Left Behind

Charlie is just a girl who hasn't had many friends, five to be exact. It's just her misfortune those five friends end up in the same band and make it. They don't just make it, they really made it. One Direction, the most famous boy band of the moment.


14. Chapter 14 Nerd ?


Louis's pov

I walked into our classroom and my mates followed behind. One girl with bright blond hair, winked at me, as she bit her lip. I hate it when girls try to flirt with me. totally no use it's not that I don't like the attention of woman, but it's only too much from the good side.

"Hey Louis." she stepped closer, but I quickly got around her and made my way to my seat, but not before saying a slight 'hey' back. otherwise I would just be rubbish wouldn't it.

"So today class we're going to start on..." and I zoned out. I watched the football field, as our school gave a good view of it, in most classrooms, well actually al the sport activities. They were important here.

"And, yes this question will be for, Tomlinson." as I heard my surname I snapped out of my daze, and looked up. I looked at the teacher questionably. he sighed. I also earned a few chuckles and a few dreamingly sighs.

"Sorry sir, I just saw someone kick a really good ball and it had an amazing technic so I watched it, maybe I could use it sometime." The reason why teachers love me? I'm the so called star player.

"Alright, then Louis just pay attention next time. I will slip it trough the finger this time." Like the hundredth time. But I nodded with a bright smile. and I heard some gasps from girls. Annoying. Although I'm not the person to smile in school. Who would be happy in school.

Then as if it was on cue the bell rang and I was out of my seat. I waited outside for my friends, who happily quickly came.

We walked to the cafeteria seeing it was lunch time. The subject I hardly never failed.

We sat at out table and started to get our food out. Girls quickly came to our table and like surrounded us. Don't they need to eat.

I scanned the place and looked around for a bit, I was looking for Charlie, but haven't seen her al day.

"Hey." I whispered to my best mate, Stan. He looked up and smiled slightly. "Have you seen Charlie?" I asked. Still in a whisper. Maybe he had seen her.

"CHARLIE?" I heard a high pitched voice, and my head snapped to the direction where the sound came from.

"Yeah, you know who she is, I'm looking for a Charlie?" I asked the crowd. Not really knowing where the voice came from.

"Yeah, I've seen her. The new girl isn't it. Yeah everyone dislikes her already. She is such a nerd. Really she told us she had two or so friends before. No honestly no one believed her. And she said she knew someone named Lewis. Really that should be one of her chess club friends. Why do you want to know Lou."

"First of al, I'm Louis not Lou. That for my friends sorry love. Secondly. I just heard about her, not needs more. It's probably not the Charlie I meant anyway." I spoke. Charlie was bad-ass and not a bookworm.

"Alright Louis. Besides..." a girl shove trough the crowd, and placed herself on my lap. "You have got me already have you, you don't need any other girl. specially! not a nerd." she swung her arm around me and girls shot her death glares. I gave the other girls looks for sorry, and they just beamed a smile back at me. Just like fangirls.

"Sorry love, but the space is for someone else." I pushed her of a little bit, signaling I didn't joke. Her shoulders slumped down and she got off my lap.

"But, for who is the space then, if it isn't me?" she asked a bit offended, I smiled at her. For some reason Charlie popped into my mind, but I quickly shook it off.

"That special girl, now shoo the bell is about to ring." I shooed the girls off and we were alone again. Finally. I looked around for Charlie again. But I found the 'nerd' Charlie they talked about. She was sitting alone and once I saw someone walk by and almost dumping food on her.

But the thing was, she smiled back at the person, and saying something. Probably sassing them out. But any way, that person walked away confused. Not angry, or offended but confused. And of course it could be some deep sassing. I just don't have to over think things.


After school, the lads and I would meet with Charlie again. We would do some football and talk I guess. I wanted to get to know Charlie. She looked like an interesting person. Not like the cake faces from our school.

"Hey." I smiled as I walked up to her, she smiled back showing her teeth of. The other lads came and she waved at us, as a hey for al of us.

"Haven't seen ya' al day, how was your first day." her smile faded a little bit, but quickly came back the way it was before. The way she looked like a bubbly person.

"The usual I think. I saw you though. You didn't seem rather happy, specially not with al those girls around. Don't guys like girls or so?" She questioned confused. I chuckled.

"Yeah I suppose they do, but at school it's just annoying. but sadly I didn't see you, hope to see you tomorrow." Her eyes filled with fear a moment but she tried to hide it. But I quickly noticed from our first meeting you could read her easily. But she always tried to hide it.

"Well, I hope you don't. I'm not the most popular kid at school, I suppose. So if you are that popular. Really don't look for me."she smiled and she seemed to relax.

"Don't be silly. But if you don't want to see me, just tell me. But I really want to see you at school, I mean other wise it would be more boring." I winked at her, and she rolled her eyes.

"Please, Louis if you want to keep your popularity please just don't, don't try and look for me. it's for your own good." she said, and I was a bit confused. But some stone hit me, not really. I just got it.

"You were the so called nerd, the one who had a fried named Lewis who I suppose is me. And you got almost food dumped on your head." I said bursting out when I knew who she was.

"Yeah." she pointed out awkwardly. "that's exactly me." she shifted with her feet in the ground. "I'll go if you want me to, really." she said picking up her bag and swinging it over her shoulder.

"No, no, no." I said quickly. "It doesn't matter. I'll get some popularity in you, believe me." I winked at her and she looked a bit dazed.

"You mean it? you know that I can stay, and you know... maybe.." she didn't finish her sentence as she looked at the ground.

"What should I know?" I asked eagerly. She looked so nervous for this.

"You.. be your.. be your friend." she looked up and I saw how unsure she was about this. If I said no I knew I would break her. But even without that point I would obviously say.

"Yes of course I am. I'm not someone to judge on their popularity level, nor how they look." I said before I realized what I said.

"Yeah thanks, really like the way you look too." she rolled her eyes sarcastically, and I chuckled. Surly not like those other girls.

"Well thank you kind lady, we shouldn't keep them waiting. We are the star players." I said in a posh accent. and Charlie burst out laughing.

"You're the worst." she pushed me playfully and ran to the field where Jack, James and Stan were.

We played for the rest of the day, and I knew I had a new friend. Although the girls at our school wouldn't like this, not at all. 

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