Left Behind

Charlie is just a girl who hasn't had many friends, five to be exact. It's just her misfortune those five friends end up in the same band and make it. They don't just make it, they really made it. One Direction, the most famous boy band of the moment.


5. Chapter 5 Caring More Then Intended


Charlie's pov

"hello, but who are you?" I was opening the door for someone who was knocking on it, and I wasn't in the mood to look trough the pipe hole. I mean who does when they have a lazy day.

I was shocked to say the first, but it was my brother. what was he doing here? after I moved in, my father told me I had a brother. I met him and we clicked in an instant. we spend much time together, we still do.

"Charlie." he wrapped his arms around me, and gave me a bone crushing hug. "what have you done with your hair, it looks like a mess." have I told you my brother is gay, yup he is, and sometimes I'm thankful for that, but hearing every time you see him say your hair looks like a mess, that's something I'm not thankful of. And don't me get started how he insults the way I dress.

"Mark." I groaned, not getting why he just can't compliment me specially not on my hair. "why are you here?" I asked knowing a friend of mine would come in about five minutes, and he wouldn't take it right that my brother will try to hit on him. and I have a small crush on him, on my friend I mean.

"we are going to one direction together, I have front row tickets and it's their announcement tour. so excited." I burst out laughing, like I'm going to go there, no way. They're jerks, I have tried telling him that. But then he starts to drool over how 'sexy' Harry's hair is.

"nope not going there. bye." I tried pushing him out the door, but he was really strong and he liked to work out, so I couldn't get him to move.

"It can be fun, pleaseee Charl I know it's a huge favor, well actually it isn't who wouldn't want to see the sexgods themselves. but please go with me Charlie." he begged, but I shook my head.

"Hey charlie." I heard Matt's voice. Mark turned around. I had to find a way he would leave. how could I make my brother leave? one answer would be enough, but was it worth it.

"okay I'll go to that stupid concert with you, now leave." A smile appeared on Marks face. then Matt stumbled in, he took in my brother and then my brother looked at him, but it ushered him out and he leaved quickly.

"hey." I took a strand of my hair and pushed it behind my ear, and smiled. I was getting really nervous with my crush. ugh I'm always so awkward, why! Well I usually was, well there were five exceptions.

I closed the door, and found myself in an awkward position with Matt. I was really close and our bodies almost touched. so I took a step back so we weren't awkward anymore.

"I liked it more when you were here." he grabbed me by my waist and I started to blush.

before I agreed with anything he slammed his lips harshly against mine. he pressed me closer and I was squeezed against him. but I let him, maybe we could get a relastionship, maybe he liked me too. his hand was placed on my waist and the other made it's way to my hip. he slowly slip his hand underneath my shirt. not that I wanted that.

"stop." I breathed. but his hand only slid higher. his hand came to my bra and then I quickly stepped away. swatting his hands away. he just smirked.

"don't do that babe." he took a step closer, but I backed away, sadly behind me was the couch. well shit. his smirk got wider, an my eyes did the same. he stepped closer and slammed his lips against mine again.

"you're so hot." he breathed. "I want you." with that he slipped his hand underneath my shirt again. I swatted it away, and pulled back.

"don't do that bitch." he held his hand, and was ready to slap me. my eyes widened once again. "didn't think so either." he smirked and kissed me again. his hand made it's way underneath my shirt rather quickly now. his other hand was placed on my hip, and this hand made it's way to my behind.

I thought I was going to be rapped, yes I know I can over react that was until the door slammed open. and there stood my brother. I gave him a pleading look, and backed away from Matt who turned around.

'help' I mouthed towards my brother. his eyes widened and he shot a glare to Matt.

"you have one chance to get out of here and never show your face again, or I'll help you." Mark growled. he took a step closer, but Matt just laughed.

"and what do you think you can do." he chuckled and shot me a wink, but it wasn't a good one. he was bad and I wasn't the person to look for bad people. I would rather be in the save, comfort zone, then some rebellious teenager.

he chuckled, but my brother was to mad, and slammed his fist agains Matt's cheek. he looked shocked at first but then he tried hitting Mark but he dogged away, and hit Matt in the stomach.

"go." Mark grumbled and Matt made it's way out of my appartment. I quickly hugged Mark and hung on him. I was so scared, that jerk. how dare he. how dare I to like him, well not anymore. If I wasn't raised by my dad, then I would turn him in. but my dad taught me that you have to forgive people if they didn't hurt you, everyone needs a second chance. not that I'm giving him that, I'm juts not turning him in that instead of a second chance.

"thank you." I whispered. I knew I once belonged to the bad kind of people, but now I'm different I've chanced. I wouldn't go back there, as I would call it, my dark past. The side I would never want to go ever again.

after all the boys ignored me, and just pretended I didn't exist. I went the wrong way, and met really wrong people, meanly boys may I add, but you know, I have gotten over it. but they were just faster then me with it. they knew there wasn't going to be an friendship for us in the future, they had forgotten me. but I would never forget them, not because they're everywhere, but I found that out they were right. but only just a bit to late: I was already hurt. and now they're al over the front page, but they can't hurt me anymore. not anymore. like you believe that.

"now we need to get ready fort he conecrt, I'm so excited." Mark interrupted my thoughts. he was trying to let me forget what happened and I get that, sadly only he was the fan, and I'm not.

"yeah I guess, is it tonight?" he nodded his head. maybe we should get ready. I was just as nervous like I was on the day after I met Harry.

"dad I'm scared." I whispered as my dad made his way to my new school. I already had a few first day, but I still thought it was really scared.

"it will be alright, I heard that guy from our neighbors would be there too, you could stay with him. Harry right?" sadly he did go to the same school as me. I would probably be bullied again.

"great." I said with sarcasm but my dad didn't notice, great dad..

he lead me out the car, and onto the playground. he would leave me here, then would I have to walk home alone and be there alone for the rest of the day. that's how I'm going to spend my days here in Holmes chapel.

I walked up the playground, and I saw girls looking at me weirdly, and I always thought: how could young people be so mean, but I guess we always have been like that. I quickly walked to the entrance, as I should find the head of this school.

I wanted to open the door but it was held by a hand. I heard some chuckles behind me. I turned around and found a boy I didn't notice, but he looked down at me in disgust. he had a group of people behind him, one of them I knew as Harry.

nice, my neighbor is going to bully me. again great.

"so new girl, no friends I see." the boy smirked, I nodded my head, as what he said was true. I hope I was gone here quickly. I can only hope, can't I. I heard him laugh again, and I heard some high pitched, so that means there are girls around me.

"so you plan on staying alone for the rest of your life. you're just going to be an old cat lady." his 'gang' laughed again. he was mean, even meaner then Harry. Didn't see that coming.

"no, I'm only seven. many things can still happen." I didn't look up and he laughed again.

"nerd much? I hope something happens, I hope you'll be gone here quickly." then I felt my eyes getting wet, if I wouldn't be gone here quickly then I would cry in front of him, I couldn't give him that.

"and now you're crying. you ca-" but the guy was cut of my a voice knew, and I wouldn't have expected that.

"STOP," he screamed, and came to me and swung an arm around my shoulders and pulled me in a hug protective and held me tight. why did Harry care. I thought he hated me.

"Harryy, what are you doing?" I heard an girls voice. she was one of those high pitched voices. "you shouldn't go around with her." she said in disgust. why was going to school so hard, it always was.

"let's go inside." he whispered in my ear, and opened the door that wasn't being hold by the other guy anymore. he leaded me inside and then closed the door, from al those awful kids.

"are you alright?" he stroke some hair out of my face, he had a soft voice. and for some reason I believed him. I believed that he cared.

"y-yes, they w-were just mean." I stuttered, and I wanted to face palm myself for that. I should stutter.

"come here, I'll be your friend." he pulled me into another hug. "maybe we should just start over again." he smiled and I nodded wiping away my tears.

"hello, I'm Harry." he smiled and extended his hand.

"Charlie. nice to meet you Harry." I returned the smile and his got only brighter.

"I'm not doing anything after school, would you like to go to my house after that?" he asked, and something in me exploded. no one ever asked me that.

"I would love to."

this would grow out to a friendship, my first.

"you look stunning." Mark complimented me, and I blushed. Mark got me into some high waisted shorts and a blouse stuck into it. I felt insecure in my outfit, I would never go out like this. I would do in the past, and that's why I felt good in it. but it's nothing compared I wore back then. but I liked it, so I thanked Mark.

"now your make-up." My eyes widened. I didn't like to wear make-up. I would always wear it when I was a, also called slut. so no, I wouldn't want to do that. but I nodded, he wouldn't let me wear heavy make-up.

so I nodded and he started to paint my face. he was actually quickly done, in about fifteen minutes, so it couldn't be that bad.

when he let me look, I wore mascara, a little bit brown eyeshadow and a bit eyeliner underneath my eyes, and a pink chap stick, he had done a light pink blush on my cheeks. and he added some gloss to my lips. I looked natural yet in some way beautiful.

"ow gosh we need to go, we can be late already." he jumped form his seat and pushed us outside. we got to his car and he quickly sped off.


we got to the concert, and there was barley someone there. well that's not true. there was a group of girls standing around the arena. Mark quickly got out the car and got to the group of girls, he pushed us to the front. he didn't care who he hit, he just wanted to get to the front.

when we came there at the end, I knew I couldn't go back. but what I saw, I don't know why I was effected I just was. and it scared me. I saw two boys who were playing a game of football. just like the screaming girls weren't there.

but those boys were known as Liam payne and Louis tomlinson. and I wanted to play again, I still played football.

the two of boys who teached me? two boys from his band.

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