Left Behind

Charlie is just a girl who hasn't had many friends, five to be exact. It's just her misfortune those five friends end up in the same band and make it. They don't just make it, they really made it. One Direction, the most famous boy band of the moment.


28. Chapter 28 Late Night OUt

She took a deep breath as the first tunes of Midnight Memories started to play. They ran onto stage. She saw their eyes scanning the crowd. Zayn was the first to catch her gaze. She smiled a small smile which he return.

She couldn't help but think they were amazing. The second course began and Louis looked at her. He waved happily as he seemed to relax. Everyone around her started to scream.

They started with their next song and Liam was next to find her in the crowd. He shot her a grin and she grinned back winking.

Niall saw her standing as the crowd was pushing there really badly. But not that bad that they had to stop the concert. He seemed mostly concerned

Harry was last to find her. He started to panic that he wouldn't be able to find her. He even missed a line. He waved at her and came closer. Sang a line directly at her.

They just jumped around and had fun. They all wanted to be close to Charlie but they had to perform the way they had practiced.

So they sometimes stumbled into each other. Making Charlie laugh at their stupidity. Charlie noticed the crowd pushing but it was hard to push back. She couldn't move anymore and was constantly being pushed into the fence.

All the boys noticed her struggle, but many people were having it hard. Halfway through the concert Charlie was being pushed really badly, making her lose her breath.

Liam was the first to do something. "Stop! stop!" the music stopped. Fans started screaming and they started to pushing harder. Making Charlie feel dizzy.

The boys all noticed Charlie was losing breath. Yeah more fans had the same struggle as her, but they cared about Charlie because they knew she cared about them. Their real selves.

"Stop pushing." Harry was mad. He was worse then the other boys. He was concerned, angry, frustrated. He couldn't keep his emotions under control.

"God damn it!" he cursed. "Stop pushing can't you see you're hurting others." people at the back started to back away. More people followed.

All the boys were concerned. Charlie whispered a quiet thank you and shot them all looks. Charlie started to breath regular again.

The show continued again, Charlie loved to see them preform. To know these boys were just little boys with big dreams when they were younger. Knowing these boys were her friends and made it this big.

"And now." Zayn said. "We decided to dedicate a song." he smiled at Charlie.

"To five people in particular." Liam continued. "All guests of us."

"These people." Louis was next. "mean something special to us." he said.

"And we." Niall said. "want to thank them. For the support they've given us."

"For forgiving us, even when we were jekrs." Harry gave her a loving look. "For loving us even when we didn't deserve it."

They started to play Everything About You. Charlie was full on crying. Tears streaming down her face. Lisa noticed and squeezed her hand.

Charlie looked at them, silently thanking them. These people were the most amazing people in the world.

After the show Charlie waited until she could leave the venue. She touched the fence one last time and then let go.

"Charlie?" she turned around at the sound of her name. It was one of the securities who worked here.

"I had to give a message from someone of the crew backstage." Charlie nodded for the security to continue. "They wanted you backstage. I can escort you there."

Charlie nodded again. "Alright, I kind of expected that." she told the security jokingly. the security smiled.

Charlie was pulled over the fence and the security escorted her through different hallways. They finally stopped somewhere.

She saw two girls. Both full of excitement. They weren't together as they weren't talking and didn't stand together. But both wore the same smiling expression.

Charlie decided to stand a bit back, to stand a bit behind. So they would notice the two girls first, and if they wanted her to stay longer. They could first interact with the fans.

The boys stumbled through the door. The security had already left. they wore different clothes then they did at the concert. Their eyes found the fans and then they found Charlie. They all smiled, but they knew they had to handle the fans first.

"I'm so happy to meet you." one of the fans said. "You're my favorite Louis." she squealed. I giggled, Louis looked up.

"Is it weird that I noticed there are three girls in here. Two of them are fans. And no other guests are anywhere to be found." he said to the guys.

The all seemed to notice too. They quickly handled the fans, giving autographs photos and then they had to leave. Fifteen minutes earlier then planned.

Charlie waved at them. "Hi." she smiled. Not really sure how to handle this. You could practically taste the awkwardness in the air.

"Charlie? what's going on?" Harry asked.

"I'm your friend. Little detail there aren't going to be five different girls here. Only one." she bit her lip, hoping she didn't say anything stupid.

Like they already knew she knew all the guys. But the confused expressions on their faces told them otherwise. "I know you guys," she started.

"I knew Harry first. He was my first friend actually." She started explaining. "And Liam was my second friend, also my first kiss." She blushed. "Then came Louis. Then Niall and last Zayn." she told them.

"Funny how we ended up here. You guys as a band and all." she chuckled awkwardly. The guys looked to one and another.

"So you know the other guys?" Niall asked. Charlie nodded her head. "You're not mad at me?" she asked looking down. Expecting them to say yes, she just assumed they would be mad.

"Of course not. How could we be mad at you!" Zayn exclaimed. "We should be the ones asking you that. We didn't tell our band mates about you in the first place."

Charlie looked up seeing that the other boys agreed with Zayn. She smiled at them, she walked closer and tried to hug the all at once. Which failed miserably.

"If we just stand in a circle." Niall instructed. "And Charlie in the middle. We'll hug like that." they did as they were told and had a proper group hug.

Charlie burst out laughing. "We're probably the only people who need instructions for group hugging." they all laughed.

"Gosh. I've missed you all so much." she smiled at all of them.

They spend that evening together. They spend four hours together. It was late in the evening. Actually already morning. Two AM.

"I'm heading home guys." she told them after they finished their second cup of tea. "I think I'm not even that far away from home." she told them.

"You're kidding me right?" Harry asked funnily. "You're not going home alone. I'll bring you, the lads can come if they want too." he turned towards the guys.

They all agreed. "What? I can take care of myself. Really." she told them. It was pouring outside. But she didn't want to be treated like some girl wouldn't couldn't handle a bit of rain.

"No!" Louis said strictly. "We're not letting you go like that." he seemed way to serious about this. Charlie shrugged.

"I don't care." she told them. "I can handle a bit of rain. I'm around the same age you guys are. you're being ridiculous." she told them honestly.

But the guys didn't think they were being ridiculous. "Yeah but we have a car." Liam pointed out. "And we'd like to help you."

"It's not like we don't believe you can't handle this yourself." Niall understood what she was struggling with.

"What do you think will happen. I'll drown in the rain? I'll get raped or something? some junk is going to harass me? I'll suddenly pass out?" she summed up the things they could be worrying about.

"No, but we care about you." Zayn said. "We don't mind bringing you home. We'd love to even."

"Well stop caring for an hour." she snapped. They knew her all to well to know she wasn't about to give in.

"Alright, we'll stop caring for an hour." Harry said in defeat. The guys looked down. She felt a bit guilty.

"I don't want to be treated like a little girl, I'm sorry." she walked out the door leaving the boys behind.

"You know we're going to follow her right?" Niall asked. The others hadn't thought of that.

"Isn't that. Unloyal?" Liam asked a bit unsure. But he was sure he would be concerned about her until she called or he saw her again.

"Unloyal?" Louis asked. "Isn't it unloyal not to do that. I mean what if something happens to her. It's obviously our fault then." he made Liam guilty and they all agreed to follow her.

"Just in one of our black cars? isn't that a bit obvious?" Zayn asked.

"Uhm... it's dark. So she might or probably won't notice." Harry said. This seemed as a legit reason.

They stumbled downstairs. Pulling their coats on while going downstairs.

"Louis drive!" Niall said. He threw Louis the car keys he was holding and they jumped into the car.

Louis started the engine and they sped off. They didn't see her anymore, the rain pouring around them. "There!" Zayn pointed. They saw a girl walking down the road.

They followed. The car barely moving as they kept distance. Charlie rubbed her arms, she had forgotten to take a coat with her. She felt so stupid for forgetting that.

She was aware of the car following her. She was fully aware. But she trusted the guys enough, she didn't even think that they could have been in that car.

So she quickened her pace. Afraid she was being followed by kidnappers or something. She started to doubt about the offer she declined. She could go back.

She looked behind her. it was a black expensive looking car, if they caught her. She would probably be sold or something, maybe they would do weird tests on her. She had no idea.

She turned into a small alleyway. She was sure the car wouldn't be able to follow her there. She rubbed her arms again, shivering.

She saw the car stop in front of the alleyway. She turned a corner. She couldn't escape here. She yawned while her teeth were clattering. She sat down, not sure if they were going after her. Or wait till she got out of the alleyway.

But as she sat there, she started to doze off and she fell asleep completely. In the cold dark alleyway. All alone, rain pouring down on her.

The guys were waiting for her to come out, which she didn't. "You're sure she doesn't live here?" the guys already agreed she didn't. But Niall couldn't help but ask.

"We should look for her." Liam suggest. He was worried. Maybe she was lost, junks caught her, or something else could have happened.

"Alright, get the umbrellas. We'll take a look." Louis and Harry were to only ones with hoods. So they decided, the two of them should go. Maybe Charlie would see them, and she wouldn't be able to recognize them.

They got out, umbrellas in their hands and walked into the small alleyway. It smelled weird, the stones on both sides of them were dark and full of graffiti.

The boys turned the corner. Harry gasped. "Charlie." he ran towards her and let himself drop. His knees getting wet in the puddle next to Charlie.

It seemed like she passed out, but she had just fallen asleep. "She's still breathing." Harry told Louis as he felt her pulse. Louis was still standing behind him.

Harry picked Charlie up. She could have been laying there for hours. The guys hadn't been keeping track. Harry held her tightly. Bridal style.

The pair walked back towards the car. The other three were concerned and shocked Charlie was laying lip in Harry's arms.

"She still alive. We're taking her to the hospital. Now!" Harry said demanding. He sounded scary. Liam hit the gass as soon as the doors shut. Harry held onto Charlie tightly.

"God damn it drive faster. She could be dying. Fu.ck. drive." The boys were shocked. Harry had never cursed at them like that before. He seemed scary and all of sudden they were a bit afraid of Harry. Even though he was the youngest.

"What happened?" Zayn broke the silence that had formed after Harry's out burst.

"I have no idea."

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