Left Behind

Charlie is just a girl who hasn't had many friends, five to be exact. It's just her misfortune those five friends end up in the same band and make it. They don't just make it, they really made it. One Direction, the most famous boy band of the moment.


16. Chapter 16 Victoria


Liam's pov

"Do you see that girl. She's like the most beautiful girl in the world." I pointed at Victoria. She was like the most popular girl in our school. She meant everything for me. She was my crush, well more then a little crush. But yet on the other hand..

"She is pretty." Charlie said like she was bored. Maybe because I told her a million times I liked her. A week ago I had my first kiss. It had sparks and I knew I could like her. If I didn't like Victoria already.

"Come on, Charl. She is like the most prettiest. But we all know I don't deserve her." this was the first time I admitted it out loud.

"Don't you every say that Liam." Charlie poked my chest. "She doesn't deserve you. You're like the most gentlemenish person I know. You're perfect. No one does deserve you." she said. And she said it with such honestly I would almost believe it. But I didn't.

"O yeah. How would you know?" I mocked her, and she muffled a giggle pushing her hair in her face. Then slapped my arm.

"Stop it, maybe I'm wrong. You're not perfect. You're mean." she frowned and walked off leaving me alone. I didn't have friends beside Charlie. She was the most important person in my life besides family and Victoria.

"Hey Liam." I heard a girl's giggle and I looked up from my thoughts. In front of me was the one and only Victoria, herself. I looked behind me. But no one was there.

"Don't be silly. I mean you Liam." She giggled again. Twirling her hair around her finger. She winked at me taking a step closer.

"Y-yeah I know t-that." I stuttered. Why do I have to be this awkward. She giggled again. She took another step closer and we were almost touching.

"You know." she leaned in to my ear and started whispering. "If.. if you want to date me... you can." her words made my heart race and making it almost bump out of my chest.

"Y-yeah." stop with the stuttering. It's not cool Liam.

"We will be an item if.." she trailed off her eyes landing on the beautiful girl named Charlie. Yeah I called her beautiful because she was. You couldn't go around that.

"Don't be her friend.. just for me." she trailed her fingers up my chest and came to my chin. She lifted my chin up and before I knew it. Her lips were on mine. I was fudging kissing Victoria.

And as I kissed her back, there was something missing. So I grabbed the back of her head and pushed her gently closer. But I still didn't felt them. The sparks I felt with Charlie. They were probably there because it was my first kiss ever.

"O-okay." I whispered as my lips landed on hers again. But the bell rang and we both bottled off. Victoria quickly leaving me before I could say something. I was a thing with Victoria. Best. day. ever.

But there was a catch. I had to leave her, my first friend, my first kiss, my first Charlie. If that's legit. She was a special person for me. But I could give her up for Victoria.

"Okay folks we're staring with formulas today." my teacher started. But my eyes landed on Charlie. She was a bit late and slammed the for open. She looked shocked as she closed the door. But which no one saw was the paper she quickly hid. She looked sad.

"Hey." she whispered as she sat next to me. I frowned and ignored her.

"Please don't sit here." I said although the words I spoke did not only hurt her but also me.

"Liam don't be silly. I always sit next to you." she giggled and placed herself on her usually seat, next to me. The frown didn't leave my face.

"No Charlie. I don't want you next to me." I said more aggressive. She looked taken back. And the emotion hurt flashed trough her eyes. But she quickly covered it and walked away but I couldn't help but hear the words

'They were right. I'm worth..' but that's supposed to be worthless. I'm not stupid. Although sometimes I'm not sure. We were friends. Can't go back now. I guess bros before hoes doesn't exist in my world anymore...

She placed herself in the back of the class and I heard some girls giggle and I suppose make fun of Charlie. But I have Victoria, no need for Charlie.

The class went on, so did the ones after that until we had lunch break. I packed my bags and head to my locker. I quickly stuffed my books away, until I was closing my locker and I heard a girls giggle.

"Hey Liam." I looked and saw Victoria standing closer then expected. She closed my locker and took another step closer.

"H-hey Victoria." the stuttering again Liam. Really. She smirked and she placed her lips on mine again. she took my hand in hers and then pulled away looking in my eyes.

"So you wane sit with us." I nodded my head not thinking about what she said. She could have said something about a sloth and I could have nod. well it's not the brightest example. But you get the idea.

"So guys this is my boyfriend Liam Payne." she introduced me, and I smiled shyly. Come on Liam man up, girls are shy, boys are tough.

"I think we could be great friends."

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