Left Behind

Charlie is just a girl who hasn't had many friends, five to be exact. It's just her misfortune those five friends end up in the same band and make it. They don't just make it, they really made it. One Direction, the most famous boy band of the moment.


31. Chapter 31 All Five

I sat on my bed, together with Niall. We were just talking until he took my hand suddenly looking serious. "I wanted to tell you something." his pale blue eyes met mine.

"I really really like you." he started. "And I-"

"Stop!" I cut him off. "You don't like me that way." he seemed confused.

"Actually Charlie. I do, I do like you that way." he said like he tried to convince me. But I wasn't convinced. Not because I don't like him, but because I know he likes or maybe even loves someone else.

"No Niall. You and I both know you love Carmen." I said angrily. "I know you love her, and damn it Niall. She loves you back." I might have been to harsh on him.

"Bu-but I-"

"No buts Niall. Not on this one." I told him sternly. Shifting my position on the bed looking directly into his eyes. "No buts on love."

His gaze fell. He looked down and fumbled with his shirt. "I do love her." he said softly. "But I kind of screwed up I guess."

"What do you mean?" I asked him. Confused. It's not like he screamed at her, or told her she was stupid for loving him right?

"I mean I actually screwed up." he said frustrated. "She said she loved me, tears pouring out of her eyes. And I'm such an ass to say nothing back." my mouth hung open.

"Really?" was all I could say. I shook it off after a minute of silence. "Niall." I took his hand in mine. "True love always finds it's way."

"And maybe Carmen and you aren't meant to be right now. You're meant to be forever. So if you wait an hour or twenty years. You'll still be meant to be."

He thought about it, then a smile spread across his face. "You're right." he jumped up. "Thanks Charlie." He grabbed my face between his hands and laid a quick kiss on my lips.

"Thank you so much, I really needed that." he screamed as he ran down the stairs doing whatever.

I got up from my bed, quickly pulling on a black dress. I pulled on my Converse and ran outside. Niall had payed me an unexpected visit. So I was running late.

I walked towards Zayn's house and rang the bell. I was early. I was way too early. I shrugged it off as the door opened. A blond opened the door.

"Uhm hello?" she said a bit unsure. I extended my hand. Not wanting this to become awkward or something.

"Charlie. I'm Charlie." she smiled at me, showing her perfect teeth. This girl was really pretty.

"I'm Perrie. Zayn's girlfriend." I recognized her. Well the name gave it away really. Otherwise I wouldn't have known who she was.

"Yeah, I knew your name. But I didn't know your face, I mean how you looked like you know. You look amazing." I wanted to hit myself for being this stupid.

"Babe?" Zayn asked from inside the house. "Who's at the door?"

"Some chick called Charlie." Perrie responded.

"Excuse me." I said. "I'm not some chick alright?" I said a bit irritated. Who was she to call me some chick. She shurgged, not really caring how I felt about it.

"Charlie." Zayn smiled. "How are you?" he asked. I responded with 'fine' just like always, just like most people do.

"So I was about to leave. Or do you want to introduce her to me first?" Perrie crossed her arms over her chest.

"Perrie this is Charlie. She's my childhood best friend. Charlie. This is my lovely girlfriend Perrie." he introduced us. Perrie didn't like me, or that's what she made me think. But I thought she was pretty cool.

Zayn told me she dyed her hair, and not just from blond to brown. But like the awesome colors. Like pink or purple. I don't have the guts to dye my hair such color.

She was beautiful and had this attraction towards Zayn. they loved each other. That was easy to see. I think she felt threatened. But I mean by me? that's the biggest joke ever, I'm like a zero compared to her.

"It was nice meeting you Perrie. You seem amazing. I wish you could stay longer." I said. She gave me a fake smile. and then she left. But before she did she snogged Zayn for like really long.

I looked away. Feeling awkward. They said goodbye and then she left. "She is really beautiful." I told him. He watched her walk away. He had this kind of affectional look on his face.

"She's perfect." he sighed. He walked with me into his house and gave me a cup of tea. Very random Zayn. I looked around, everything looked expensive and luxe.

"You have an expensive house." I told him, not sure what else to say. Well I could have told him that his house is pretty. I should have said that.

"I mean it's pretty. Really pretty." I looked around holding onto the warm cup of tea. This cup was amazing. It was like really warm, but not warm enough to burn my hands. What am I thinking?

"Yeah, it's cool I guess." he said like it was nothing. Just like Harry had done ... "but now look what's amazing." He walked up the stairs and into this room. He looked really proud of this room.

As he let me step inside my eyes widen. This was beautiful. He had every right to be proud. The walls were covered with graffiti and the floor was covered in paper and paint.

Canvases lined the wall and there was a desk with a bunch of sketches on them. The roof was blue but little graffiti paintings covered it.

"This. is. wow." I couldn't find words. It looked beautiful, amazing, perfect. I just couldn't find the right way to put this actually.

"You like it?" Zayn grinned. "Look." he pulled me towards this painting on a wall. "It's you."

It was a girl. Drawn from behind, she had a ponytail and she was drawn into a corner. She looked like me, only Zayn made this painting perfect.

I ran my finer over it amazed. "I can't find the words. Should I be thanking you? prizing you? both?" Zayn laughed at that.

"I made it for you," he whispered into my ear. "Because you're special to me you're more then spe-"

"Stop!" I said, just like I'd done with Niall. "I know you don't like me like that." I sighed in frustration.

"You probably don't have a mirror with you all the time, but the look you were giving Perrie when she walked away. You couldn't have given me that look in forever. Even if you tried." I said. He seemed taken back.

"You love her Zayn. You can say you would give her up for me, but you love her. That is something big. You don't just love someone the way you love Perrie." he looked at me blankly at first.

But then slowly nodded his head. "Yeah." he said. "I think you're right, I think you're absolutely right. Please, I need to go after her. Can we like meet another time?" I nodded.

"Of course silly. You go after her." I got up smiling. Knowing Zayn would choose Perrie everyday if he had to. No matter how hard the choice was, he would choose Perrie to be his soulmate.

We both left the house. But as soon the door was locked Zayn ran towards his car saying a quick good bye and then he was gone.

I walked into a shop I saw on my way towards Zayn. It was a little shop I between two huge buildings. It sold cookies, and these huge kind of cookies.

I smelled the smell of freshly baken cookies. it was the best smell ever smelled. "Smell's amazing, isn't it?" I turned around. A girl around my age was looking directly at me.

She had big brown Bambi eyes and beautiful brown locks. She had happy eyes and seemed to be always happy. She had a great style of clothes, and she looked beautiful.

I started to feel insecure. First Perrie, and now this girl. They were both the perfect example of perfect.

"Perfect." I said. "Uhm... I mean perfect smell." I blushed. Turning away from the perfect brunette.

"You come her daily?" she asked me. "or is it your first time here. I promise you. Once you've tasted these cookies. You'll come back." we walked toward the counter.

"So what should I pick then assuming you come her daily?" the girl laughed.

"I should go for the Double Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie. it's simple and delicious." she told me. I looked at the different cookies.

"I'm Charlie by the way." I said not turning my gaze away from the cookies.

"Eleanor." she introduced herself. So the prefect brunette had a beautiful name too. Sigh. why wasn't I such beauty. I wasn't ugly, not me being vain, but I just wasn't ugly. I guess I was normal and if I actually wanted to be pretty and put afford in it I would come close to it.

But then you must put afford in it, and that's not really my thing. I'm more of the do-what-ever-floats-your-boat type of girl. Not exactly. But I'm close to it.

"I want one Double Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie." I told the counter lady. She smiled and handed me my cookie in a napkin.

"And a Raspberry White Chocolate Chunk Cookie." Eleanor said. "I'll pay." she told me and the lady who nodded.

"I can pay for myself. Really." I told Eleanor. Thinking it was nice of her, but I just met her. I could be a serial killer, killing children because they look like my own. Or something along the lines of that.

"Nah it's fine." She shrugged it off. we got our cookies and sat down at a window table.

"So how did you find this place?" I asked trying to make conversation.

"I work at the place next to it, so I walked past this shop everyday. And one day I thought. Why not try a cookie. Have been coming here ever since." she told me. "you?" she asked taking a bite out of her cookie.

"I went to a friend, but he had to leave early and I passed by this place on the way towards him. So I decided to go and grab a cookie, because you know, cookies before anything." we laughed.

"My boyfriend should be picking me up around four, could you maybe wait with me. It's only five minutes till he's here." she begged me.

"Alright. So how's your boyfriend?" I asked. An unnoticed smile formed on Eleanor's face.

"He's amazing. The best boyfriend you can ever think of, he always sticks up for me and makes me laugh and" she sighed. "He's just perfect." I smiled. I could tell she loved him.

About two minuets later the door of the shop opened and Louis walked in. He walked towards our table. "Hey El, hey Charlie." He greeted us both.

Both? he knew her, he knew Eleanor. Eleanor seemed as confused as I was. "You know her?" Eleanor asked.

"Yeah, she's my best friend. Well at least one of them." he said. He gave Eleanor a kiss on the lips. So Louis was her boyfriend. Alright...

"You love each other." I blurt out. "That's really sweet. I can tell how much you like each other. Love each other I mean." Louis had opened his mouth to say something but closed it as he looked down at Eleanor.

"Yeah." he agreed. "I love her. I love her so much." he kissed her again stroking a piece of hair out of her face. They smiled at each other. And if I hadn't been chocking because I took a big bite, too big, they could have been staring at each other the whole day.

Just looking into each other's eyes and smiling. "Oh my gosh. Charlie." Louis ran towards me. I felt kind if bad for chocking, I ruined their moment. Louis hit me on the back making my cough more.


"You want water. Is that what you need?" I nodded. Not even a second later he pushed a bottle into my hand. I took a gulp and I could breath a bit better.

I took another sip, catching my breath now. "Thanks" my voice was a bit hoarse. "For kind of saving my life." I looked up at Louis.

"Kind of?" he asked offended. "I totally saved your life" I knew he was joking so I laughed, my throat still hurting a bit.

"You're alright now? you're not chocking anymore?" Eleanor asked. I wanted to response with the are-you-kidding-me look and ask her. Do I look like I'm still chocking?

But she was only concerned. Or something like that. "I'm fine. Thank you." I smiled at her politely. Louis gave Eleanor an Eskimo kiss. I decided I should leave.

"I better go, it's getting dark outside."

"It isn't even close to getting dark outside." Louis looked at me funnily.

"Wrong answer." I replied. Making Eleanor giggle. "You should have said. Alright, don't want you to go home when it's dark. Now leave because I'm on a date." I shook my head faking disappointment. "You have so much to learn." We laughed and then I left. Leaving them alone on their date.

I only had one meet up thing with Liam. He said he wanted to spend the night or something. My phone started to ring. "Hi." I said seeing Harry flash across the screen.

"Hey, Charlie can I come over? all the boys are gone and I'm here alone." he said sadly. I felt bad for him, I kind of kept them away.

"Well." I wasn't sure. "Liam's coming over too, but we can make it a night for three." I told him. "Not sure if Liam would agree."

"Great, I'll bring pizza." he told me and then hung up. I sighed. Calling Liam next. "Hey you want Harry to come over too? he's all alone."

"Yeah sure." Liam said not very convincing.

"Thanks Li. Great see you there." with that I hung up.

"Now, Harry's bringing pizza. I could get snacks or something and the soda. I'll see what Liam will take with him. Maybe even nothing."

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