Left Behind

Charlie is just a girl who hasn't had many friends, five to be exact. It's just her misfortune those five friends end up in the same band and make it. They don't just make it, they really made it. One Direction, the most famous boy band of the moment.


2. Chapter 2 Niall Type


"Don't you think he's hot." my friend asked. she looked at me with question eyes, and I gave her the same look as I didn't know who she was talking about, maybe her crush again.

"Who are you talking about?" I looked at her confusing. again now making eye contact with her.

"Harry styles obviously." I burst out laughing. he wasn't hot, no no. he was just Harry. 

"He's far from hot." I said as I finally stopped laughing. she didn't seem to laugh with me. how could she even like him, come one it was harry. but maybe he chanced from that sweet yet weird guy who tried to be cool but failed miserably.

I left Cheshire after two years. But those two years I had my first friend. And I was grateful for that. and I was so mad that we had to leave. we even tried begging my dad that I could stay with him for another year, but my dad wouldn't let me. but I still had letter contact over the years. but the letters weren't that much what we expected, after a year we quit.

"And how would you know. Haven't you seem those abs." She rolled her eyes. and started giggling, since when is she a directioner. never thought she would be one, but this chanced my mind. 

"I think it's awful what he has done. He has so many tattoos." I thought about the butterfly on his stomach. but it actually looks great on him, even I can't deny that fact.

"I think it's super hot. But yeah you are more a Niall type I think. Or a Louis type." She thought about it sinking away in her thoughts. she tapped her chin before I ruined her beautiful thoughts. 

"They don't even come close to each other. Besides that I'm no ones type." I sighed dramatically. remembering that time when I told my crush I liked him and he harshly told me that. he was a dick anyway.

"Yes you are, but you're more a Niall type, now I think about it." She looked up meeting my eyes. I shyly smiled, and went back to my homework I had to do for tomorrow. I sometimes hate school really, but this time I had friends, I wasn't the strange one anymore.

"So you lived in Holmes chapel right?" I sighed again. nodding my head, and she gasped.

"Yes, but I have to do this stupid homework. So if you won't talk about one direction for I while I would be very please." I turned on my chair again, and tightened the grip on my pencil. I could almost feel it break.

"But they're still hot." I heard her mutter, before walking out she walked out my room. I shared my room, not with her, but with an over obsessed one direction fan. it's actually annoying to hear so many things about a person you once knew.

After I finished my homework, I watched some television. But my phone started ringing. so I took it out. the ID number was unknown, but I wasn't paying attention so I just answered.

"Hello?" I said as I picked up, not really knowing who would be calling me. 

"Hello." Anne's cheery voice ran trough my ears. 

"Anne." I exclaimed.

"Charlie. How are you now these days?" she asked. 

"I'm fine really. Living on my own not moving anymore. I'm very pleased. How about you?"

"I'm very pleased myself. But I miss Harry though. That's why I called you."

"Why did you call me? because you miss harry? you're truly are a caring mother." I say with all honestly.

"I wanted to talk someone who is close to him, well was. but anyway of course you popped into my mind." She laughed to herself. but it wasn't true, I wasn't close to him. not any more.

"It's nice hearing from you." I said. Didn't hear from Anne in a year. we always stayed in contact, you could say she was indeed my friend, maybe the mother type in life I missed.

"Yes sorry love, just sad that Harry is gone that's all." she said, he voice turning sad, what made me sad. Anne was usually bubbly and always happy. it wasn't nice to hear her sad.

"Just be happy for him, he's living his dream. We should be happy for him." I tried to sound convincing, but deep inside she just wished he was here with her. but I knew I wasn't speaking the truth. he broke me, I honestly don't know if I want him to be this successful.

"I'm happy for him, we all are." She laughed to herself. Until I heard someone scream from behind her, and she had to go. So we both said our goodbyes and hung up. 

I focused my eyes on the television. Until a celebrity channel popped up, revealing a picture from a guy I knew all to well. his big smile popping out, and his teeth showing of. all those girls who didn't want to be with him had just lost something special. specially that bitch I could remember very well. she broke him, but she now lost him. but this person was and is one of the sweetest guys on earth, this guy is 

Liam Payne.





AN : little action I know, but I'll update soon and it will have a bit more then just this.

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