but I want to." he whispered back. and before I knew it our lips were conected. at first we just stayed there not doing anything. then he started moving his lips, and I did the same. I felt light sparks, but they spread al around my body, giving me tingles.

we both pulled back, breathing heavily. I smiled, and he did the same. I pecked his cheek, and he blushed.

"thanks." I whispred. "now you can go after that girl you always look at." I winked, but his smile fadded. he leaned in again, and I knew for what, so I gave him a kiss, sparks going trough my body again. why didn't he like me. he could of liked me, instead of that girl, she was always mean to him and never gave him attention. Maybe giving rude comments if that counted.

hear what you're saying. he is way to sweet for you.

"thank you." he pecked my lips, and then I crawled into his lap, thinking I could do that now we had kissed. I know 'why would she think that'

but he didn't mind, he kissed my temlpe, and started stroking my hair, gently. he would be the most perfectest boyfriend ever, even words can't describe it, as you can see.

that's how I felt in sleep that night, but it also made it harder, because now he was my crush, and I knew how kissing him felt like, and he liked someone else. which broke my heart.

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