Left Behind

Charlie is just a girl who hasn't had many friends, five to be exact. It's just her misfortune those five friends end up in the same band and make it. They don't just make it, they really made it. One Direction, the most famous boy band of the moment.


30. Chapter 30 Crowd Of Mad Fans

"Look." Lisa pointed as she pulled her older sister towards the newspapers. She pointed towards The Sun.

"What!" Margret snapped at her younger sister who didn't seem affected by it.

"Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik, been seen leaving London Hospital." Lisa read. Margret grasped a paper too and quickly read the article.

"They've been seen leaving the hospital but no one knows who they were there for." Lisa said happily 

"Niall Horan is seen leaving the hospital too after the two band mates left, jumping into the car and driving off all wearing concerned and worried expressions." Margret read

"Harry Styles and Liam Payne were no where to be seen until late at night also Payne left the hospital." She continued.

"So where's Harry?" Lisa asked.

Harry woke up. He knew what happened as he stretched his aching back. He understood why Charlie hated the duvet now.

He looked at Charlie. She was still asleep. She looked so peaceful. She looked so beautiful. Her eyes fluttered open.

"Hey beautiful." he smiled at her. She blinked a few times, her eyes adjusting to the light, and then they turned towards Harry.

"Beautiful?" she laughed. "I just woke up, I probably look terrible. With bed hair and all." she smiled at Harry.

"How are you?" he asked. She shrugged.

"You?" he shrugged too. Not wanting to answer is she didn't answer first

"I had a pretty hard time getting to sleep. Seeing as a curly haired boy kept me awake by making terrible jokes." she winked. Harry laughed.

"Well at least I didn't keep you awake with boredom. Or snoring for that matter." he reasoned making her nod her head.

"Fair enough." They laughed. A nurse came in short after they finished laughing. She saw Charlie awake and smiled. She liked this nurse better then the one from yesterday.

"I'm here to inform you the doctor will be here around two. She's here earlier, so she might come her before two." she said. Charlie nodded her head. She was excited, and almost sure she would leave the hospital today.

"Thank you." Charlie said genuine. The nurse smiled again. This time she turned towards Harry and her smile brightened.

"Thank you." he said, making the nurse make this weird noise. She was clearly trying not to freak out in front of her idol.

"Now if you'll excuse me." Charlie said making the nurse snap her head towards her. "I'm going to get changed. So please leave." the nurse left, just like Charlie wanted to.

As she was changing her clothes Harry was thinking. Had Charlie been jealous? had she wanted the nurse to leave because she was smiling so brightly at him.

Harry flushed at the thought. Yeah, he wanted her to be jealous, because that would mean she liked him. But Charlie wasn't the jealous type.

"How do I look in your clothes?" Charlie asked, she had been changing behind a curtain she pushed to the side.

"Niall's clothes." Harry corrected her. "and you look cute."

"Cute?" Charlie said raising her eyebrows. She could already feel a blush rise to her cheeks.

"Uhm.. thanks I guess." she went towards the windows and opened the curtains. Her eyes widened. "Oh my." she held her hand for her mouth.

Harry rushed to her side. "What's-" he cut himself of. There was a crowd of people down there. Some holding signs.

Charlie squinted her eyes, Harry Please, one said. She looked at Harry. She had totally forgotten that he was famous. That was the reason the nurse was acting weird. Charlie knew she was wrong by being jealous.

"I hope the guys will get through the crowd." Harry said. Just like it was nothing, just like it wasn't strange there was a crowd downstairs for him and his friends.

"You're kidding me right? this isn't something that's just just. This is a crowd! for you guys." she moved frantically with her arms.

Harry laughed. "We've had worse. I guess it never really gets normal. So it's just that we act like it is." Harry explained.

"That's fu.cked up." she told him. They both laughed. After an hour or so talking the nurse came back in. carrying a tray of breakfast.

She beamed at Harry again and then left. "You've got no breakfast." She pointed out. he shrugged. Why was he acting like he never cared?

"You can eat some of mine." she gave him a slice. He took a bite from it. "Why are you acting like this?" she asked a bit quietly.

"Like what?" he asked as he swallowed a piece of bread.

"Like you don't care." she said. "Like you don't care at all. You just shrug it off."

He was about to answer but the door opened revealing a heavily breathing Liam. "What happened?" Charlie shot up from her chair.

"Fans." he breathed. "Without. body. guard." he told her. "Had to run." he finally caught his breath. He let himself fall into her bed.

"Are you alright?" She asked a bit unsure. She wasn't sure how to handle the whole being-famous-thing.

"Yeah, I'm fine." He told her as he send her a sweet smile. They started talking again. The three of them. What had happened outside. How the others would handle it.

How the media or fans even found out, if Charlie would be in the media. Which she hoped wouldn't happened. She didn't like the attention the boys got, she was afraid something like that would happen to her.

It was around one o'clock when three other exhausted looking boys came into her room. The nurses let them stay there because of the crowd outside.

They were holding onto a helium balloon and a teddy bear that held a heart. "This is from all five of us." they told her.

Around two o'clock a doctor walked in. She had auburn hair, tied into a knot. She was around her thirties, and was pretty skinny.

She smiled at Charlie and introduced herself. "I'm happy to inform you that you're better. But don't do anything like that again." she talked a bit in a baby voice.

"You can pack your stuff and go, I'll call a nurse who'll remove the infuse." she told Charlie and then left totally ignoring the boys presence.

The nurse came a few minutes later. She was holding into Louis hand, squeezing it tightly as the nurse removed the infuse.

"So..." Charlie trailed off. "How are we going to do it?" she asked after she packed her stuff. Which were her phone, and the clothes from yesterday.

"How are we going to do what?" surely the boys didn't understand.

"The crowd outside." Charlie pointed towards the window. she didn't want to tell them they should go outside separately and meet somewhere else. Which was her plan. But she couldn't, they had been her for two days just because she ended up in the hospital.

It would seem ungrateful of her to suggest something like that. "Well. We could be like this bunker-" Niall started. But was cut of by Zayn.

"Next plan. maybe we should just walk outside with her. Like four of us go first and then one of us take her to the car."

"Nah, we can go together. Just the six of us. They'll find out about Charlie anyway. And if they hurt her-"

"She doesn't want to be in the news." Liam said. He seemed really protective over her. Like the teddy bear she got from them.

"But Lou's right. They'll find out about me anyway, if I keep hanging out with you." she got up, held the balloon, the teddy bear and her clothes into her hands, almost making everything fall.

"Here let me help you love." Harry held her clothes as he smiled at her. "Just hold my hand and it'll be over as soon as it started." he held out his hand which she took. They walked out of the hospital. Turning heads.

As they neared the door, Charlie became nervous. If she walked outside, she knew her life would change. Maybe drastically or maybe just a little. But her life was going to change.

So she stopped. Making Harry stop and the guys bumping into his back. "What's wrong?" Louis asked.

"It's just stupid." she mumbled. "But I'm afraid to take the last few steps. Knowing my life's going to change. Just a little bit." She told them honestly.

"Ohw Charlie." Niall embraced her in a hug. "We'll be with you all the way, Harry's holding onto your hand and you'll be fine. I promise." she nodded.

"It's not like your life wasn't going to change. I mean, we came back into your life." Liam pointed out.

"And you made our lifes change too." Zayn said. Her grip on Harry's hand tightened as she took the last steps towards the door. When they stepped outside people started to screamed.

she heard fans, but there were also a few reporters taking photos, trying to shove a microphone down their throats.

"Who are you?" they asked her.

"Is she your girlfriend Harry? how long have you been dating." Charlie pushed through the crowd as fast as she could.

She was panicking. She pushed harder and harder, letting go of Harry's hand. people pulled her clothes, her arms and hands.

She felt lost in the sea of people, she felt dizzy, she felt numb. She wasn't getting sick again, but the people around her made her sick in her stomach.

She felt a big hand take hold of her hand. She tried to pull away. Afraid someone would take her. "Shh babe it's me." she looked up into the brown eyes of Liam.

She sighed in relieve. Liam pushed fans aside. They went mad knowing their idol was just a few centimeters away. He saw a black car.

They made a mad dash for it and stumbled into the car. Save. She felt save again. Being here in the car with all of them.

"Thank you." she hugged Liam tightly. Like she never wanted to let him go, like if she let go he would leave her.

"I was afraid. afraid you would leave me behind again." She told them.

"But we never left you behind. Because we always came looking for you, we always found you."

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