Left Behind

Charlie is just a girl who hasn't had many friends, five to be exact. It's just her misfortune those five friends end up in the same band and make it. They don't just make it, they really made it. One Direction, the most famous boy band of the moment.


6. Chapter 6 Football


I looked around the corner, and then ran over to the other side of the street. I walked past the scary looking house, around a corner. And I was back from where I started.

Over again. I huffed, and ran over another street. I turned a corner, and felt something hard hit me. I fell on the ground. Hitting the cold ground. where could I have possibly walked into, I wasn't blind was I?

I looked up, to be meet with two deep blue eyes. The boy who I had bumped into, extended his hand. he had braun windy hair, and he looked with one word: cute.

"Thanks" I grabbed it, and pulled myself up. I dusted myself and smiled at him.

"You're lost?" he asked. and I frowned, was he stalking me?

"Yeah, how did you know?" I asked as the eyes from the guy sparkled. 

"You couldn't find a way out the centrum, I saw you walking by many times, quite funny if you asked me. but me being a gentleman I came to you to ask if you needed help." He chuckled, and I rolled my eyes. 

"I was looking for a football field. The only thing I found were clothing shops. Could you help me?" I blinked my eyes twice. He just looked at me, he mouth open. I chuckled at him. 

"You like football?" I replied with a nod. I loved it, I learned it from harry, and I tried teaching Liam but he sucked at it so I gave up. he promised he would practice and the next time we would meet he could beat me. at least play a game without hitting the ground, or falling over the ball.

"why do you like it. The girls in town prefer the clothing shops. and besides that I think girls suck at football, at any sport, why would you be any different."

"My friend Harry thaught me when I was younger." I sighed while thinking about him. It was such a long time ago, but we still held contact via phone or papers. Same with Liam. but I still felt faraway from them.

"He is amazing if he made a girl football, but no one is that good, we all know he failed at teaching you." 

"He taught me. I liked it myself. but I hear a challange?" I corrected him. He rolled his eyes.

"it's not a challenge for me, but alright I'll play fairly because you couldn't win in any way if I play at my best." I nodded smirking, I could win this, I improved. I could beat this guy from who I didn't know the name of.

we walked a bit, without saying a thing. talking with Liam was way easier. I totally don't get why no one likes him, he's really sweet.

"So guys this is...uhm what is your name?" he looked at me, question filled eyes?

"Louis you dick, you didn't even ask her name?" some of the guys hit him on his head, and I chuckled lightly. 

"The name's Charlie. And you are Louis I assume." I guessed. He nodded proudly. and he brushed his shoulders. just like the 'cool' kids do. note the sarcasm.

"Yes I am. And this is jack, James and stan." He introduced his other mates. I just give them a little wave.

"So why is she here?" jack asked. and he winked at me, but I just ignored him. 

"She was looking for clothing shops, until she bumped into me and she challenged me.." Louis explained. His friends burst out laughing. 

"yeah, I think you were the one looking for clothes, I was just plain old lost." I smirked. Know this was a challenge I was willing to accept, but I already did.

"really, like a girl could beat our Lou." James said, "not many can beat lou, it's rare. and I just think you're just going to lose hard." he smirked, bumping Lou in the shoulder.

"Fine, come on then. you two against eachother, and Lou, don't make it to hard for her." stan said, he walked to the old field. and placed the ball in the middle. James, Stan and Jack stayed at the side, watching us carfully.

He made a whistle with his fingers, and I ran to the ball. I hit it and it rolled to Louis. He looked a bit shocked that I could even hit the ball. But he quickly recovered, I quickly got the ball back, and tried shooting in the goal, I hit it, and had a point. Louis looked shocked at the ball and then at me. he growled something under his breath. and then shot the ball. I tried catching him up to him, but he was to fast. I ran towards the goal but Louis already made one and it was 1-1. I could win this. 

he kicked off again, and I ran for it, now knowing how fast Louis could be. I made a move and Louis fell for it. but he quickly recovered and got the ball back. he had really long legs so he was faster and made a goal again.

I got the ball this time and I knew I was behind so I had to try and win this. I ran past Louis and he didn't even noticed I scored. even if my legs were short. I could run really fast.

this last point was the tie breaker, but louis got it and I was a bit disappointed that I lost, but all well. I could be friends with a girl this time. Not that I expected ten to be friends with me.

"you were really good, never thought of that, specially because you are a girl. You were defiantly better than everyone I know except me of course." He grinned and gave me an high-five.

"you were amazing." Stan comented.he smiled and gave me a bro hug.

"so you're a tomboy, in this town if girls like football you're already a tomboy." James said, and gave me an high-five.

"no I'm not, I just like football and my only two friends were boys. but I don't go to school in baggy clothes, call people dude, and say jo every time instead of hello." the boys chuckled lightly. "but I'm not a girly girl who is fangirling about boybands, hot actors and love to do each others hair and make-up or go to the mall every day."

"we could be great friends Charlie, you know how I know. I can look into the future." I burst out laughing and so did the others.

Was I really a tomboy?

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