Left Behind

Charlie is just a girl who hasn't had many friends, five to be exact. It's just her misfortune those five friends end up in the same band and make it. They don't just make it, they really made it. One Direction, the most famous boy band of the moment.


17. Chapter 17 Changing For The Better

Charlie's pov

I was packing out. I still had some old boxes who needed to be unpacked. I was just finishing one of the first boxes when my brother walked in. He slammed the door open so I swiftly turned around and look at him. He looked at me, a smirk on his face.

"Come one place you're lazy bum on the couch and I'll turn the tv on. It should start around now." He looked at his watch, confusing me with everything he said.

But I did what I was told and placed my so called lazy bum on my couch. I sat just as the tv screen turned on. Mark flipped trough the channels and stopped at one point.

"And here we haw the newest interview about a love sick boy and his band. Also known as Harry Styles with One Direction."

As the words rolled of her tongue my eyes grew wide. I looked at Mark and he looked back with a smirk. He knew. But why would he want me to see this. I tried to get the remote but Mark got it out of my reach.

"Just watch." He said calmly. I wanted to slap that smirk from his face. How dare he make me watch this. He didn't knew how vulnerable I was about the subject that contained One Direction.

But as I was forced to watch the interview I noticed how nervous Harry got when they got his mystery girl mixed in. Louis gave the interviewer the photograph. And then after a few more questions they finished up.

"So that was One Direction for you. you're probably all envying Harry's mystery girl right now. Can't deny I'm not."

Shewinked at the camera and then got something pushed in her hands. I noticed that I was the same picture Louis had given the interviewer.

"So this is the picture of the mystery girl. Even I have to admit Harry. This isn't very recent indeed. We will show it bigger any minute from now."

And as if on cue. A picture was shown. One of them obviously being Harry himself. And I looked at the girl next to him almost chocking.

That was me...

"What the hell!" I screamed. And I wanted to punch the boy, hard with, with. I'm so angry I can't even find words.

"Chill sis. Did you see. Harry Styles is personally looking for you. Don't you know what kind of honer that is." I wanted to slap Mark for saying that.

"How dare you Mark. He's an ass. He broke me. Not getting me back after a lazy interview." I screamed at his head, and this time it was Mark who was confused.

"What do you mean. It's like you know each other." He said, wearing a confused expression.

"I mean, yes we knew, key word knew. He's a dick. He totally broke me just left me. He's not the boy you seem to think he is." I said. Now Mark shook his head.

"No you don't understand. He's more a good person then you'll ever be. Don't you know how many charities he has done. Don't forget the past Charlie. You know what happened to you and how much better person he is then you!" Mark was really angry but I was more. He was my brother. He should be on my side.

"How dare you. Choosing his side. LEAVE! now." I pointed to the door and waited for him to leave. As my brother walked to the door he turned around.

"Yes I'm choosing his side. Only because he deserves it." and that's when I slammed the door in his face. Tears streaming down mine.

I quickly walked to the boxes. I want to distract myself. I can't think straight. I opened one and started packing everything out. As I look into the box. I found a picture.

Me and Liam..

I smiled sadly at the old memory, yes I loved Liam back then. But now it's different. I looked at it again and smile more. He wanted Victoria. Victoria ow how much I hated you back then.

"Go away loser, leave town and go find some other friends. We don't want you peasant here. you'll give us a disease." Victoria's friend glared down at me as her friends laughed at the words she spoke.

"Just stay away from Liam. Even he is out of your league." The laugh from Victoria filled my ears again. I scowled.

"You don't deserve him. You're out of his league. I know I am. YOU only need to see it. You're stupid. Liam is everything you don't have. A personality, he isn't fake, he's sweet, not a bitch." I spat at her. And rolled my eyes and then look back at her.

"How dare you." she slapped me hard. I just laughed. It didn't hurt. I don't know why, maybe the anger made it look like nothing.

"I dare that because he's my friend." I said anger boiling inside me. Now it was the time for Victoria to laugh.

"Ha, he isn't your friend. He told us himself." she pulled out her phone and typed something then she held it up.

"Charlie. She isn't a friend of mine, nor will she ever be. She's terrible. She will never have friends, because she pathetic. She will never have a boyfriend and she's just ugly. I only was her friend to play her." The voice of Liam sounded from her phone. Tears rolled down my cheek.

"See you're. Nothing. You're just as pathetic as everyone sees." she turned around and walked away. The bell rang but I ran to the bathroom in our school. I looked at myself in the mirror.

I didn't care if anyone told me that, but Liam. My supposed to be friend. I couldn't help it. I guess the people closest to you could hurt you the most.

I walked to the toilet and sat down on my knees. I am ugly. Maybe that's the reason I don't have friends. I saw that they did this in movies.

So I put my finger in throat but nothing happened. I pushed harder and then my whole breakfast came out together with lunch.

I wiped my mouth and dig my nails into my skin. At some point a red liquid poring out. I held my finger on the spot and let pain take over me.

"For being to worthless, not helping a single bit in this world." I walked out of the bathroom. Not caring how I looked like.

I stepped into class and greeted the teacher. He looked taken back by something. But I ignored it. Probably my ugliness. I heard a few snickers.

"Please take a seat." he pointed to one in the back, the ones in the front already taken. Just my luck.

I took an empty seat no one sat next to me. That was until the door burst open and Liam Payne was walking to the teacher. Quickly saying something. he looked around the room and spotted the seat next to mine.

"Do I have to sit next to the nerd" he complained. I guess you do everything for popularity. I sighed.

"I can sit somewhere else."

Liam looked pleased and as I stood up he took the seat next to the seat I first sat. I looked around but saw no where to sit.

"Sir. I can't sit anywhere." he looked at me and glared me down.

"Well then, you can sit out of my classroom." I heard again some snickers and even a to loud.

'Serves you right.' from Liam. What happened to the insecure boy he once was.

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