Left Behind

Charlie is just a girl who hasn't had many friends, five to be exact. It's just her misfortune those five friends end up in the same band and make it. They don't just make it, they really made it. One Direction, the most famous boy band of the moment.


26. Chapter 26 Concert Deals

I walked towards the entrance of the mall and made my way towards the grocery store. I needed something to eat for dinner.

I grabbed some macaroni and broccoli. I got chicken and then went to pay. "Hello" I smiled at the older lady.

She scanned my stuff and I gave her ten pound. She gave me change. "That younger lad has been looking at you the moment you entered the shop." she told me with a wink. I grabbed my groceries and thanked her.

Niall was the boy she had been talking about. I walked out of the shop, Niall following behind me. "So you were looking at me?" I turned towards him.

He smirked and nodded. "Couldn't keep my eyes off of a beauty like you." I sat down on a bench him siting beside me.

"Niall Niall!" I exclaimed running towards my best friend. He turned around and smiled a forced smile, I frowned.

"What's wrong?" I asked him. he laughed loudly.

"You don't know what's wrong? you?" He raised one eyebrow. it seemed like he was looking down on me.

"Why are you acting like this?" The smile that had formed on my face when I saw him had fallen into a frown.

"You." he said softly. "You. That's what's wrong." he said louder for the whole hallway to hear.

"Can't you see?" he asked. "I was never your friend. When you told me you liked me last night, I completed my bet." he shrugged carelessly. I sighed, knowing I was hurt once again.

"I'm sorry Niall. I didn't see. I couldn't see you were never my friend." I tried to hold back my tears. "I fell for your game. You broke me, like you said you would."

"You won." I told him. I turned around looking at him one last time. and I could've sworn I saw hurt in his eyes.

I walked towards the bathrooms and started crying. I cried, I missed my first class, maybe even my second class. But I didn't care.

The person I thought who would hold me right now, was the person to cause my pain. all my friends caused me pain. And it hurt so much, to be hurt over and over again.

I whipped my eyes and wanted to exit the bathroom but the door was slammed open by Mandy. She seemed to be always all over Niall.

"So he dumped the little loser?" she asked with a snarl.

"We weren't even together." I told her. it didn't hurt to say that, it hurt to know he would've if we were indeed together. That our love would've been fake.

Mandy some closer. "He told me you'd be in here. He told me I could hurt you" she whispered. I closed my eyes, knowing he wanted to hurt me.

"Then hurt me." I whispered back. Mandy smirked and before I knew it she slapped me hard across the cheek making me bump my head into the wall.

"You should've thought about being Niall's friend, getting in my way, stealing him away from me." she hit me with her fist this time, making me stumble back.

"I-I'm sorry." I told her. "But he was never my friend." she pushed me to the ground.

"Yet you took away his time, he could've spend that time on me." she towered over me. She kicked me in the gut.

"But that wasn't enough for you was it?" she kicked me again her feet hitting my stomach. "You had to take it so far, that he had to pretended to like you, love you maybe."

She seemed really angry and I tried to get myself up so she wouldn't be able to kick me to the hospital. Literally. "I-I'm sorry. But he hurt me too." I tried.

Mandy laughed merciless. "he didn't hurt you enough." she then kicked my head and everything became a fuzz. I started to black out.

The last thing I thought to hear was Niall screaming my name. But it was just my mind playing tricks on me. I wanted him to care for me, but it was clear he didn't.

"Niall you're the weirdest person ever, and I know a lot of crazy people." I laughed again. He just told me this story about his friends and him and it was hilarious.

"So you know my friends?" he asked.

"If they're in One Direction. Niall, who doesn't know you guys." he looked at me and then smiled sweetly.

"So you would like to come to our concert then?" he asked a bit nervous. I thought about it. like, I decline the others. But what if I got back to them and told them I'd come.

"Alright." I said a bit unsure. "Alright I'll come." I said, now completely sure I wanted to do this. Niall grinned at me.

"And you'll meet the lads. I'm sure they'll love you. Just talk to them and they'll love you instantly. Don't be nervous or anything." I laughed knowing they liked me already.

"Just text me the details. I need to go. When's the concert anyway?" I asked him.

"Well it's tomorrow night, so I can pick you up if you want." he offered but I shook my head.

"I'll manage." I told him.

I walked away towards my car. I unlocked it and drove off. I needed to get home make four phone calls and then I needed to contact Mark.

"Hey Liam?" I asked after he answered the phone.

"About that offer, about the concert?" I asked.

"Yeah, you want to go. I know you'll love it. It's just a nice experience even if you didn't know me."

"Yeah I want to go, but I'll go on my own. Just text me the details and I'll be there." I told him. We said good bye after that.

I dialed another number and after we said hello I started about the concert again. "You know about when you asked me to come to your concert?" I asked.

"Of course I know that." Zayn responded.

"Well I actually do want to go. Can you text me the details and I'll be there." I told him.

"Do I need to get you someone to drive you there? I can drive you there myself if you want."

"Nah it's fine. I'm a big girl now, I can do things on my own." I joked. He laughed a bit.

"I'm sure you're a big girl." we said good bye and I decided to call Louis next.

"Hey Lou." I said cheerily. He greeted me back with the same excitement.

"Now the reason I called. I know you're in a band and stuff and I'd really like to hear you play. My friend told me there was a concert coming up so maybe I can go there." I said. It was quiet at the other line.

"That would be great!" he said. With such excitement, I thought he was on a sugar rush. "I wanted to ask you actually, but now I don't have to anymore. So thanks." I giggled and shook my head.

"Text me the details and I'll come. See you there Lou. bye." he said bye too and we ended our call. Now the only one left is Harry.

I was about to call Harry, that was until his name flashed onto the screen. "Hello." I answered after two rings. Not wanting to seem desperate.

"Hey. Charlie. That's you, uhm yeah I was calling because I like to hear your voice and-"

"Now don't get all cheesy on me Styles. Straight to the point, go on." I cut him off. Knowing how charming he could be.

"Well, my friends. My band mates, they uhm... well that doesn't really matter. Would you like to come to my- our concert. Tomorrow?" he asked a bit unsure.

"Funny, I was about to ask if I could come. I actually wanted to come, seeing you perform."

"Great. yeah that's great. Awesome even. I'm glad you want to come and uhm... meet the lads. You want that right? meet my other best friends." he still seemed unsure about his case, like I was about to decline because of his band mates.

"Yeah, I'd love too. Just text me the details. And I'll see you on stage. Doing your thing and stuff." Harry laughed.

"Alright. See you." I said good bye too and we hung up. Now I only need Mark. He needs to get me some good clothes and make-up oh and sho- wait I don't need Mark. I can mange perfectly on my own.

I started pacing around in my kitchen. "What to wear what to wear." I mumbled. "Maybe a blouse." No Mark let me wear a blouse.

A skirt maybe? no. Skirts don't look good on me. Only when I'm wearing a sweater, and I'm not going to wear a sweater to a concert.

Shorts? Mark let me wear shorts. But I don't want to go in jeans, that's going to be too warm. So I'll go for shorts. But which ones? maybe I should look for a top first.

Just a shirt? plain shirt? maybe a print? I have this one with a smiley. Smileys are nice. No! those are too childlike.

Marvel? maybe that's to nerdy, maybe they'll think I'm a huge nerd. Flowers? gosh, that's horrible.

An One Direction shirt? that's the worst of my options. I don't even have an One Direction shirt.

Think Charlie think. It's not like it's that important. it is! maybe one with just a number. What? a useless, meaningless number? that's a no.

Maybe just a tank top? a tank top on shorts was possible. But most of my tank tops were long, an I have like two of them so that's a no again.

I've got a shirt with stripes. Stripes are nice, I might do the one with stripes. It's a lose shirt, so it won't be too warm. And I've got dark blue shorts that'll go with it.

A shirt with stripes and dark blue shorts. Alright. that's fine. But fine's not enough. But it'll have to do for now. I can't think of anything else.

I went to my closet and got the clothes I needed for the concert. I laid them on my chair and decided to eat and then go to bed. I was actually really tired.

I changed into my pajamas and made myself some food.

"Guys?" Niall asked. The five of them were siting around a table. They had take out from the Chinese across the street. Niall had to get food today, but he got distracted. that's what he told them.

"Someone special is about to come to our concert. someone special for me I mean." He smiled at the thought of her.

"You mean Carmen?" Harry asked. Niall shook his head no.

"You'll see." He said a bit sincere. Zayn decided he would tell them about Charlie at the concert, but now Niall told this he figured he could tell them now.

"I'm having a friend come too. She's been a friend of mine when we were younger and we recently got in touch again.".

"Funny." Louis chuckled. "A friend of mine's coming too. She wanted to come, so I thought why not." He shrugged.

"Then I suppose no one is surprised when I say there's someone coming for me too." Liam smiled. They all expected Harry to say he had a friend to come to the concert too. But he hadn't.

"What? it's not like I'm having a friend to
Come, I can ask someone. That would be cool. I'll give her a ring." And before the guys could protest he left the table.

"She comes too." Harry said excitedly when he came back from his phone call. The boys smiled.

"We'll be nice to the others friend alright. He or she means something to one of us, so lets all pretend to like him or her even if we don't. For the sake of the other." Louis proposed.

"Alright." they all agreed. They were really excited about this, they all were happy their best friends would meet their other best friend.

"You'll love her. I promise you. She's the best friend, besides you of course, you can ever wish for."

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