Left Behind

Charlie is just a girl who hasn't had many friends, five to be exact. It's just her misfortune those five friends end up in the same band and make it. They don't just make it, they really made it. One Direction, the most famous boy band of the moment.


10. Chapter 10 The Loser


Niall's pov

I walked into my homeroom, and girls looked at me. twirling strands or their hair, winking, giggling and other girly sounds. to be honest, it was annoying, usually I wouldn't mind. but now after she left, it wasn't right.

I gave them a weak smile and they started fangirling or what ever. I sat in my seat, and next my seat she would usually always sit. I sighed.

"need company?" I heard mandy's voice ring in my ears. I looked up to meet her eyes, and just nodded bluntly. she smiled, a bit to wide, and sat down in HER seat.

the bell luckily rang, I quickly got up and made my way to my first class. I walked to my locker, I saw a girl running towards hers. she quickly pulled it open and got her books out. I watched her carefully, she looked afraid of something, yet she didn't.

"hey slut." I recognized one of mandy's friends. the girl looked up, she looked straight in the other girls eyes, her fear disapearing. I quickly pulled my locker open and eavesdropped.

"you better stay away from him bitch." another one said, and they all cracked up.

"we saw you talking to him yesterday, stay aways slut." they didn't forget to make her more miserable.

"Niall is mine, so stay away, otherwise life will be another hell." that was mandy's voice, "bitch."

"if you would prefer that." the girl I recognized from yesterday. she was a bitch indeed, she was selfish. they better make her miserable.

"slut." I could hear them walk away, I got my books out, and quickly shut it. I saw the girls and she didn't look a tiny bit sad, sadly. she looked up from het schedule, she saw me and her eyes got big and she made her way out of the place she was in as quickly as she could. strange.

It was lunch, so I sat, as you would call it, the popular table. they chatted, and I was just eating my food quietly.

"so have you seen that new kid, yeah she is a total loser." mandy placed herself beside me, she sat next to me, but to close. I needed personal space.

"Niall." She wined, I gave her a smile, and she smiled devilish. "I dare you to sit with her, and break her after you become friends." she dared me and pointed to the girl who broke me yesterday.

"Niall don't be a pussy." the boys around us started laughing. I rolled my eyes.

"It will be my pleasure." I stood up and walked to her table. I slammed my trace down, and she looked up.

"hey." I smiled faintly. she wanted to hit on me yesterday so this should be easy. she looked behind me, and nodded.

"just say something to me, I'll smile, then I do if I'm broken, alright?" she asked, a smile plastered on her face. I gave her a confused.

"ow come on, I'm not stupid. one of your friends dared you to break me or anything, I'll play along." I was shocked as she know.

"why would you do it though?" I asked as I sat down.

"well, I'm not getting any better by it, you do so why not. beside I said I would stay away from you." she smiled, and the smile was genuine. I frowned.

"I don't get it."

"well, I'm the loser now." I nodded as everyone already called her that. she didn't even look offend when I agreed with her. "well why don't I let people use me, I wont have friends here any way, can at least try to make someone not to feel like me, gain popularity, or just for them to get friends. I don't have them so I know how it feels." I looked at her shocked.

"and you would do that?" I asked, she nodded, the bright smile never leaving her face. this would be easy like I said.

"then maybe I could be your friend." I tried, but I knew she would give in any way.

"yesterday you made clear you didn't want to, so I'm sorry what ever I did, I'll stay away from you if you want." I shook my head and her big brown eyes widened. she looked afraid, but then yet again not. it was hard to read her.

"then what do I do?"she asked, trying to contain herself but her voice betrayed her. "I can make you homework, or write an essay for you." I chuckled.

"No worries, just be my friend." I said.

"I can just pretended to break really, you don't have to try with al honesty." she smiled again, and for some reason it fascinated me.

"but with al honesty, I want to be your friend." I lied. she smirked, something I had never see her do before, but it fitted her. it fitted the shy girl.

"your eyes betray you." she point out. but her voice was stronger, she didn't spoke quiet and shyly. she spoke confident and not in a whisper anymore. I looked down.

"really I don't mind." she said agian.

"we can try to be friends." I whispered, me being shy now. but this question was different, I meant it.

"if you want it that way." she sighed.

"so Charlie, tell me something about you." I asked as I remembered her name. she tapped her chin and then thought of something.

"I love to play football." she smiled, me on the other hand burst out laughing.

"you're kiding me, aren't you." I said and she rolled her eyes.

"you're not the first one to laugh at it, but louis taught me, so now I'm better than first, I can prove." she smirked, and the shy girl vanished in front of my eyes. it wasn't hard to break her, and I knew that.

"Louis?" I aksed, she nodded.

"Harry taught me the basics, and I improved myself, but Louis helped on that." she spoke, and I nodded.

"well I have football practice after school, you can prove how good you are in front of my team." I smiled and she rolled her eyes.

"you're on."

the bell rang and she sprang up quickly to leave again, and the shy girl returned right in front of my eyes.

that further day was just plain old borring. I walked to my locker and got my stuff for football practice. I loved to play, and I hated the idea from someone being better than me, specially a girl. I was the best player on the team, so she wouldn't beat me. never in a million years.

I quickly chanced. I chanced with the boys I had lunch with today, and almost every day.

"so, uhm.. she is coming." I said, and the boys stared laughing.

"to watch?" one of them asked, but I shook my head. they al gave a confused look. I chuckled.

"she said she could beat me, and me having to accept dares today, I did it. so you're going to watch me beat her." they al burst out laughing.

"a girl beating our star player, never in a million years." you're pulling the word out my mouth.

we got outside, and I saw charlie. I couldn't deny not liking the view. she had good curves, as tight ass, she wore short shorts, and a low cut top, she had her hair in a high ponytail the boys whistled.

"ey babe, cheerleading is on another field, trying to impress us." one of them screamed, and the others screamed.

"not that we're not liking the view." one of them winked at her. I shook my head.

"I'm not here for you." she said, as she had walked closer. "I'm here for him." She pointed. her shy attitude was gone, completely. they looked confused, they weren't the smartest I should say.

"but the only one coming for him is that loser, or have to be one of those girls who are drooling over him. wait everyone is." she laughed.

"now don't flatter him, but I'll pass." the boys burst out laughing, and I grumbled something under my breath. something I shouldn't say.

"but babe, really you need to go." they winked. "but I want to have your number first, just for.. for you punishment." Nick winked and the boys agreed. didn't they see she was the 'nerd'. but I have to be honest she is hot right now.

"ow really." she smiled. "well no need for punishment is there, because I really need to be here." she smiled and shot them a wink back. why was she acting so different.

"yeah she is here for me." I spoke after Nick opened his mouth to argue again. they looked at me in confusion.

"her? the girl isn't that loser." I wanted tot speak but our coach waltzed in.

"why do we have a girl on practice, I thought we decided, no more girls, not even your own girlfriends." he walked towards us, and looked at us. I wanted to speak, but Charlie did it for me.

"he got an dare from me, don't want your starplayer to lose, now would you?" he turned towards her. I nodded my head.

"he's going to play against you, a girl. and you think you can win?" he burst out laughing, but she just rolled her eyes.

"ya wrong there, I don't think, I know." she smirked, putting one of her hands on her hips.

"feisty." Nick said and the others agreed.

"well, I would like to see that." he laughed. but Charlie walked away and got a ball laying on the ground somewhere.

"fine." she placed the ball in the middle of the field. she quickly made two goals of four shoes. because the real field would be too big for two players. she waited for me to come when she was finished.

"let's play." the boys went to the side, and our coach went to the tribune. one of them made a start sign, and I ran to the ball, not expecting a hard match.

Charlie on the other hand ran to the ball. she got there first, but I knew I could easily get it mine. She ran past me, and I made a usual move. not many people noticed I did. I usually got the ball back. but Charlie did noticed, and quickly the ball rolled over the imaginary line, between two shoes.

1-0 for her.

"one out of three." she said and she placed the ball in the middle. I could win this. if this was her best, and me not playing that good.

I took a quick run for the ball, but Charlie got there fatser, and the ball rolled in my goal once again. that wasn't so impressive.

she placed the ball in the middle again, and this time I got there fatser, she got the ball back, but I did the same. and this time the ball rolled into her goal.

All the time I didn't hear a thing from the tribune, or the guys. Charlie placed the ball in the middle, and this time that ball, again, rolled into my goal.

I lost.

"well played," Charlie smirked, but she didn't seem to exhausted, me on the other hand wasn't either. but I was shocked. I was in total shock. a girl beat me, and not just some girl, the school nerd beat me.

"yeah, you too, next time I try not to let you win." I tried, but I knew form the start she wouldn't believe me, she wasn't stupid.

"that was amazing, you're so good." "yeah" "awesome, you found her well." one of them joked, as the others went on going to compliment her.

"step aside, I want to ask her something." they stepped aside, and our coach went to her. "would you like to join our team? there isn't a girl team because none of the girls in this school showed interest in football, but would you?" did he really just asked her.

"of course I want to, if the other boys don't mind. it's a team sport after all." Charlie answered.

"no we want you, what is your name love?" Nick asked her.

"my name is Charlie." she smirked and extended her hand. the boys all shook it, when she came to me, she didn't lower her hand, she just held it high. I hesitated but took it and shook it.

"this is your new team mate Charlie, it's official." our coach said excitedly. so she 
was our new team mate, great.



AN: I just want to say that I don't think girls can't play football, it's just for the sake of the story

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