Left Behind

Charlie is just a girl who hasn't had many friends, five to be exact. It's just her misfortune those five friends end up in the same band and make it. They don't just make it, they really made it. One Direction, the most famous boy band of the moment.


32. Chapter 32 The Happy Cheese

Liam and Harry came over. Liam around five and Harry around six. He was carrying five pizza boxes. Liam had brought snacks too and I just had some snacks and soda, and of course films.

"So I've picked a few films, well I just threw all my films on a pile, so you can choose." I said making the boys laugh.

We finally choose Jaws. I had the film and Harry wanted to see it really badly. So we popped the film in starting on our first pizza box.

"That was so fake" Harry screamed as this arm was ripped of by Jaws. this made me giggle. I fell back into Liam.

Liam was fast to wrap an arm around me and pull me closer. I felt a bit tens, what was it with these boys? maybe he's just being nice.

"I remember the first time watching this film. I was scared. Gosh I was terrified. I actually didn't want to watch but I was in a brave mood so we watched anyway." this made the two of them laugh.

"Afraid of Jaws? seriously?" Liam asked. Looking down on me.

"To my defense. This was the first horror film I've ever watched and the film was labeled Horror." I wanted to crossed my arms over my chest but ended up hitting Liam in the side.

"Ough." he said pushing my elbow away. my hand shot to my mouth. "I'm sorry." he smiled at me shaking it off.

"that doesn't even make sense." Harry pointed to the film making me laugh.

We spend the night talking and laughing. In the end, just before I was about to doze off Harry shook me a little.

"Charlie?" he seemed really serious. So I rubbed my eyes trying to get myself to be bit more stable then I actually was. "I love you." he told me.

"No!" Liam said. I turned around seeing as I was facing Harry. "I love her," he said to Harry. "I love you." now turned towards me.

"You can't love me, neither of you can." I said feeling a bit weird. Maybe it's not the reaction they wanted, by it's true.

"What?" Harry asked funnily. "This is the point where you choose one of us." he told me.

"I can't choose any of you, you can't make me choose, I'm not going to choose." I looked at them panicked. What were they think. That I was going to choose? between the two if them? two of my best friends? what a joke, I could never choose.

"You have too. Just like in that chick flick where she dates two guys and she doesn't know who-"

"Yeah I know the film." I interrupted.

"Wait." Liam said. "I have a great idea. Why don't we do that."

"What the hell are you talking about? can't we just drop this and continue this as friends." I was freaking out. I can't choose. Neither if them, they're my best friends. They have to think I'm crazy if they think I'm going to choose.

"Like we can both go to a restaurant and you can go to one of us this way you can't hurt one of us while being in the same room." my eyes widened.

"Hurt you? guys, I'm not going to choose. Really, it might be a good idea, but I'm not going to choose between the two of you." Why wouldn't they drop it.

"No." Harry said. "I agree with Liam. It's a good idea, we should do it that way." he said. "We'll both text you the restaurant and then we'll see who you choose."

"No, can we just drop it?" the stubborn boys shook their heads no. What are they thinking. If I'm not choosing, their plan isn't as good as they thought it would be.

"No, we both want to do this. You have to choose Charlie. You can't keep us guessing, you can't keep us on a leash." Liam frowned.

"I'm not doing such thing." I sighed in frustration. "If I'll agree will you just drop the whole thing." They both smiled happily.

"Alright, I agree." I lied. I would never choose between them. They're my friends. Maybe I should stand them up. Or go to both and tell them I'm not going to choose. Or I'll send a text.

I'm just not going to choose. I'm not even sure if I like them that way. Yet they are declaring their love for me. Right in front of my eyes.

I fell asleep, in Liam's arms. Which now I think about it might have been a bad idea. I mean Harry and Liam both told me they loved me. And Harry was here sitting next to me.

Might be a bit hurtful.

I woke up, not being held anymore. The room was cleaned. The pizza boxes thrown away and the empty soda cans by the door.


They have left me. I shook my head, trying to get the tiredness off of me. I stood up, still a bit sleepy and opened a cabinet. I was going to get cereal.

As I finished my lousy morning routine. I picked up my phone, seeing I had two messages.

Hey babe. I'm at The Happy Cheese. It's that funny restaurant with the cheese sign. you know beca- you can figure that out yourself I'll hope to see you there at seven. H x

Hi Charlie. I'm at this Indian restaurant called The Red Rose at seven. I'll hope you'll choose me. Goodbye love. Liam x

I shook my head. I wasn't going to come, or was I? What was I going to do? I could just come before seven to Liam. And say I wasn't interested then leave. And then I would go to Harry and tell him the same.

Yeah I should go for that. But I can't waltz into a posh restaurant dressed like I'm some kind of caveman. I ran upstairs. Taking two steps at the time.

I took a quickly shower and then pulled on a simple black dress. It flowed a bit around me, it wasn't a tight dress. I put on mascara and a silver necklace. I sat down on my bed. ready to wait.

Maybe I should've waited. I still need to have lunch. But it was fun to dress up for once. I never do that. Like never.

I walked downstairs again. I didn't want to leave the house, but I also didn't want to eat cereal.

I decided to leave the house. But when I opened the door people were screaming my name, cameras flashing, a mic shoved into my face.

I quickly closed the door again. I pulled opened the curtain. People were standing in front of my house, for me?

Then it dawned to me. One Direction. I already thought it was strange that I hadn't got noticed By fans or anything.

I shrugged it off. I was still going out for a bite. I hated those people who were outside. Wanting to be my friend because I was friends with their idol. Going to pull my clothes, my arm and hand and touch me all over the place.

I had a back door so I just used the back door. No one was there. I pulled the hood of my hoodie over my head. Yes I had thought about putting a hoodie on, it was a pretty smart move.

I walked towards the bistro where they sold sandwiches. I got one with bacon. the sandwiches here were amazing. "Thanks." I said as I took the sandwich in my hands holding it tightly.

I took the first bite and then sat down. I finished my sandwich and it was around six. I decided I should look up where The Red Rose and The Happy Cheese were.

Liam was waiting impatiently. He came half an hour early. He was nervous, thinking she would choose Harry.

"Now calm down." he told himself. But he didn't calm down. His leg was moving up and down and he was tapping on the table with his fingers.

Harry was waiting too, running a hand through his hair, thinking she would choose Liam.

"Careful." he told himself. "Don't have those thought. You're going to be alright." he sighed. He ran another hand through his hair.

When it was seven both boys were nervous. But when no one came they laughed at themselves. It was not like she would be right on time.

After half an hour both boys started to doubt. Did she choose the other? they waited and waited. After two hours, it was nine o'clock. Liam gave up, she choose Harry.

Half an hour Harry gave up too. She choose Liam.

"God damn it Harry."

"Screw you Liam."



AN : last real chapter, there will be an epilogue, so keep your eyes out for that. thanks for reading guys !

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