Left Behind

Charlie is just a girl who hasn't had many friends, five to be exact. It's just her misfortune those five friends end up in the same band and make it. They don't just make it, they really made it. One Direction, the most famous boy band of the moment.


21. Chapter 21 Do I Have To Tell You Everything


Charlie's pov

"Come here" Louis called me, I got glares and the only thing I could do is smile awkwardly. They just kept on glaring at me. Did they really care that much about Louis.

"I don't think everyone would like that." I said looking around. Louis thought I was joking and laughed. But I actually didn't. So I let out an awkward giggle.

"Here sit." he ordered. "I don't have to tell you everything now do I?" he joked and I laughed. I wave at the guys. And then I heard something painful.

"Who's she. She sits with Louis and his guy friends, those things don't belong together. she's just some ugly nerd. I bet she just slept with one of his friends to get that spot, the slut." I hurt some girl say, I quickly looked down not noticing Louis stand up.

"Hey!" he said angrily I looked up and saw Louis looking over the crowd. "Don't you talk about her that way. she's beautiful. And is still a virgin may I add." I laughed at that and he sat down.

"Then why is she with you. She can never be your friend." she said in despise. I sighed again. I expected Louis to tell them I actually was. But the words he spoke next broke me.

"No she's not." I looked at Louis, and he got positive comments from the girl. "She's my girlfriend." Then there were negative comments. And I looked at Louis and he smiled at me and kissed my hand.

"I bet they never ever kissed before" I heard someone. And I knew we've been caught. I chuckled lightly. That's me putting up with lies. I'm the worst. But before I knew it two lips were laced with mine. 

I was shocked. So I didn't react at first. But then I quickly kissed back my hand laying at my sides. Louis pulled back and looked into my eyes and smiled at me. He placed his hand under my chin and lifted my head.

He pecked my lips and now turned his back towards the crowd of girls. Stan smirked at Louis. "you never told us you had the hots for Charlie." He laughed and his friend did too.

"I just think she's different. and I can be myself around her." he smiled at me and then kissed me again. Does this mean we're a couple. I barely know him!

"I can be myself around you too." my feelings spoke for me and Louis wrapped his arm around me and pulled me into his side.

"We're a couple." he stated more then asking. I giggled and nodded my head in a yes form. I don't know what I should think of thisBut I don't care.


I walked out on the street and I felt my phone vibrate in my back poket. I laughed and quickly got my phone out and slide to answer.

"Hello." I said a bit to cheery, I heard a low chuckle before the person began speaking.

"Hello. I would like to meet up." the voice I recognized as Louis' said. "I'm Louis by the way." I smiled and I tried to hide it but I already laughed.

"You're too obvious to the world Lou." I quickly covered my mouth as I knew I used his nickname. Why?

"I know dear, but you're too beautiful to the world. I like your nose the most." He stated. He would always love my nose. He pinched it and I would giggle.

"God, again with the nose." I laughed. I knew this was wrong, but it felt so good.

"But would you want to meet me again. Just at the park. I know you're in London. Just in Green Park. You know that little bench we went to once. There" I knew what he was talking about and I felt bad about it. Why did I fall for his charms again. This could be a trap and we all know.

"Alright." I agreed. I heard him cheer and I chuckled lightly. I couldn't give Harry a chance ad the others not. That's not the way I roll.

"Thank you so much Charlie. I won't let you down." he said and I laughed. He was always so cheery. "I'll make sure you just have to forgive me." he sing songed and I chuckle.

"Alright Louis see you in let's say half an hour?" I asked and I couldn't help but imagine the huge smile that should be plastered on the lad's face right now.

"Alright. What's with the alright actually. But bye Charlie love youu." he dragged out the you and I chuckled again.

"Bye Louis. See you soon." I said as I hung up. Am I really doing this. I sighed as I picked up my bag and stuffed my needed supplies in there. I smiled at I quickly changed my iPhone case. Louis gave it to me when I didn't even have an iPhone. the reason why I actually use it.

I quickly entered the metro and waited for a bit. I entered and quickly took an empty seat. Someone else got the other idea and I ended up in someone's lap. I quickly got up.

"I'm sorry." I smiled at Liam? What is Liam doing in a metro, couldn't he be recognizable or something. "What are you doing here?" I squinted my eyes at him. "Aren't you scared girls are going to rip your clothes off?" I laughed and Liam did too.

"Nah, I'm not scared. I do this usually. plus I have sun glasses. I'm smart, aren't I" he wiggled his eyebrows and I rolled my eyes at him. He's just such a cheeky lad sometimes.

"Well where are you headed?" I question trying to make conversation, even though he should do this. He smiled, knowing I tried. he opened his mouth to say something but I stopped him.

"Wait. Why am I even trying to make conversation here." I quickly walked to the other end of the metro and left Liam. But it wasn't long before I felt a strong grip on my wrist. I turned around and looked at him.

"Because I also want to, I also want to be friends again, I also want to make good memories again." he said. His eyes pleading. I couldn't help but roll my eyes.

"That's way to cheesy Liam." I laughed and he laughed with me. With this I had given him permission to try again. he smiled at me again he handed me his phone.

"What do I need to do with your phone?" I asked as I held it up and swung it in front his face. He smiled and took his phone back and clicked on some things then handed me his phone.

"Send yourself a text, then I have your phone number and we can meet up some time." he said and I nodded my head.

"If you told me that when you gave me your phone it would be way easier." I joked and typed in my phone number and then sent myself a text. I felt my phone vibrate so I guess that went well.

"Well I have to go off the metro here catch up you later Liam." I said as the doors opened and I stepped out at the right station. That was really awkward. I don't even know how he felt about it, but I guess I can give all of them a chance if they ask about it.

I walked up onto the streets towards a little shop. I got some thee there and sipped it quietly. I still had five minutes and I had my thee in a to-go cup. So I could leave when it was time. I took another sip and stood up from my seat, exiting the shop and going to the other side of the street.

I walked to our usual spot and saw a figure sitting on our bench. I guess Louis was already here. "Hey." I said quietly. Louis looked up and smiled.

"Hey, Charlie." He stood up and walked closer towards me and he looked at me, not saying anything. I think he just looked at me for minutes and I looked at him for a bit. But I already knew he had changed. Probably because every time I look into a magazine his face is in there. All of their faces are in there.

"How are you, no I mean. You look beautiful. How have you been?" he asked and I smiled at his compliment. They were all cheeky boys and I guess they always will be.

"Thank you Louis. You've changed yourself. I guess, I could have been better, but life is getting better for me. How about you?" I asked and he smiled at me.

"It's fine knowing life is good for you. Well seeing as I'm world famous nothing could be better. I only miss my family" he looked sad, and I always knew they would miss their families. "But my life is also Turing around for the better, now you're here." I blushed at that bit and slapped his shoulder.

"Stop it Lou."

And our fun day would begin. it started with throwing bread at duck, running around. Teasing children. Playing on the play ground. Playing soccer. Laughing. But mostly talking and getting to know each other again.

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