Left Behind

Charlie is just a girl who hasn't had many friends, five to be exact. It's just her misfortune those five friends end up in the same band and make it. They don't just make it, they really made it. One Direction, the most famous boy band of the moment.


15. Chapter 15 The Call

Charlie's pov

"Charlieee" Mark whined couldn't he stay quiet, I knew were he would be complaining about. about the fact I turned the opportunity down. the opertienty to meet one direction. the band were he a fan from was, not me.

"no Mark alright. no-" I couldn't say much more as my voice was cutt of by the sound of my phone ringing. I snapped to it, and quickly picked it up and clicking answer, as I didn't want to talk about one direction anymore with my brother.

"'hello" I said into the phone as I heard a heavy breathing. maybe wrong number, I hope it isn't Matt.

"hello, I'm sorry I'm disturbing you, but I had to call you for a friend he.. he hadn't got the time. by the way I'm louis. sorry but my friend didn't gave me your name."a rather familair voice rang into my ear.

"s-sorry, bye."before I thought about it I ended the call. why would he call me? but more, how did he get my number. was he stalking me? no he did not, he didn't know my name, but why would he call.

"who was that?" Mark asked, I shrugged and mubbled quietly under my breath 'Louis'. but sadly he heard me, his eyes snapped open.

"the Louis, Louis as in Louis tomlinson. oh my god did he call you. did he go al the way just to get your phone number, but why did you hang up. you know you could have talked to him and become friends with him, ya know."he grumbled the last part angrily.

"shut up!" I screamed angry. Mark was taken back, I hate it when he is suprised when I get mad. but even a sane person would get mad.

"I hate it when you talk about them, they are selfish and you are to blind to see that. they are stupid arrogant and just idiots. they don't deserve the fame they got. yes they may sound good, but that isn't all. they are stupid jack asses." I burst out to my brother.

"why do you hate them, the only thing they do is good, you have no right to hate them." he said angrily.

"I have enough right to hate them, now GET OUT!" I screamed, I couldn't take it, my own brother taking their side. how could he. I can't stand him in the moment.

"I'm sorry." he said before leaving and closing the door behind him with a slight slam. I slid down onto my couch and took my head in my hands. I couldn't take it for a minute. they were everywhere, and I had nothing to do with them nor they with me.

my phone rang again, but I wasn't in the mood for picking up so it went to voice mail. after the beep came a voice I wasn't clad to hear.

"hey, charlie it's zayn if you didn't guessed. I wanted to say sorry I shouldn't have treated you the way I did. honestly I'm sorry. I want you back, please I want to start over again at least. of course I want to start with our strong relationschip. remeber that little boy who thought he could be badder then the schools nerd. never again." he chuckled, before he conitued.

"but you probably won't remeber, because I was a dick to be honest and you wanted to forget me, I get that. the only reason you still remember me is because I'm famous. just remember if you even listened to this. it was you that pushed me trough al this. you are in the back of my mind every time I go on stage, or before I do an intervieuw. you know, I never stopped loving you deep in my heart there always is a place for you. I can't bear this Charlie please come back to me." those words made me pick up my phone as tears streamed down my face.

"Zayn, I never forgot about you, not because you are on every television I see. and of course I remember your stubbornness. you have a special place in my heart too, although I'm trying to get you out, and sometimes it seems to work, but then I see your face remember the things we did and everything comes alright. but yet it doesn't because you made clear you didn't want me near you. you don't want me Zayn, those girls swooning over you are hundredth times better. I'm not worth you."I quickly ended the call before he could say more

I could remember...

"Hey Charlie, you slut!" I heard a scream behind me. It seemed like that from Taylor. She was never fond on me, I could say the same about her. Yet I didn't.

"Yes what is wrong Taylor?" I smiled as I turned my skirt flowing around me as I spun. The first thing she did was giving me a glare, but she inched closer and before I knew it I felt a sharp pain on my cheek.

"That's what I wanted to do a long time a ago." I wasn't shocked she did it, I guess every girl in the school wanted to slap me straight across the face.

"I guess I knew." I spoke my thoughts. I felt two pair of eyes on me, and I guess they're from the one and only Zayn Malik.

"Taylor. What are you doing?" Zayn asked and I saw Zayn's stunning features. Taylor turned around as he was behind her, and she obviously recognized his deep British voice.

"We were just talking. Currently about you." I smiled. Covering up for Taylor about the fact she slapped me. I guess Zayn didn't believe my lie as he scowled at me. I think my cheek gave me away.

"Alright then." he shot me a knowing look and I cursed under my breath. he knew I lied. Why could he read me like an open book. I've heard before I could easily be read. but I guess no one really did, as only my real friends did. Even they couldn't read me at some points.

"Well I need to go, nice seeing you Charlie. specially you Zayn." she said the last part genuine. she shot me a fake smile and then turned on her heel and stomped away.

"What did she do?" he asked quickly as she was out of hearing distance. I rolled my eyes ready to say 'nothing'

"And don't lie to me, I can see it when you do. You're readable like an open book." I heard that line before, well not exactly but you get the idea.

"I'm not readable like an open book, you can't see when I'm lying. By the way she did nothing." I say and frown at the raven haired boy in front of me.

"What. did. she. do?" he asked. And to be honest he was really scaring the shit out of me. I can't see why my best friend would have this affect on me. I mean he is in fact my best friend.

"She didn't do a thing, with those skinny legs and arms she couldn't even hurt me if she tried." I'm not good at these kind of things. Zayn's eyes got big and he wanted to wrap me into a hug.

"Where did she hit you, I'm so sorry Charlie I really am." he closed his arms around me, but I tried to wriggle free from his grip, but he had like an iron grip.

"She. didn't. hit. me." I said angrily and Zayn backed away holding me at arm distance. he looked in my eyes his brown eyes looking for the lies. Which were written al over my face. but I couldn't. I knew she liked him, and that it was just jealousy that she hit me.

"You know Charlie. You're to good for your own good."

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