Left Behind

Charlie is just a girl who hasn't had many friends, five to be exact. It's just her misfortune those five friends end up in the same band and make it. They don't just make it, they really made it. One Direction, the most famous boy band of the moment.


29. Chapter 29 Coming Home

Charlie woke up with a bit of fuzz in her mind. She would usually wake up a bit dazed, she didn't take notice of it. When her eyes adjusted to the light she noticed she wasn't in her room. Not at all.

She heard a faint snoring. Her head snapped towards the sound. She saw five boys laying in uncomfortable seats. What were they doing here?

The looked around her. She was in a bed, she had a monitor beside her and an infuse. she looked at her hand. The infuse was connected to her hand. She was in a hospital.

"Why the heck am I in a hospital!" she screamed. She hadn't got time for this. Who was playing this horrible joke on her. If they had done it, they were so dead.

The guys jumped of their seats. "Charlie. You're awake." Louis said relieved.

"Yeah, now please explain me why I'm here." the guys all looked down guiltily. Niall felt like he should say it, it was his idea after all.

"We found you in an alleyway." he said looking into Charlie's brown eyes. "Because we were worried about you, so I suggested we should follow you, just to make sure you got hope. We found you like uhm... I'm not sure how." he felt bad about what they did.

The boys knew he took all the blame right now."but we all agreed on following you. We share the blame." Niall gave them a smile, for appreciation.

"We found you asleep. You were weak and cold. We first thought you were dead." Louis explained. "Harry felt your pulse and you were still alive."

"We took you to the hospital." Zayn continued. "And they took you in, we could stay. Mainly because we are in a famous boyband, but also because we brought you here and we couldn't reach your dad."

"Or brother." Harry said. "They gave you an infuse and we were all scared. They did some test and they all frowned. Honestly I thought you were gonna die." Harry said dramatically.

"But now you're awake. So we know that's not true." Liam said.

Charlie frowned. She trusted them. She felt betrayed but she knew they just care for her. "I thought I could trust you." she said sadly.

"I know, we know." Harry ran a hand through his hair frustrated. "please don't be mad." they all expected her to be mad, worse then mad. Maybe they would never be forgiven.

"I'm not mad." She said quietly. Knowing it was true, she wanted to be mad, but she knew she wasn't mad for all the right reasons.

The boys looked at her supposed. "You're not?" Liam asked. Charlie shook her head.

"I'm not mad, I'm nothing negative. I get you were just protective and things like that. I should have excepted your offer-"

"Wait hold on." Niall interrupted. "you're blaming yourself right now? because this." he motioned to the hospital. "Is our fault." He said.

"But I don't blame you." she said. "And I know I shouldn't blame you. Every fiber in my body tells me that. And someone is the blame for this." she motioned to the hospital like Niall had done. "I'm the only one left."

The guys were confused, shocked, chocked up. they all shared mixed emotions. "Can't we just blame no one?" Louis asked.

"No one has ever blamed no one." Charlie said making the guys chuckle.

"I think it's a good idea." they all agreed. Then it fell quiet. Charlie laying on the bed.

"I hate these covers. And not only because of the color." she said to break the silence she thought was uncomfortable.

The guys laughed at that. It was a yellow blanket and really thin. It wasn't soft, or fully and you had to move it with you if you moved your position. Like you had to push it to your feet, move, and then pulled it back to cover you.

"We could sing for you." Zayn suggest. He had always wanted to sing for her. Maybe alone, maybe with the boys. She shrugged.

"Why not." she said. She was actually really excited. No one had ever done such thing for her. Not actually sing her a song. Yes they dedicated a song to her, but they sang it for thousands of people. Now she was the only one to listen.

The decided which song they would sing. What Makes You Beautiful. they sang the whole song together. No solos or anything. and they were amazing.

After they finished Charlie applauded. She felt proud, she heard them before. separate, and at the concert. They boys were happy she liked them.

"You're amazing." Charlie said, still smiling at them. "Like, awesomely amazing. This makes clear why you have so many fans. I've talked to two fans of yours actually." she said.

"A younger girl and her sister. They were really nice." the boys liked to hear this, they liked to hear that actually she talked to their fans and like them.

"Really?" Niall asked raising his eyes brows. "That's cool. Uhm yeah cool." he was sure it wasn't the best response but he couldn't take it back now.

"How was it?" Zayn asked eagerly. "To talk to our fans. How were they?" he asked, very interested. All the boys were.

"They were really nice. They've been with me the whole concert because you know, I was alone and stuff." Charlie told them.

"And they were really funny and they made me forget about the time while standing in the queue. It was actually fun."

The door opened and a nurse walked in. She was carrying a tray with two slices of bread, two of those small cups of butter, and the same cups with jams.

She placed the tray on a table and smiled at them. "I see you're a awake." She looked at the end of her bed, a name tag was attached to it. "Charlie."

"Just eat your breakfast and I think the doctor will be around at," she looked at the clock on the wall. "Two o'clock. But it's really busy and you're not one of most important patients, so it will probably be a bit later until he comes and checks if you can go." She said and then walked out of the room.

"What did she mean!" Liam jumped up. "By you not being their most important patients. You clearly are." he seemed really mad.

"It's alright Liam." she told him, concerned he would throw a tantrum. It seemed like he could. "It's not like I'm dying. Some people here could be." she motioned for him to come closer.

She took his hand in hers and squeezed it. "I'm not dying alright?" he looked up into her brown eyes. "And I'm alright. I'll be alright okay?" he nodded closely. He stood by her bed holding her hand.

"You're going to be okay." he repeated. Like he had to say it before he believed her. Like he was worried she might not be okay. "alright." he then hugged her tightly.

The nurse walked back in she looked at the two of them hugging. She just assumed they were related or something. "I'm really sorry boys, but it's too busy in here for a patient to have rest." the boys frowned.                                                                                                                                                           

"What?" Charlie asked. "I'm at rest, I'm at rest when there're here. You can't take them away from me." She said alarmed. Afraid they would actually leave her, here in the hospital room all by herself.

"I can only let two people stay. Sorry." the nurse said, she didn't seem sorry. Charlie glared at the nurse. She didn't want the boys so leave, she wanted them close to her.

The boys didn't want to leave either. But they knew they had too, they couldn't stay here and break the rules. This was a hospital for screaming out loud.

The boys wanted to protest. Find a way to let them all stay. "Please, three of you have to go." the nurse said. She was holding an empty tray as she stood there waiting.

She had dark grey hair, was small and a bit chubby. She seemed to have no expression and didn't seem to care about anything.

Louis sighed. "I'll go." he looked sorry for saying it, and he really was. He didn't want to leave Charlie behind, but he knew he had too.

"I'll call and maybe I'll visit later. Alright?" he asked. Coming closer and kissing her on her forehead.

"You don't have to." it suddenly dawned to her. They had been here they whole night, they had been here the whole time. They were practically wasting their time on her.

"I mean. You've all been here for so long." she felt guilty for keeping them here. "I can't keep you here or anything." the boys couldn't believe her.

"We would spend the rest of our lives with you, surely we don't mind spending the night here, or being by your side." Harry said.

This didn't take away her guilt, but she pretended it did. She liked pretending. She showed people what they wanted, what made them smile.

"I'll leave too." Zayn said, following Louis. he knew why Louis had done it. and he got his point. Harry was stubborn and was sure to stay.

"I'm staying." he said. Looking at Niall and Liam. Only one of them had to leave now. They all knew they couldn't fight here, specially not when Charlie was around or in a hospital.

Niall sighed. "I'll go." he told them. He went to Charlie and hugged her tightly. "Take care." he kissed her cheek and then followed Zayn and Louis.

"Thanks guys, for staying and you know..." Charlie smiled, she smiled showing her teeth. She was happy the boys cared that much. The nurse had already left after Louis left the room.

A tear rolled down Charlie's cheek. "Thank you, thank you, thank you." Charlie shook her head more tears following. Liam and Harry went to her side.

"Shh, it's alright. It's better then, alright even." Liam told her. "It's like better then good. It's perfect. It's perfect, alright?" Harry stroke a piece of hair out of her face.

She smiled at them the tears still rolling down her cheeks. "I'm the luckiest girl on the planet. Being able to call myself your friend."

"Ahw." Harry had tears in his eyes himself. Liam was holding onto Charlie's hand again.

"I mean. Of course we had fights, but what kind of weird friendship would it be if we didn't have fights." she said. she wiped her eyes with her free hand.

"A good one?" Liam raised his eyebrows. This made Charlie giggle.

"And I'm not even sure if I deserve you guys as friends. And don't go all cheesy now saying you don't deserve me or what ever." She rolled her eyes knowing that was exactly what they were going to say.

"But you're like these people who care more about me then anyone in my life. Except my dad of course." she told them, like everything poured out. She wasn't really sure how to put her emotions for them. but she thought she did a pretty good job.

They sat there for a while, in total silence. Harry stroking her hair and Liam holding her hand. Her tears had stopped coming after a while.

"What happens when the doctor comes with bad news?" she asked them. she felt Liam's grip in her hand tighten.

"It will come alright, like Harry said. Perfectly alright." he smiled at her.

She nodded. "Then what are we going to do now?" They just talked. Liam and Harry sat on her bed and talked to her.

First they discussed The Fault In Our Stars. Charlie wouldn't admit that she liked the movie, because she didn't.

They talked about Liam's and Harry tattoos. Charlie told them she wanted a small one on her wrist. But she was too scared to take one.

They talked about the guys, and Charlie told them about how she met the others. Liam told about his and hers history and Harry did the same.

They talked about 5 Seconds Of Summer and Charlie had to ask every time. "Luke is the one with dyed hair right?" because she couldn't remember the guys' names nor appearance.

They joked around, laughing about stupid things that had happened on tour. They even talked about Carmen. she told them she knew her and a different conversation about the boys' girlfriends began.

The doctor walked into her room around three. He interrupted them when Harry was about to talk about Eleanor.

"Hello." he smile at her. The smile not reaching his eyes. "I'm sorry to inform you that you have to stay another night. I'm sorry." he told her sadly.

"You're not ready to leave yet, we want to keep you here one more night just to make sure you're better again." Charlie felt like crying.

She didn't expect this, she thought she could go home. She thought she would be going home after the doctor walked into her room. She even got a little bit excited about the thought of going home. Home.

Where was home? she started to think. Her little apartment didn't feel like home. Maybe she just didn't belong anywhere.

She left her hands being picked up. She looked at the two boys holding her hands giving her a nice feeling. And she knew they were her home.

"Alright." she said sadly. "I'll stay another night, if one of them can stay the night too." she said. She wouldn't stay here if she felt miserable. She wouldn't stay here if one of her friends couldn't.

The doctor sighed. he looked at her, knowing she was stubborn. So he gave in making Charlie smile.

"Then I'll stay." Harry said. Liam didn't seem happy with the thought but he didn't want to fight with Harry. So he just nodded.

"Thank you guys, for everything you've ever done for me."

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