Left Behind

Charlie is just a girl who hasn't had many friends, five to be exact. It's just her misfortune those five friends end up in the same band and make it. They don't just make it, they really made it. One Direction, the most famous boy band of the moment.


23. chapter 23 Forest Force

Harry's pov

I took the fragile girl in my arms and held her tightly. after she had run off, the boys and I just finished our training. and when we all left I found Charlie here. It pained me to see her like this, so broken. It was all my fault. Aaron told it me himself, my words affected her, but I don't get why she passed out.

I opened my front door and walked to my room, I would give her dad a ring later saying she stayed over at mine. I layed her down on my bed and made sure she laid comfortable. I smiled as I brushed a strand of hair out of her face. she was so beautiful.

"why is Charlie in your room, on your bed?" Gemma leaned against my door frame, she smirked probably thinking the wrong thing, well it wasn't really clear what she was thinking. I shrugged.

"I found her like this, and it was probably my fault." I said only getting more guilty. It was my fault, who was I to say that I love her, I got her in this state.

"she's asleep I hope?" Gemma asked, I sighed.

"I can only hope." I said sadly looking at Gemma pleading. "Gem, I'm in love but I don't want to be broken. what should I do?" I asked. "I'm trying to take distance but it's not only hurting me, but also her" I felt so sad and Gemma rushed to my side.

"just keep the distance lil' one, you'll get over her." she rubbed my back and the funny thing was that I believed her.

as you might know, that little boy never got over her and I was now sitting at the edge of my seat wanting her to call me back. she would do that today. the phone ran and I quickly answered.

"it was like you were waiting for my call." she joked and we both laughed awkardly. I couldn't help but smile at the sound of her laugh.

"actually I was. I'm sorry.

"you're a total creep you know that, you should be locked away."she exclaimed.

"I told you I was sorry, and yes I should be locked away with you in a bedroom." I said cheekily, I couldn't only imagine her smile.

"I think I'm ready to forgive you Harry, I think I can." this made me jump up and smile madly.

"you think you can, I'm so happy you can, I could to kiss you right now. well I want to." I knew she thought I was joking but I meant it. I could give her a proper snog right now.

"you're still the cheeky Harry I know. Gosh I missed you so much Harry. you know I was actually pretty stupid to make such a big deal out of it." she said and I felt sorry, I felt bad for what I did to her.

"no, you had enough reasons to be mad about me. I mean, I made it up to you but what I did when we were fourteen. and I bullied you for a short time, you had enough reasons Charlie, you shouldn't feel stupid." I tried to resure her.

"now don't make me remeber it." she joked. "I'm glad we're back to being friends again Harry. will you please be my friend until the end. letting nothing come between us?" she asked and it made me wonder if there was more.

"I will never let anything come between us ever again, I made that mistake once and it was the worst mistake ever. did you know I had a huge crush on you when we were younger." I confessed, she could know right.

"really?" she giggled. "I was praticlly in love with this guy back then too. he was such a gentlemen. he even helped me once when I was bullied by Aaron. you know, he's pretty well known the Harry Styles ever heard of him?" she said and I smiled. we were back to being friends like we didn't have that break-up from friends.

"I"m so happy you're back. I've missed you so much." I hugged my best friend she giggled as response.

"you've changed so much, you have so many cruls." she pulled my cruls and we laughed. I couldn't say I fell in love all over again. she was so beautiful.

"you've changed too, you're so diffrent. you look so beautiful." I took her hand and pulled her to the old forest she smiled at me and I wondered how she has been putting up without me.

"so how were the other towns, how has your life been?" I asked and took her to this old tree where we used to play hide and seek, I miss the old times like that, when we could be childish.

"it was nice I guess, I've had more friends Harry." she said like her dream came true, and I couldn't help but feel jealous. of course my feelings for her never died down.

"I'm happy you had them, it hasn't been bad here either,I couldn't bear here anymore without you. you know our school dance is coming up, would you maybe go with me?" I asked like I practiced a thousand times in my room. I felt so nervous and now it just came out as casually as ever.

"yeah I would love to Harry, What should I wear. or do you want my clothes matching your tie." I laughed and she pinched my dimple.

"You know I won't be wearing a tie," I laughed and she blushed but then pouted.

"why not, I would love to see you with a tie, you would look so... so manly with it." she smiled and slid down the tree and sat on the forest ground.

"really?" I blushed like she had done before. "yet I'm still not wearing one, my mother has clothes you might fit. or Gemma yeah, Gemma could lend you some clothes." I proposed, the dance was tonight and Charlie was so pretty. we would be the perfect couple.

"I rather lend something from Gemma, I mean I love her style." she said, she jumped up and looked around her. "W-what was that," she stuttered coming closer towards me.

"what was what?" I asked, then there was a loud sound and an evil laugh, or so it sounded. I looked around me pulling Charlie closer to me to protect her.

"we should go home." I whispered, I knew what they did in this forest. they would go here and sleep with people, they would party with loud music get drunk smoke and some stuff I rather not recall. recall? yes I went threre. Twice.

I pulled her with me towards the exit of the forest, I pulled her closer afraid they would do something to her. they hated her, mostly the girls. they always said I was in love with her, that I liked her, that she was the reason I was single and not wanted anybody else. they said that everything was her fault. so one day I pick this random girl and date her for a month then we break up.

"Gemma?" I called as we savvily went home. Gemma stumbled downstairs and when she saw Charlie she hugged her tightly. "I missed you so much little one." She hugged Charlie tighter and I chuckled.

"can she borrow some clothes, the school dance is tonight and I plan on taking her as my date." I explain and Gemma gave me a knowing look, I rolled my eyes but Gemma gave in and let Chalie use anything from her closet.

we went upstrais. "so what should I even wear?" she asked me her big brown eyes finding mine, I shurgged.

"what ever you feel like wearing." I said and then I saw her disapear into the closte. she finally came out with a few clothes and then decided on a dark red tank top and dark blue jean shorts seeing as it's summer.

she changed and when she came out she looked stunning. "you look beautiful, maybe I'm going for that tie anyway." I joked. we laughed and Charlie left me to change and she went to do what ever.

I changed into a plain white shirt and some black skinny jeans. simple but style full. I went down stairs and I heard Gemma and Charlie talking, when I walked in I noticed the first things. her hair was curled and it looked beautiful. when she turned around she looked even more beautiful. although I prefer her without make-up.

"I can't keep my eyes off of you." I winked and Charlie blushed. "I know this is sudden but we really need to go." I said and took her hand and lead her outside. she dropped my hand and turned towards me.

"how are we going to get there, on your bike." she joked, I rolled my eyes.

"No we're just going to walk." I told her and she smiled taking my hand again and interwing our fingers. we came to school rather quickly. I liked our quiet stroll. but when we came there music was blasting from insde.

when we came inside it was packed, I thought no one attended these anymore, well almost everybody. but I guess they came to see the show. I sighed and we walked towards the dance floor,

"do you want anything to drink?" I asked guiltily, but she didn't seem to notice. she nodded not knowing if I could understand her over this loud music.

"here you are." I said and she took the drink from my hand and took a tiny sip. we started laughing and dancing, then this slow song came on, just like planned. I grabbed her closer and she was suprised.

near the end of the song we were really close and I started to lean in, then I threw my cup of punch over her and someone came from behind her and threw the bowl of punch over her, she was dripping.

"Did you think I would kiss you, ha." I said, hurt flashed in her eyes and she ran of crying. people came around me laughing at her. being a happy bunch. they invited me to their forest party and I agreed feeling numb. how could I have ever agreed.

we came to the forest, a huge fire burning in the middle and a tiny wooden cabin more at the back. there would be all the 'fun' they said, I've never been insde there before, I wouldn't dare. I might be fourteen, but the oldest people around her were already in their twenties.

"Harry, love you're finally here." one of these girls I would some times hang around with came towards me, two bottles of beer in her hand, she pushed one in my right hand and motioned for me to dirnk. I gave her a smile and quickly emptied the bottle when she didn't notice.

"yeah I guess I am, why am I invited." then a smirk grew on her face and she started to laugh.

"well I guess you're here becasue you want to have fun, and maybe..." she bit her lips inching closer, "Have fun in there." she pointed to the cabin. I gave her a weak smile.

"I'm tired, so I guess I'll skip this time." I laughed and she laughed way to loudly with me, I guess she's close to getting drunk. then we heard some howls from the guys and Wolf whistles. we turnd and we saw them howling at this girl.

she looked scared, like she didn't belong here. "I think she's going to be in the cabin for her first time." the girl I was previously talking to laughed and pulled me closer, when I saw who the girl was my eyes widened it was Charlie.

"oh look, it''s your little girlfriend Styles, she decided to show up after all, you said you couldn't get her here." one of these guys look at me, and Charlie looks at me too, her tear stained face making me feel sick for what I did.

One guy stepped out of the crowd and walked towards Charlie, grabbing her forcefully. he pulled her into him and kissed her, he kissed her hard. it made me feel mad, angry, and jealous and more emotions at the same time.

"it's probably your first kiss, like this is the thing you should do" he started to move his tongue and everyone around us laughed, I didn't though. why would I laugh at Charlie?

"you di.ck, I've kissed and been kissed before, I just don't want to kiss you back." Charlie said whipping her face making herself look more presentable.

"oh, so you won't kiss me back." he laughed. "you've got one chance otherwise I'l beat the shit out of you." he said making her flinch away. She nodded closing her eyes.

he placed his lips on her's, and you could see she didn't want to but kissed him back anyway. when he slipped his tongue inside of her, we heard a moan not from her, but from him. he pulled back and then smirked. I balled my hand into fists.

"who wants next." he screamed and the guys around us all screamed. but a girl stepped into a circle.

"no way, I'm not kissing a girl." Charlie protested. the girl walked closer towards her and she inched away.

"oh, but you don't have to kiss me. we're just going to.. to play a game in the cabin." she said and she took Charlie's hand and everyone around us howeled and whistled again. Charlie wanted to get her hand back but she got slapped straight in the face,

you're probably thinking, where am I in this. I'm numb, frozen, can't move all I can do is watch and let emotions take over me. the girl pulled Charlie towards the cabin and disappeared.

"you need to take me into there." I said and the girl looked up, she smiled and placed her bottle away.

"I knew you would come around." she smiled placing a sloppy drunken kiss on my cheek, I quickly whipped it away.

"please, I'm only going to there for Charlie, she would be the only reason for me to go in there."

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