Left Behind

Charlie is just a girl who hasn't had many friends, five to be exact. It's just her misfortune those five friends end up in the same band and make it. They don't just make it, they really made it. One Direction, the most famous boy band of the moment.


18. Chapter 18 Football Crash


Harry's pov

"You're really weird," a girl around my age said and glared down at my best friend. I hated it when people do that.

"No she's not. she's special." I said and She smiled at me sadly. I was the one standing up for her. Like always.

"H-Harry." She stuttered quickly sending me a wink. I rolled my eyes. Even girls her age tried flirting with me. I wasn't that old. I wasn't into things like that.

"Sorry, love to stay, but hadn't we thing to go to love?" I asked her. And yes butterflies explode inside my stomach. She wasn't into things like that. And I that thought it was the same with me. Yet I have a funny feeling in my stomach every time she says something flirty.

"Y-yeah." She stuttered stupidly. The girl glared at her again.

"You totally want him. You can't deny it." she said and she rolled her eyes. I chuckled awkwardly.

"No she doesn't." I said, a bit to quickly. She must think I'm an idiot. Why am I so stupid around her. She must think I'm a fool.

"Right there Styles." she winked playfully. But it hurt me, hurt me straight in my heart. But I covered it with a smile and pulled Charlie away. I saw her cheeks turned a light pink?

"Now what serious business do we need to handle?" she asked crossing her arms and I chuckled.

"Just something called ditching girls who are mean to you." I said and send he a wink. I wanted to do so much more with her.

Wrap my arm around her, pulled her into a hug. Running my hand through her hair and tell her she's beautiful. kiss her lips and make her feel special.

"You're just so sweet Harry." she giggled and that giggle made my day. I saw one of my friends coming forwards. This was one of the friends who made Charlie and me friends, but not in a positive way, he still didn't like her.

"Ow. You're with her. Well Harry needs to start football practice. So bye." he said rudely. I rolled my eyes, he was never nice towards her.

"Can I come?" She asked. I heard him laugh but I smiled at her and told her it is okay.

"Harry. We don't want girls in our team." He said in disgust.

"They don't want jerks in their team either. So why would you be allowed." She shot back with a mocking tone. He looked at me with disbelieve.

"You.." he said angry and then stomped away, letting my laughter fill the halls. As I was holding it for his sake.

"You're amazing Charlie. I don't get why you don't have friends." I smiled widely and I knew she took no offense out it.

"Well lets go to football Practice shall we. I need to get in shape, besides I will be at home alone without you." I thought about it and then nodded. I took her hand, which fitted perfectly in mine. I really am love sick.

"This should be fun." I laughed and then pulled her to my coach. He looked her up and down.

"Why a girl Harry?" he asked in a boredom tone. I chuckled and pushed her towards him, she looked slightly nervous.

"I-I want to be on the team sir." she said and I smiled at my girl. Wait no bad Harry. She isn't your girl, nor will she ever be.

"Can you football a bit, you can always just practice with us and we an see what we will do." he said and Charlie nodded. Yes she could train with us. Win for Harry.

"Then lets practice." I smiled, I loved it that my best friend played with me. god, I couldn't describe how happy I am right now, really.

"Are you really that happy that I'm gona play with you." Charlie grinned and I just noticed I had a huge grin plastered on my face. I bluntly nodded, the grin not leaving my face.

"so just team up and we can see what our new player can." our coach said and I smiled, I was really happy she could train with us, maybe even play with us. because Charlie was better then half the team.

"I'm with Charlie."I said and earned a few snickers from my team mates, I rolled my eyes at them.

"Aw is our little harry in love with Charlie."one of them teased and I angrily turned around but composed myself, this would only let them see I cared. I shrugged and their laughter died. A smirk found its way on my face.

"you really want to play with me?" Charlie asked innocently and I nodded a bit to eagerly but she didn't notice. she smiled at the coach and my insides knotted as I saw her flawless smile. no she wasn't flawless but to me she is.

"go stand on your side of the field and we'll begin."our coach said, he whistled his whistle and my team ran to the ball. Charlie being her fast self got there first and shot the ball towards me. I ran a bit before someone tried to get it from me, and I shot it away. to Charlie. she only had to run a tad bit and the ball was in their goal.

I gave her a thumps up and she flashed me a killer smile. I really should keep my distance from her, this will only end in an heart break. she is way to perfect for me. I should keep my distance so I won't break. so my feelings can die down.

we played like that for a bit. my team ended up winning, the coach saw the she was better then some of our best players and called her a player on the team even for real matches.

"That was fun."she said with a big grin on her face. but I quickly ran tot he dressing room and left her alone. just leave her alone harry, your feelings are just one sided. if you ignore her it should come alright.

I gave myself a mental speach on how I should forget the girl I was madly in love with. I got dressed quickly and left before she came out of her own dressing room. I quickly got home and shut the door. I ran towards my bed and screamed into my pillow.

"what's wrong little brother? why isn't Charlie here?"she asked and I looked up she rushed towards my side and hugged me. Gemma hugged me tighter as a light sob escaped my mouth. I didn't say anything, and Gemma understood that I didn't want to talk about it.

we stayed there for a long time until our mother called us down stairs for dinner. we ate in silence and after that I went to bed trying to clear my mind. but the only thing I thought about was a girl with brown locks and big brown eye.


"So we are going to talk about the world war two. we are going to talk about what you know about that. we will start.."our History teacher looked around and pointed to someone who had her hand in the air.

"yes Charlie."the name hurt my ears, Charlie tried talking to me in the morning but I ignored her, which hurt becasue I saw hurt in her eyes.

"it had to do with the germans didn't it."she answered and her voice sounded as music in my ears. her name too, and her smile would light up my day. stop it harry abandon her out of your thoughts

"yes that's right Charlie. anyone else?" I zoned out from that moment I started to blindly doodle in my notebook. I looked down and saw I had drawn two stick men, one with longs brown locks and the other with brown crusl, they were both kissing. I quickly crulled it up in a ball and threw it in the bin.

the first lessons went by rather quickly and then it was lunch. I quickly left my seat and went to my mates. this were the same I had practice with. they greeted me, and Aaron smiled madly, he was the one who insuluted Charlie. stop.

"left her. didn't ya. I knew you would do the right thing."he smiled and I nodded tightly. he gave me a nod back.

"luckily he's back on the right track" Perry joked and I rolled my eyes, but joined the laughter. they rambled on about how wrong she was for me, and she was a nerd and stupid. I didn't like how they talked about her. but I let her go so I shouldn't think about it and join them. yet I couldn't.

"Look at this." Aaron said and walked towards Charlie. we saw her eyes getting big but then she ran of, but the sob that left her mouth hurt me. I couldn't get it out of my head.

"what did you tell her?" I asked Aaron. he smiled wickedly. but didn't answer. we persuaded him to answer. and he finally did.

"I told her you just hung out with her because you pitied her." but I knew he lied, he was hiding someontihng. maybe he told her this and more. but what more.

"and..'' I asked, he looked up from his food.

"nothing more to say mate." but now it was clear in everything he did that he lied, his eyes, his body language, the way he spoke. everything. I knew he lied, and my mates knew it too.

"Alright,"I said not very confinced. he looked up a bit guilty but it quickly fanished as he driffted of in his thoughts.

"did you hear her crying. gold I tell you. like music to my ears really amzing. her sad eyes staring back at me." he laughed and so did the others but I didn't join in. I wanted to look for her but I couldn't. it would only make me fall deeper.

"Yeah amazing. Really. Go on Harry. Finish her. You played your role very well by the way. She had to cry, can't get over it really. Come on mate." I shook my head, I wouldn't go and break her heart. Because she's to deep in mine.

"Well. It sucks because she's still in our football team, horrible. We could just bully her and she will leave herself." I said, I didn't want to, but otherwise I had to play her. I couldn't really do that.

"Yeah. Perfect. We will just bully her ."

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