Left Behind

Charlie is just a girl who hasn't had many friends, five to be exact. It's just her misfortune those five friends end up in the same band and make it. They don't just make it, they really made it. One Direction, the most famous boy band of the moment.


4. Chapter 4 Hungry Lover


Harry's pov

"we have to get on stage" louis screamed in my ear making me chuckle. I louis was aways a loud person, made me think of a girl I was close to when I was younger. once in while I thought about her. haven't seen her since she moved, quit sad actually I really liked her then. maybe she was a fan in the crowd forgetting about me and being a fan. or maybe she was a hatter. or maybe she remembered me and was proud of me, maybe she was forgotten about me and just left it behind her, that I was something from her past, maybe she hated me for letting her go, and I could only hope that wasn't it, because that would break me. no matter how long ago, she always had a place in my heart, and she couldn't get out of there, no matter how hard she tried, or tried to be mean. she was something I cared for, nothing could chance that.

"what's wrong mate?" Liam asked. is it that visible.

"you know that girl I once told you about when we were on the xfactor." I spoke looking up at Liam. I would lay my life in one of these lads hands.

"the one you wouldn't stop talking about, but wouldn't give us her name?" he laughed and I nodded.

"in my defense you all had a secret girl who you would ramble on about once in a while." Liam blushed and quickly looked at the ground.

"GET READY GUYS." Paul's voice echoed through my ears. 'tell me later' Liam mouthed as he got ready in postition. I stayed in my place as I took out my wallet and took out the picture I had from me and her. we were young back then and she just had lost one of her teeth and she smiled proudly, he arm was wrapped around my shoulder. an I could remember how I flinched away then. she just pinched my cheek and got me in place.


"Harry, Harry." I heard charlie scream. I turned around with a smile hearing her say my name. Gemma told me I couldn't like a girl, in a more then friends way, because I was to young. she didn't believe me at first but after I get rambling on about Charlie she would admit I had some feelings for her, how small even. 

"my tooth fell out, look." she extended her hand and in there laid a little tooth. still a bit bloody. I didn't like blood, I just didn't. my mom said I would grow over it over the years.

"b-blood?" I questioned. Charlie's eyes filled with fear,and quilt she knew how much I hated it to see blood. she quickly pulled her hand away, out of sight.

"it w-wasn't blood." she tried, and I raised my eyebrow. "it was ketup, I fooled you ha." she said, but from the time I knew her, I knew she lied. she was a really bad layer. you could easily notice. 

we both burst in laughter and with out that any of us could notice, Charlie let her tooth escape her hand and it fell in the grass. but sadly no one of us noticed.

"we should go, I'm hungry." Charlie giggled and it was not a high pitched girly giggle like most of the girls I knew, it was a normal one, one which I loved.

"you're always eating." Charlie poked my cheek and giggled at her own words.

"I really am hungry don't judge." I grumbled what made Charlie laugh full out. Charlie would always come to my house after school because her dad is always at work, but I don't mind that and Charlie doesn't eather. I even like it alot, every day after school she comes home with me.

I opened the door for her, and slammed it shut after me. Charlie stopped in her track, she turned around with sad eyes, and I didn't like it, I didn't like it alot. 

"I lost my tooth." she stamped her foot. "I can't even have a memorable day."

"yes you can. MOM!" I screamed an idea popping in my head. Charlie looked at me with confusion, but I gave her a reassuring nod. my mom walked in and she looked a bit concerned.

"would you please get your camera, we're going to make this day meorable." I smiled and I heard Charlie squeal, which made me on my part smile. my mom came back with her camera and told us to stand in a posse.

Charlie came closer and warped her arm around my should, but I flinched away. she rolled her eyes and pinched my cheek once again.

"harry, I thought you would make this day memorable." she smirked, I groaned and let her swing her arm around me, and she squeezed me against her, and my cheeks started to turn red, and I was fully blushing. 

I tried smiling but I took quick glance at Charlie, she showed her teeth one missing. she smiled at my mother and I noticed I was staring at her. but my mother had already taken a picture.

"lovely picture you two." my mom winked at me, and my cheeks turned a deeper shade of red. Charlie pinched my cheek one last time this day, and ran to the kitchen.

"I though you were hungry."

the concert was great. I totally forgot about Charlie, and the picture of her in my wallet. the concert gave me the rush I needed, specially when you're with your best friends. I hope Liam doesn't begin about her agian.

"so." Liam sadly started. "what about your mystery girl?" the others heard and came closer. for fact we were in our hotelroom, not right after the concert.

"I thought about her again, I even took out her picture, and I can't get her out of my mind, she is sort of taking over me. I can only think of her the past few days, and it hurts because I don't know if she is save, or were she is." I spoke with all honestly.

"we can help you try to forget her, can I see the picture mate, I don't think it's good to have it around." louis extended his hand, as the boys agreed. I took out my wallet and gave him the folded picture.

"I don't want to forget about her, besides even if I wanted to and tried I couldn't, she will always have a place in my heart." Louis unfolded the picture and looked at it, he smiled at it and it was nice seeing my friend's smile. but Louis eyes turned in confusion, fear and other emotions I couldn't read.

"something wrong lou?" Zayn asked. Louis hands fumbled with the paper and he quickly folded it again, the same way I always did.

"she looked like someone I know." he explained. "nothing more." he mumbled the last part and I think we can al agree that wasn't what was going trough Lou's mind.

"but I want it back." I broke the silence. "that day was a memorable day."

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