Left Behind

Charlie is just a girl who hasn't had many friends, five to be exact. It's just her misfortune those five friends end up in the same band and make it. They don't just make it, they really made it. One Direction, the most famous boy band of the moment.


7. Chapter 7 A Second Challenge


Louis's pov

Liam and I decided we should play some football. so we went outside, and the place was already crowded. the fans noticed us, and started screaming. I chuckled to myself and placed the ball onto the ground. I kicked it to Liam and he shot it back. to be honest Liam wasn't bad, better than I've seen from people who never had played in their whole life. he said he only had practiced sometime when he was younger but not for long.

we played like that, until I heard some girls scream in disgust. I turned around and saw a boy pushing everyone out of his way. but what caught my eye was the girl he was holding onto the shoulders. she was shorter, around 19 and the boy looked in his twenties. she had brown hair, and big brown eyes. she wore high waisted jeans, and a blouse. she looked with one word: beautiful.

she was indeed beautiful, but the reason why I thought she was cute, was because she looked like someone from my past. she looked like a girl I cared about, well I think I still would care if she came back into my life. but I have no idea where she is. or if she even would want to be with me again. as friends I mean.

I didn't pay attention to Liam anymore, and he shot the ball straight into my face. I heard shocked sounds, and a few cries, I heard a few girls scream in panic, and a could hear a few hold their breath. but one sound got my attention. It was a laughter, a girls laugh filled my ears. I don't know why she would laugh about something like this, maybe she was laughing about something else, or didn't even care about me.

the only person who could laugh about me were my friends, and family. I didn't care if they would laugh at me, they would never mean it. or it was just plain out funny. but whoever this girl was, she had no right to laugh. I didn't even know girls that close to laugh at me, except my crew. but they were al inside.

"mate are you alright?" I heard Liam's worried voice. he was quickly worried, but I guess I laid down here for awhile.

"yeah, yeah I'm fine." I opened my eyes and I heard breaths of relieve, and screams filled my ear again. but the laughter didn't stop. I wasn't a high giggle like I expected, but it was a girl.

I stood up and looked around. the only one I saw laughing was the girl, with brown hair, and big brown eyes. she looked straight at me and then smirked. Louis Tomlinson can't take this insulate, he is Louis Tomlinson. no one can laugh at me. even if it was hilarious funny.

"look, I want one of you to come play with us." that sounded dirty. "any volunteers?"I asked, and girls stared screaming. but the brown haired girl just shot me a glare. but the guy behind her picked her up, and volunteered her for him. not even thinking about it, she tried swatting him away. but it was no use.

"that girl over there." I pointed. but to my surprised Liam didn't protest, but I get him. she was hot.

I walked towards her and got her by her waist, from the guy who was holding her. she tried kicking but her back faced me, so she couldn't even come close to me with her kicking.

"let me go." she demanded, so I placed her on the ground and she shot me a glare once again. but I just winked at her, and she rolled her eyes.

"you should team up with Liam, then it would be a bit fair." I said to her. but she just laughed at me and smirked.

"you mean if you pair up with Liam then it would be fair?" she asked. I felt the challenge coming. and it reminded me so much of Charlie, and how much I actually miss her. this time I laughed. I know I shouldn't laugh at my fans's face. but she laughed at me, and I don't think she is a real fan. maybe here with her friend.

"maybe we should ask another girl, and then it would be fair." I challenged back.

"for you?" she asked in a sweet voice, but sarcasm dripped of it. even if she looked like Charlie, I couldn't hold it, she was going down.

"we should just play like I told you to, now love what is your name?" I asked softening my voice. for some reason her eyes softened from the anger that was build in it.

"I don't see the point in it, as you will forget anyway. you have so many girls around you, you hear enough names to remember for an hour. so I don't think I'm helping with it." she smiled and walked away towards Liam. she looked him up and down, and then turned to me. she gave me a question look, and I quickly walked up the field.

"shall we begin?" she smiled and I heard a few screams again from the girls in the now more crowded ground. she smirked, and bobbled her head in a 'yes'.

I made a run for the ball, but she was there faster and shot the ball towards Liam who caught it, and ran forward with it, he shot it back to her and she shot it skillful into my goal. how did she manage that? girls weren't good at playing football.

Liam laughed at me, and I just scowled. I could do this, they aren't any better, well I'm better than Liam. but no one is better than me. it just doesn't make any sense.

I got the ball, and raced to the goal. I shot, and it was going to land in there, but someone held it. that someone was the girl. she kept it from going in. she smirked but I quickly got the ball back and now it was in.

"a tie breaker." she smiled sweetly. she stepped closer and whispered something in my ear, only meant to be for me, and only heard by me.

"I'm going now, I don't want your fans to see how you lose." she stepped back and smirked. she gave me a flirtatious wave, and then walked back from where she came from.

she turned one last time and winked. and that's when she only looked more like Charlie, but also the most far away. she always was distant with boys, fragile to be broken. but she was herself with me. she always was.

"Louis?" she asked, looking scared, but excited at the same time. what was it she wanted to ask me. I nodded my head and she smiled.

"you know the school party is coming soon, and we need to take a date?" she asked, and I nodded my head once again.

"well." she started. but I didn't let her finish. afraid what she was going to say.

"I wanted to talk to you about that." I started and she frowned. Was what she wanted to say so important? maybe she wanted to ask me, then I lost a huge chance. I always had a thing for her, but I knew she wasn't into me.

"could I please finish first?" she asked annoyed. and I nodded my head, not able to speak.

"I've been asked."' she squealed, and I nodded, she looked so happy. "and I said yes, you wane know who asked me? Josh. he is like so hot." she squealed. she smiled, but it didn't reach her eyes, and it didn't gave that sparkle from when she would smile for me, just for me.

"great." but my voice didn't held any enthusiasm. she frowned, and then burst out laughing. did I have something on my face again? ugh I hate that.

"what?" I asked her. she looked at me funnily. but then burst out in laughter.

when she contained herself she spoke again. but my stomach had a funny feeling. something I like, but at the same time not. "I didn't say yes, but he asked me. and weird enough also a few friends of you. and I was thinking like. uhm no just no. you know. I barely know them. but at the end they were cool about it, complementing and everything." she smiled and my jealousy, I didn't knew I had in me, died down. she was still available.

"then with who are you going." I asked, still that funny feeling and it only got worse when her eyes turned sad.

"uhm.. I just.. you know.." she wasn't sure about what to say, so I spoke for me, and I hoped for her too.

"would you.. uhm.. go.. maybe you don't have to.. but with.. with me?" I asked stuttering. why was I afraid to ask this. she was one of my best mates, she was like one of the boys to me. she looked up and looked me straight in the eyes. did I say something wrong? make it right again Lou.

"you know, just as friends, so we wont be awkward you know." I said the words I actually didn't want to say, but I did. she wasn't going to the ball without a date, but she clearly doesn't want one.

she looked sad again, but In another way. she looked disappointed. did she want to go with Josh after all?

"okay." her voice said, and it was like music in my ears.

that flashback really broke me. I wanted her to go with me, and not like friends. but as my date, as my real date. but sadly that didn't happen. because she would soon leave after that night. no time for us again. only one day she came back, but we never recalled that night. one of my best nights of my life. I must say with all honestly.

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