Left Behind

Charlie is just a girl who hasn't had many friends, five to be exact. It's just her misfortune those five friends end up in the same band and make it. They don't just make it, they really made it. One Direction, the most famous boy band of the moment.


24. Chapter 24 Lunch Break

I quickly walked towards my work, I work at this channel where they interview people and make videos. I'm small and help around with the guests, yes I get to meet many celebirties. but some times that doesn't work in my benefit. this one time I bumped into Zayn 
Malik. I could die right on the spot, my boss embarrassed me so much.

I walked towards the break room but stopped when I heard my name fall in a conversation. "Charlie, yes I'm looking for her, brown hair, brown eyes, she's beautiful really." it was Zayn. I saw the door knob turn and luckily Zayn wasn't the smartest and tried to push when it was a pull door.

I jumped behind a plant which wasn't big enough for me, but I hoped Zayn wouldn't notice me. the door opened and I saw Zayn walk out closing the door behind him. "the break room." he whispered to himself.

he looked at my hiding spot and laughed. "Charlie?" he asked, and I jumped up not wanting to embarrass myself anymore. "Charlie!" he said happier.

"the only Charlie in this building, or Charlie Sheen has to be here." I joked and Zayn chuckled at my lame joke.

"Gosh never thought I would miss your bad jokes." I crossed my arms.

"hey, that's not nice, you better take it back because my jokes are awesome." I defended and Zayn laughed again.

"I'm so happy you give me another chance." I huffed.

"who told you I gave you a second chance." I crossed my arms and gave Zayn a serious look.

"well I just assumed as we had a great time." he shied away.

"I had a great time too, yet you laugh at me at that party, dump me to get raped and no I'm not happy about that."

"I'm not sure Zayn, I mean I don't go to parties often." I said looking at the house with booming music and teenagers all over the place.

"oh come on Charlie it'll be fun." he pulled my arm. "I'll stay with you the whole time, I promise." I nodded my head and we entered the house.

girls were wearing minimum clothing and boys flirted with them. They wore to much make-up and the boys made to much effort of their hair. I looked around.

"lets get a drink." Zayn pulled me with him.

"I'm not drinking Zayn." This made Zayn laugh loudly.

"of course not, I won't either, only the people who are older do that." he shrugged I nodded, my eyes a bit wide. I knew I shouldn't have come here.
"Zayn, I don't feel comfortable, can't we leave?' I pleaded. Zayn's eyes filled with sorry and pity. he shook his head and pulled me to the dance floor for tonight. we started dancing together.

into our third song someone made me trip and I felt hot liquid splash over me. I was shocked. Everybody was laughing and the music stopped. Even Zayn laughed. I stood up and slapped him straight across the face.

I walked out of the house to a near by alleyway. and sat down crying. "Charlie?" I heard Zayn. he saw me sitting and sat down next ot me and hugged me. I pushed him away from me.

"can't you see, she doesn't want you near her pretty boy?" a voice from into the alleyway said.

"leave her alone?"' Zayn asked, the owner of the voice came into view. and I couldn't help but shiver at his appearance.

"yes now shoo, before I beat the hell out of ya, before I rape her." I looked shocked at him, quickly scrambling up. he grabbed Zayn's arm and I made a dash for it.

I looked behind me, seeing Zayn struggling and the man holding him tightly. I gasped when I saw he had a knife. I quickly ran back, getting Zayn out of the grip of the man. Zayn ran and I did too.

but the man got a hold of me and in the corner of my eyes I saw him grin. "Zayn!" I cried out. he looked at me and then shook his head and ran away.

I was hurt, angry. "you should never trust those guys love." the man whispered in my ear and I shivered. "Guy, she's a virgin." they said and my eyes widened, two other guys came towards me and I looked at them shocked.

"great, it's a long time ago since we had a virgin." the biggest of them said, the two crept closer and one touched my cheek. I flinched.

"oh love, don't do that, we are going to touch more then just your cheek, you better get used to it." the other stood behind me and grabbed my behind. I gasped.

"she defiantly is a virgin." they laughed loudly. "now pull your shirt off, or we'll help you." I blinked at them twice.

"W-what?" I stuttered, I looked down at my feet, I was afraid, afraid I would end up dead, end up dead and raped. which was most likely what was going to happen. I didn't move a muscle and I felt two hands at the hem of my shirt.

"don't do this." tears rolled down my cheeks as I gripped his hands making him stop. and I closed my eyes as pain stung in my cheek, he hit me hard. he quickly pulled my shirt off, leaving me in only my bra.

I shivered. "oh look guys, she's cold, we better warm her up a little bit." and I felt two lips crash onto mine, they kissed me roughly and pressed me against a wall, making my squirm.

his hand went down to my pants and he unbottoned my pants. "please stop." I pleaded and took his hands again. this time he hit me harder making me cry.

"now I want your virgin hands to take off my shirt." he whispered in my ear, he licked me ear and I cowered away.

I shook my head, not going to take off his shirt, he hit me again. " I guess we won't be able to have her when she's conscious." he said, and I was confused.

he pulled his knive out and held it against my cheek. "oh look, there's a cut." he cut my wrist and then my stomach. he started hitting me and quickly blackness over took me.

"I'm so sorry about that, I was afraid, and I don't know if you noticed I was drunk, and I did get the police after that." I was shoked.

"you did that? I though some random kid passed by and called the police." I said recalling all the memories of that horrible night.

"I couldn't let you get raped, I was your best friend."

"well you kind of lost that title when you made me trip, and now don't use excuses I'm sure that was you." I said. "but I guess the others got a seconds chance so you do too." I said.

"others, as in boyfriends." he winked and I rolled my eyes.

"no others as in, best friends, now if you'll excuse me I need to fetch some water because you just took up my whole lunch break." I shurgged and left Zayn standing.

"wait Charlie, why don't you come to one of our concert, you can come back stage and meet the other boys." Oh they wouldn't mind I thought.

"I don't think that's a good idea, maybe we should catch up for a bit you know. Besides, I don't think your fans would appreciate that." I said, leaving the bit about the other boys out of it.

if they care they would tell the others right? they have no reason not to right? "but I won't tell the boys about you until you can meet them, other wise they will think you're just some gold digger." he shrugged, there's my answer.

"I doubt they would think that." I say in honesty.

"nah, every time we have a friend and we talk about her , we label her as a gold digger until we can judge that ourselves. so I just want you save, nor wanting the boys to slip something about you online or something."

"I just want you save, I don't want you to get hate showered all over you, I mean I couldn't live with myself if you got hurt and I could have prevented it, I'll always try to make sure you're save, even if I make stupid decisions."

he hugged me tightly like he would never let me go. "I really need to fetch that water now Zayn." we both laughed and he let me go.

"I'll pick you up when your shift finishes." he pecked my cheek and left. Wait did he even know when my shift would end? I shurgged it off. not really wanting any more boy attention for today.

"here you go." I gave the bottle of water to one of the producers of the artists. he thanked me and I smiled. and left to go behind stage and did some paper work.

after I spend an hour on paper work I walked to the break room, hoping no one would see me. it wasn't really my break, but I was really hungry. "Hey Charlie, what are you doing here?" Daisy asked.

"I spend my own break with some dork, so couldn't really eat." I replied. she laughed and patted the seat next to her, I sat down and took out my own lunch.

"so I heard Zayn Malik from One Direction was here, and he was looking for this girl and he told our boss she was beautiful." I blushed at that comment.

"that's sweet of him, but he could have waited you know, until her shift was over." I shurgged and Daisy laughed. I quickly finished my lunch and went to the back stage area

"Charlie?"I nodded. "I want you to do this before your shift finishes." she gave me a few papers. it were the filles of the One Direction boys. I had tot review them?

I sighed and went to work, I wasn't sure how to do this seeing as I knew them personally, and I couldn't really judge on their voicals, I've heard them sing yes, but It was confusing. I really don't know.

I made something up which seemed professional enough and gave them a star rating and then handed my work in at the office, got my coat and left my work. I walked outside and I saw this black car waiting in front of the building.

"hey Cahrlie, are you ready?" I heard Zayn from inside the black expensive looking car. I shurgged and got in.

"so where are we headed?" I asked him, he shurgged.

"where ever you want to go princess." he said cheekily, I thought about it, I couldn't come up with anything.

"suprise me really, I have no Idea." I told him, he started the car again and drove off, his left his arm around the back of my chair.

"alright, I know this place which you'll love." he took me to this lovely forest which sounds cheesy, but it was at the side of a highway and we heard card race past us and we scream things at them.

we saw diffrent cars and different people, there even broke a car down near our spot in the forest. we helped them out and it was a great day. Zayn and I talked about One Direction and my job and my not so exciting life.

"Zayn, do you promise me you'll take me to Paris some day?" I asked him, he smiled down at me, I had my head in his lap and he stroke some hair out of my face.

"yes I will love, I'll take you to Paris and any other city you want to go, we can go to the Eiffel Tower and I'll steal a kiss from you." he smirked.

"Zayn aren't you dating Perrie Edwards." it seem to dawn to him.

"I would give anything up to be with you."

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