Left Behind

Charlie is just a girl who hasn't had many friends, five to be exact. It's just her misfortune those five friends end up in the same band and make it. They don't just make it, they really made it. One Direction, the most famous boy band of the moment.


27. Chapter 27 Nervous Bunch

Charlie smiled at herself in the mirror. She shook her head, she tried again to make a perfect smile. But failed once again. After the third time she got tired and gave up. Maybe she would be happy to see them and give them an actual smile. Not the awkward smile she usually gave people.

Niall tried to get his hair in the perfect curve. He made sure his dyed hair was perfect on his head and gave himself a smile in the mirror. "You can do this." he told himself.

Zayn woke up late that day. Saying he needed his beauty sleep to be perfect for today's concert. He brushed his teeth for what felt like an hour. "perfect as always." he winked at his reflection.

Liam was looking at all his shoes. He didn't want to trip. He wanted to make sure not to make a fool out of himself and trip. He choose a pair and then started to sing. He wanted his voice to be perfect and hit every single note. just so she could see he could still sing.

Louis was looking inside his closet. "I can't wear stripes. Too stereotype." he told himself. As he hang the shirt back into his closet. He decided to go with a band tank top and ripped jeans. just to show her what kind of rebel he could be. that he still had his own style.

Harry was running his hand through his hair. "Lou?" he asked after he received an answer. "You need to make me look perfect." she got his style perfectly right. a black bandanna in his hair, and it looked messy. But a good kind of messy. He wore his favorite boots, and a blouse showing off his tattoos. And just some black skinny jeans.

They were ready. Well that's what they told themselves. But the six of them were nervous. It felt like this concert was the most important concert of all concerts. Not even in the X-Factor days had they been this nervous. Not even with her finals had she been this nervous.

"M-Mark?" She stuttered nervously. "Can you drive me to-to the O2 Arena?" she asked him. It was early. But if she wasn't early, she wouldn't be able to see them.

So it was nine AM with a seven minute drive. Including the time he had to drive to her. When she came to the arena, and she thought her nerves couldn't get worse, her nerves got worse.

She felt like puking. She felt like being hit. she felt dizzy. she felt the need to eat. she saw the queue and entered it. Her stomach explode with nervousness.

Niall couldn't stop touching his hair, like it would disappear all of sudden. "You're sure my hair doesn't look weird?" he asked Louis. Louis rolled his eyes and shook his head.

"As normal as ever Nialler." Louis responded for what felt like the thousandth time.

Zayn kept fumbling with his phone. Unlocking it, locking it, snapping pictures. Looking at his own reflection. Checking if he didn't have anything between his teeth.

Liam started cleaning his shoes, he wanted them spotless. He walked around the whole time, jumping up and down the stairs. Trying to keep his mind off of the concert.

Louis was laughing, just laughing. He seemed a bit like a maniac that way. people gave him weird looks. "Are you alright Lou?" Niall asked.

"Couldn't be any better." he told him grinning. And then he started to laugh again. Like he was being tickled.

Harry kept passing back and forth. Asking Lou the same question over and over again. "So how's-"

"She's fine Harry. Please calm down gosh." but Harry couldn't calm down. He looked into the mirror and then started passing back and forth again. "So how's Lux?"

The queue started to move around one PM. she got her stuff and had to enter another queue. She started to make small talk to these fans next to her.

"So where are you form?" she asked a younger looking girl and her older friend. Perhaps her sister.

"We're from Oxford." the older girl answered her. "We live in the outskirts of Oxford." the younger girl said.

"And you're family?" She asked them. They both nodded.

"We're both fans so we figured we should just go together you know. Where are you from?"

"I'm from London." she replied. "I'm Charlie by the way. You?" She asked. Liking the way they were sisters. Mark and her weren't like that. They barely had anything they both liked.

"This is Lisa and I'm Margret. Nice to meet you Charlie. You're here all alone?" Lisa was the younger one.

"Basically. Well I have five friends. But they're not here, with me." She told them. Because basically she was here with the guys they adored.

"If you want you can stick with us." Lisa said sweetly. "Because it's harsh of your friends to leave you here all alone." she said. It wasn't their fault she was here alone.

"They gave me the tickets. Otherwise I wouldn't be here, they're great friends honestly." Charlie smiled at the thought of them.

"But they still let you wait here alone." Margret reasoned.

"But they're in another queue, they couldn't even be here with me, they're amazing. I bet you'd love them if you actually met them." she tried to get them out of their bad book. They were good people.

"You seem really proud to be their friend." Lisa noticed. "They can't be that bad, otherwise you wouldn't be their friend." She shrugged.

"I'm so excited to see them." Margret said excited. "Yeah me too, I've dreamt of this moment for so long." Lisa agreed.

"I mean, I'll be seeing Niall. Irish god literally. Like he'll be standing right in front of me. Well not right, but you get the idea." Margret dreamt.

"Yeah, Harry might be wearing this blouse which he has the top buttons undone." Lisa said excitedly. Lisa seemed to be around the age of thirteen. And Margret around sixteen, maybe older.

"So I'm guessing your favorite is Niall and yours Harry?" they both nodded, they asked Charlie who was her favorite.

"I like them all equally." she said honestly. She could never choose between them. The different memories she shared with them, you couldn't compare them.

"Nah, everybody has a favorite." Lisa said. "Like you have a favorite flavor of M&Ms." Charlie laughing, knowing her friends were being compared to M&Ms

"I really really don't. I like them all, they all have good qualities and bad qualities." Charlie thought about it, if they knew she knew them all. would they make her choose? they wouldn't, would they?

"So, you've looked outside to see if your guest is there?" Niall asked Louis. They were together. Trying to calm each other down.

"If I'm going to look for her, fans will notice me. They actually start screaming when someone walks by with a mask of us on." Niall laughed at Louis response.

"I haven't seen my guest. who's a girl if you're interested. around either." Niall told Louis.

"I'm actually quite nervous." Louis admitted. Niall agreed with a nod. They were all nervous.

"So she's in the front row?" Niall kept asking. Louis shrugged. "I hope so. I gave her the best tickets." Louis told him.

"If the fans are inside we can spot them." Niall suggest. Louis shook his head.

"I want to see her when I'm on stage, not when she doesn't know I'm not looking. It would be creepy." Niall thought about it.

"Guess you're right." Niall said thinking about it. It actually seemed creepy.

"Lou?" Harry asked. A bit bored. He stopped asking how Lux was a while ago.

"Lux is fine Harry, she's perfectly fine. please stop asking." Lou seemed tired. Maybe because of Harry. Maybe because she actually was tired.

"That's not what I was about to ask" he told her, making her sigh in relieve. "Do you think anyone would date me?"

"Harry? are you kidding me?" Lou laughed. "There's a crowd of girls out there ready to marry you." this made them both laugh.

"But I mean for me, you know." Harry was wondering this for a while. the time Charlie came back into his life.

"You're wonderful." Lou said taking a step closer. "Is this what's it about. A special girl it the audience?" she asked.

Harry nodded his head slowly. "I... uhm guess so. Yeah, yeah a girl." It seemed to dawn to him. "Yeah I like her" this gave him confidence no one would or could take his place.

He was famous, girls adored him, she had liked him from the beginning. She told him she had loved him. He could make her fall again.

"Then she's going to fall for your charm Harry. You're irresistible." Lou winked.

They could finally enter the venue. Margret was holding onto Lisa's hand making sure they wouldn't lose each other. The three girls ran as fast as they could. They stood front row.

When they held onto the iron fence they had to catch they breath. "I'm so not in shape." Charlie breathed. That made the younger girls chuckle.

They had to wait for a while, two hours to be exact. the arena filled itself. They had to stand up, and they played videos.

The band 5 Seconds Of Summer came on stage. People started screaming. Charlie wasn't really interested in the band.

But Margret and Lisa seemed to love them as they screamed their heads of. They weren't bad, they were good artist, but she just wasn't interested.

When they finished, they had to wait a bit around an hour, maybe a bit more. But then the lights dimmed and the introduction video started. Making the whole crowd scream.

"Here we go."

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