Left Behind

Charlie is just a girl who hasn't had many friends, five to be exact. It's just her misfortune those five friends end up in the same band and make it. They don't just make it, they really made it. One Direction, the most famous boy band of the moment.


12. Chapter 12 Bad Boys


Charlie's pov

I walked into the office of the Head. this was again my new school, here in Bradford. I was almost sixteen, then I could live on my own, only three years to go. then I would be free.

"ah, you must be Charlie am I right?" she looked up from her papers and I nodded. she smiled, showing of her teeth.

"well how lovely. I found the perfect way to show you around. he wasn't behaving, for the first time may I add, and now this will be his punishment." I smiled, that didn't hurt at all.

"he stands just right outside the door, I made sure you have the same classes." she smiled a warm smiled and I nodded. I got an schedule and walked out the office.

out side there was a boy hanging against the wall. he had black hair and a tanned skin. he had brown eyes, and he seemed nice. that's what I first thought.

"hey" he smiled, and pushed himself of the wall. "I'm Zayn." he extended his hand I took it and shook it.

"I'm Charlie." I smiled back at him. he let go of my hand and took my schedule.

"I'm going to show you around Charlie." he looked down at the ground, and he looked shy for a moment. that was a thing I wouldn't have thought.

he gave me my schedule back, and I smiled at him once again. he seemed like a nice guy. I could be his friend, but the thing was, if he wanted to. the bell rang and Zayn took his backpack from the ground and went into one direction. I quickly followed him.

"so, we have different kind of groups in our school." he started to explain. "of course we have the nerds, the bitches, the football players who date the bitches aka the cheerleaders. but half of girls on our school is 'madly in love' with them." I chuckled lightly.

"we have the sing club, and the dance/act club. those groups always sit together. we have the jerks, they sit by themselves and the music group. And then we're done I guess, besides the unknown groups of course." he finished just as we came to the right classroom I guess.

"and where do you belong?" I asked, but I spoke to soon as a girl with a way to short skirt came to him and hugged him.

"zayniiiiee" she squealed. maybe I spoke to soon. but he called his girlfriend a bitch I guess, nice boyfriend.

"Taylor, this is Charlie." he introduced me. I smiled, but she just gave me a scowl. I think he's right about the bitch thing.

"Zayn you're sitting with me right." I tried getting away from my spot to leave the couple behind, and to look for a spot to sit. but Zayn took a hold of my hand.

"sorry babe, but I'm sitting with her." he quickly pulled my into a seat and sat beside me.

"like I said bitches." I giggled. he looked up at me with brown eyes, and looked me up and down. he licked his lips to speak but the teacher walked in and the lesson started.

"so we have a new student, please welcome Charlie. am I right?" he asked I nodded my head, and he smiled at me.

"slut!" I heard from the back of the class. I smirked, and rolled my eyes. but I felt a pair of eyes on me, and I knew they were from Zayn. why was he watching me?

"we don't tolerate that kind of languages, go out side and I'll talk to you later." I looked up and saw Taylor glaring at me.

"sir" I said, and al attention was on me. I didn't like attention, but if you could save someone, wouldn't you offer something.

"I don't think that's reasonable. I'm not hurt with it at first, and second it's not like it would be fair. shouldn't she get an warning first or something." I tried to reason. the teacher looked at me, but then nodded.

"fine, only a warning." he called Taylor back in and the he told us to be quiet as he would leave for a minute.

"why did you do that?" I heard the deep voice of Zayn ask. I gave him a question look.

"why wouldn't I?" I smiled at him, he looked a bit confused. he looked over my features again.

"well, she insulted you, you have your revenge or something. you're a slut for the whole school now, not sure, but usually when Taylor says something, people believe it." I laughed at Zayn.

"why would I want to have revenge. she doesn't deserve it clearly. and if they want to believe it, I'm fine with it, whatever makes them happy. specially Taylor, she must be happy with it she made it up. But mostly why should I care what they think of me" Zayn looked over me once again, his big brown eyes scanning me. But I didn't get him, why would someone want to have revenge.

"you're a strange person Charlie," He smiled, and I knew he meant it positive. I smiled back at him.

"speak for yourself." I grumbled and crossed my arms. Zayn chuckled and then the teacher walked back in. he gave me a look and I just looked back.


the two first lessons went by faster then I thought they would. for some reason it was better with Zayn.

we walked into the lunchroom, and Zayn quickly found his table. I saw Taylor hanging at his shoulder not faster then any other. they sure were happy, when love was only from one side. But they looked like the perfect 'hot' couple everyone loved so much. Just as the football captain and the cheerleader's leader.

I looked around for an seat, and saw one with the so called 'nerds' I guess. I started to make my way towards them, but a voice stopped me.

"Charlie, come sit with us." I turned around and Zayn's eyes stared back at mine. I took a light jog towards them. I looked around the table, and Taylor quickly took two seats. making sure I couldn't sit.

"sorry, no where to seat." she pouted her lip fakely. I smiled back her.

"no it's fine really, no need to be sorry." I turned on my heal and heard Taylor mutter bitch under her breath. the happiness of humans.

"no wait Charlie, you can sit on my lap." I heard his deep voice.

"If your girlfriend doesn't mind" I said while turning around. he laughed loudly.

"I don't have a girlfriend." he smiled and patted his legs. "that's why you didn't try flirting with me." He whispered to himself. but I heard him, but tried not to let it show.

I placed myself on his lap, took my lunch out. in progress I swept my ponytail in his face. His friends burst out, and I did the same. his friends looked at me, and eyed me up and down like Zayn had done. what is it, do I have something on my face.

"so, I wanted to ask, and don't laugh the others did," I warned as my last friends who laughed at me. "is there a sport for girls, and this is not the exact question I wanted to ask, but usually there is only cheerleading. I have now idea why." the boys around me laughed, even some girls did. was it that strange that I asked.

"well, there only is vollybal, except Cheerleading. why love you can ask your question." he took my by my waist and placed me on the now empty spot beside him.

"I'm just going to ask it in an other way. is there any chance at me training with you guys?" I asked.

"you mean with football?" one of the guys asked. I nodded my head yes. "well see, she tries flirting with us." he winked at Zayn. and I rolled my eyes.

"I'm serious, I love to football. and don't call me a tomboy. I'm not." the boys and girls on the table were quiet. then they all burst out laughing, I only missed one laugh. one I had heard before today.

I looked at Zayn and he looked back with a sweet smile. "I can look for it." and then the bell rang and everybody gathered their stuff and went to their lessons.

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