Left Behind

Charlie is just a girl who hasn't had many friends, five to be exact. It's just her misfortune those five friends end up in the same band and make it. They don't just make it, they really made it. One Direction, the most famous boy band of the moment.


13. Chapter 13 Not That Recent

Zayn's pov

we would do an interview, and Harry was as last getting ready. and I was known as the vain one. rubbish. we got called up, and Louis twitched with the picture between his fngers. we knew what we would be doing.

"hey boys." the tv host greeted, she had a fake smile plastered on her face when she shook our hands, and motioned us to sit down. we began the normal questions. about upcoming albums, tours and girlfriends. the usual topics.

"So which one of you is single or I seeing a girl in his life?" the host asked watching us over. Me and Louis raised our hands.

"you know." louis started, and all the boys, except Harry, knew where this was going. "there is a girl in Harry's life." Harry's head shot up, and the host looked seemly interested.

"ow really, can we know more." she scooted closer on her chair.

"well, she is an beautiful girl, but he lost contact. but he really misses her and would love to see her again. we have a picture of her if someone saw her you can tell contact us or something. but this isn't a really recent picture. she's the same age as harry, has brown hair, and big brown eyes." louis explained. he gave the host the picture.

"well who ever this girl is, she must be very lucky if the Harry Styles is looking for her, and even asked help from his friends." she took the picture, and showed it to the public.

"so again, if someone saw her, this is her." she held it back, and looked at it.

"but this is a thirteen year old." she said shocked.

"yeah like louis said, not so recent anymore." I piped in, and the host's head snapped to me. she looked at me, and then gave me a scowel.

"yeah, I think you're right. well this was One direction, thank you for coming guys." she gushed her hate towards me forgotten.

there was an applause and we went off. I smiled at Harry, who had a tight smile on his face.

"come on mate, aren't you happy?" Liam asked. I chuckled. I kind of missed Niall, he would make an comment about food right now.

"yeah, I guess." he muttered.

"what's wrong?" Louis asked, we all stood around him, and he looked up with his green eyes.

"I saw her, I knew I saw her. I met her brother, and then she came. but, but I lost her in the crowd of people." his eyes stood sad. and it seemed like he could burst in tears any moment from now.

"I'm going to get you what water mate." I patted his back and walked around an corner. I looked for someone who could get me to a cup of water. I saw a girl she was waiting or something, her back was towards me. I walked towards her and tapped her shoulder.

she twirled around, her skirt flowing around her. her brown hair almost sweeping into my face. she smiled at me, but her smile faded quickly. probably not a fan.

"I'm looking for some water, have you any idea where I can get some?" I asked her, her brown eyes shooting daggers.

"well I'm not going to help you, if you think so." she crosses her arms over her chest.

"Charlie, don't talk like that to our guests, specially not a member from one direction" I heard a scowling voice. her eyes went big, and looked behind her. she quickly nodded to someone behind her.

"Charlie?" I asked her, I already thought she was familiar. she scowled at me, and walked towards a table I didn't even notice. she took a bottle and handed it me.

"bye." she gave me the most sarcastic smile ever, and then twirled her skirt following her again.

"no wait. Charlie." I took on hold of her wrist, and pulled her back. but I knew she hadn't forgotten about me. good thing zayn, think about the positive things.

"oh yeah wait, you were just as jerkisch as the other players. never think you're anything better." she smiled sweetly. she bowed and then walked away. and I let her, I should go find a way to get her back, get her back to call her mine again.

just like she was.

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