5 Seconds of Romance

Alexa has just gone through a terrible break up, so to cheer her up her best friend Bailee takes her to see her favorite band, 5 Seconds of Summer. As they are leaving they run into the lead singer Luke Hemmings. They only meet for 5 seconds, but it was enough to make Alexa fall in love with him. Now these two girls will find out how hard loving members from a famous band is, but they know they can make it through anything.


7. The Sleepover

*Bailee's POV*

The boys stayed over again. I got up and saw what time it was. I slowly got out of Michael's grip and went to my closet. I picked out jeans, a white tank-top with a sweatshirt over it that said New York, with a grayish scarf, and brown boots. I put my hair into a side ponytail. I wrote a note to Michael:

'Hey Michael. I have to go to school. If you guys want to stay it will be fine. I was going to tell you guys that I am having Alexa over tonight and thought you guys could come too so we all can get on the flight tomorrow just in time. Well, I have to go. Text me if you need anything. Bye Mikey.'

'Bailee ;) '

I put it on his phone and walked out that door. I went downstairs and grabbed the keys. My mom left a note saying:

'Hey Sweetie. I have to work the night shift tonight. I will be coming home around 11. Then leaving about 5 to go back to work. I am sorry. I love you and I hope I will see you in the morning if I don't call me when you can. I love you so much and I hope you have a great and a amazing time. I will miss you so much. If you want your friends to stay here I am totally fine with that. He is 50 dollars for you guys to get something to eat like pizza for supper. Also here is 30 dollars for lunch or something else you need. I will get some money for you to spend on the trip. I also will send some when you  I get my paycheck when I leave at 10:30. I love you so much have a great time.

'Love, Mom.'

I love my mom so much. She is an awesome mom. I love her so much. I put the 50 dollars in the draw that we have towels in at the very bottom. I put the 30 dollars in my wallet. I walked outside and to my car. Before I could leave Ashton came running out.

"Ashton whats wrong?" I asked him.

"Nothing. Just wanted to know where you were going and if I could come with."

"I'm going to school. You would be better off staying home."

"Fine. I will see you after school right?"

"Yes. Bye Ash."

"Bye Bay."

I smiled and started driving to Alexa's place. I picked her up and we went to school. 

"Hey by the way I am going to be driving tomorrow." She said.

"Awesome. That will be fun."


We got to the school and we both went to our lockers. 

"Hey Bailee." someone said.

I turned my hair and saw my old friends: Jenny, Rachel, Jasmine, and Courtney.

After the party I went to and Tyler did something to my drink and took an advantage of me and raped me, they started calling me a slut and crap and they didn't want to be friends with someone who sleeps with boys all the time. So they left me and I was made fun of and then Alexa took me in and now we have been the best of friends since then. 

"What do you want?" I asked.

"Can we be friends again?" Courtney asked.



"Really? Cause after everything you guys put me in and I was bullied for a while you left me with no one. Thanks to the friend I have now I love life and everyone does not bother me. I have amazing friends. So there, I am done with you guys."

"Are you serious? Can't we forget about that and be friends?"

"Okay. What is the real reason why you want to be friends?"

"Whatever. Well, talk later. Bye Baby."

"Shut up." I whispered as they left.

I hate those girls so much. They treated me so badly. I am so glad that I am not friends with them anymore. Alexa came over to me and we started to go to class.

*After School*

"So my mom was wondering if you wanted to stay at my house so we all can get on the plane together and on time." I said to Alexa.

"Yeah sure. I'll ask."

"Okay. Just don't tell her the boys might be staying."




"I know right."

"I really want Michael to ask you out!"

"Oh shut up Alexa."

"What its true. He really likes you. I can tell."

"Thanks. He is a really nice and funny guy."


"Shut up." I said laughing.

We pulled up to Alexa's house and we both went inside. I said hi to her parents and then we went upstairs to get everything for the trip. I mean I should say tour with 5 Seconds of Summer for 5 months it is going to be so much fun I can not wait. Alexa and I put her things in the back of my car and we went back to my place. She told me that she just needs the bag that she is bringing that has her cloths for tomorrow. I nodded and we went inside. Once we got in there the boys came down and gave us all hugs. It was about 4:30.

"What kind of pizza do you all like?" I asked.

"Whatever. We aren't that picky." Luke said.

"Okay, so does meat lovers, taco, and a cheese with stuff crust?" I asked.

"Heck Yeah." Alexa said.

"Alexa shut up we get it all the time so I know you will be okay with it. You guys?"

"Sounds good love." Michael said hugging me.

I smiled and then started to dial the pizza place.

"Casey's how may I help you?"

"Yes, I would like to order a large meat lovers, a large taco, and a large stuff crust cheese pizza please."

"Okay, so three large pizzas one meat lovers, one taco, and one with stuff crust that is cheese?"

"Yes. Thats right."

"Okay, that will be 35 Dollars."

"Okay. Thank you."

"It will be ready in 20 minutes."

"Okay thank you."

Then I hung up.

"How much was it?" Ashton asked.

"35 dollars."


"Yeah. 10 dollars for a large pizza and 5 dollars extra if you order stuff crust."

"Thats not bad."


"Do you need money?"

"No, my mom left us some."

"Okay. If you need extra, I can help."

"Thanks Ashton but I think i'm covered."

He smiled and laughed his cute laugh. I just love Ashton's laugh. Ashton is like a brother to me. He is so funny and is like me. I walked to the kitchen and got the money out of the drawer. I haven't used my 30 dollars so we can get drinks.

*20 minutes later*

Michael came with me to get the pizza. We stopped at a light. I had my left hand on the wheel and I was leaning on the center thing with my right hand. I looked at my phone and it was about 5. I looked at Michael and he was looking at me. I smiled and looked back at the light and it was still red. I hate these stupid lights. I was so focused on the light that I then relied that Michael was grabbing my hand. Once he finally grabbed my hand he sat there looking at the light too. He slowly intertwine our fingers. I slowly started to smile. The light finally turned and I just kept driving with Michael holding my hand. We got to Casey's and went inside. I walked over to the place where the pizza is to get my order. I looked at the person and it was Alexa's cousin, Hannah.

"Bailee, Hey."

"Hey Hannah. How are you?"

"Fine. How about you?"


"Thats good. I see you have a new boy toy."

"Hannah oh my god, no he is just my best friend."

"Oh I see now. Are you and Tyler still together?"

"No. I broke up with him."

"Why? He was a nice guy."

"He was nice but then he changed and became rude, mean, and a horrible person. Did you hear what happened?"

"Yeah, Alexa told me. I am so sorry that you had to go threw that."

"It's fine. So now after that happened and we broke up, I am not going to date for a while. I don't want that happening again and I want to make sure that the person I date is a nice guy and not one of those that are nice and then turn into a mean guy like Tyler did."

"Yeah true. Well, hey I have to get back to work but I'll get your pizzas."

"Sounds good."

She went over to the oven and on top was the pizzas.

"Here you go. I know you guys get the Cheese thing a lot. So I put in some bread sticks. Don't tell anyone. Oh and here is my number. Text me sometime."

"Awe Hannah, Thanks and of course I will. Thanks again Hannah."

"Yup. Bye."

Michael and I walked to the back of casey's and got five different types of drink we got: Mountain Dew, Coke, Coca Cola Cherry, Dr.Pepper and a Root Beer.

I carried one of them cause I still had the pizzas and Michael grabbed the other four. We paid for all of it and then went to the car. We put the drinks on the floor and the pizza on the seat. We got back into the car and started it. I texted Alexa saying we saw her cousin and that we are coming back. I waited for her text and she texted back asking if we could get ice cream. I rolled my eyes, laughed and texted sure. We went to the store and got two containers of ice cream fast so the pizza would not get cold. I got a recess peanut butter kind and a cookie dough kind. After getting that I noticed that I could not fine Michael. I looked at my phone and it said that I can go to the car that he would be there in a second. I nodded my head at my phone and walked out to the car. I put the ice cream in the back and the pizzas were still hot which was good.

I warmed up the car and Michael came. He put a bag in the back and hopped up front.

"What did you get?"

"Oh something for the tour."

"Oh okay."

We went all the way home. Michael got the pops and the bags. I put a pop in the ice cream bag and grabbed that and the pizzas. Michael had already gone in and the door was closed great. I started to walking to the door and then it opened and I saw that Michael was holding the door for me. I smiled and thanked him. I put the ice cream in the freezer and called everyone into eat. I grabbed 6 plates and we all started to eat our pizza.

"What would you guys like to drink we have Mountain Dew, Coke, Coca-Cola Cherry, Dr. Pepper, and Root Beer."

"I'll take Coke." Luke said.

"Coke." Calum said,

"Dr. Pepper." Ashton said.

"Root Beer." Alexa said.

Only her. I knew she would want Root Beer.

"And I'll help you get the drinks." Michael said getting up.

"Thanks Mikey."

We got everyones drink and gave them to them. Michael sat down next to me and we ate our food while talking to everyone else. Once we were all done eating we just sat there talking.

"So how is the tyler thing going. He still bothering you?"

"Yeah. Everyone is talking about how he is going to try to do something special to get you back." Alexa said.

I looked at Michael and saw him tense up. I grabbed his hand from under the table and intwined our fingers and then I felt him relax and looked back at Alexa.

"He can go find another girl.  I hate him and he will never get me back. He lost me a long time ago."

"Good cause I don't want to see him."

"Me too."

We all got up and got some ice cream.

*Night Time*

We were all watching movies and my mother came home. She was happy to see all of us. I introduced the boys to my mom. She was very happy to see them. I sat back down and Michael put his arm around me.

"Awe now isn't that cute. Bay needs a man who can take care of her, help her, and be there for her. He seems like a better guy then that other one um..... Tyler. That was his name."



"Why are you saying that?"

"Look at you two. It's cute." She said getting up walking to go upstairs.

"He's a keeper."  she said winking.

I blushed so badly. Everyone was laughing. I was so bright red it was pretty funny but I was so embarrassed. Alexa looked at me and laughed. I stuck my tongue at her and cuddled into Michael's side. He put his hand on my shoulder and we just sat there watching movies. We all watched about 5 movies before we decided that we should go to bed.

Calum and Michael shared a room so no one could think we like each other a lot.  Alexa and Luke shared a room and I let Ashton in my room. I changed into my Pj's. I hopped into bed and snuggled under the blankets and closed my eyes. I felt the bed move a little bit, a cold breeze hit my feet, and then it became warm again. I opened my eyes and saw Ashton texting on his phone looking up at the ceiling. I grinned and closed my eyes again. I finally ended up going to sleep.


I woke up the next morning to see Ashton looking at me. I slowly sat up and stretched. Michael sat up too. I looked at him, scooted closer to him, and hugged him. He pulled me onto his lap and hugged me back. I put my head in the cock of his neck and just hugged him. He hugged me tighter. I felt so safe with Ashton but I also do with Michael. 

"You okay?" He asked looking at me.

"Yeah. I just....... had a bad dream."

I didn't know what to say.

"Oh okay. Well, I'm here now."

"Thanks Ashton." I saying hugging him again. I slide off his lap and went and got changed into my outfit. Alexa came in yelling:

"GET UP!!!!"

"Alexa calm down."

"Sorry. I thought you werent up."

"It's fine and hey we are matching."

"Heck yeah we are." she said all happy.

Our outfits:

I laughed. Alexa left and I got my suitcases out of the closet.

"Three suitcases?" Ashton asked.

"Alexa has four and I have two big ones and a smallish one."

"True thats not bad."

"Yeah. Alexa thinks she has to bring her whole room."

"I heard that!" Alexa said at the door.

"Have you been listening the whole time?" I asked.

"No, I walked passed and heard that."

"Haha, funny."

"Hurry. We are leaving in 25 minutes."


Ashton got out of bed and went into the bathroom to change. He came back out looking cute as ever. I smiled and grabbed my suitcases. I put my bag on the back and grabbed one of my suitcases. I walked downstairs and saw the security guard for the boys. He took my bags out to the bus. I thanked him and went upstairs to grab the last one. Ashton was just getting done getting ready. I turned off the light, grabbed my suitcase, and looked at Ashton. He walked up to me and grabbed my left hand. We went downstairs and walked out to the bus. We walked inside and I was so surprised at how nice it looks. We went to the beds in the back. I saw that there was only four beds. I knew Alexa and Luke would share. I just decided to figure it out later. I put my things under the bottom bunk bed. The thing I really liked about the beds was the curtains so you can have some privacy. Alexa and Luke came by and picked the bottom bunk under the one Michael took. I walked to the front of the bus and just looked around. I was very impressed by all of this. I have never been on a bus like this. I sat down on the couch. Ashton came and sat down by me. He laid down with his head on my lap. 

"Hey Bay." He said.

"Hi Ash."

"How do you like the bus?"

"I like it I have never been on a bus. I mean a tour bus."

"Yeah, it is pretty awesome."


I nodded my head and then Luke came in with a stuff penguin.

"Hey luke. Hows the penguin going for you?" Ashton asked laughing.

I laughed at how cute and funny Ashton's laugh is. Luke laughed and walked to the beds in the back. I looked down at Ashton and he looked up at me smiling. I smiled back. He put his arms around my waist and put his head on my stomach. I really could not hug him so I rubbed his back. Then the next thing I know is that he fell asleep on me. I smiled and just let him be. I looked at my phone and Alexa was calling me.

"Hey whats up?"

"Hey, where are you?"

"In the bus. Why?"

"Oh okay cause nobody saw you leave the house and also your mom wants to say goodbye."

"Okay but can you have one of the boys come and help me."


"Thanks bye."


I waited a little bit and Luke came in.

"He just fell asleep like this."

"Its fine. I can pick him up."

"Okay, thank you Luke."

"Yup, no problem. Also Ashton is on the top, Alexa and I are on the top, Michael is under us, and Calum is under Ashton."

"Okay. Thanks Luke."

I said going to say goodbye to my mom. I walked inside and saw my mom standing there with a present in her hands. 

"Mom whats this?"

"I just thought you would like to open a present since you won't be here for christmas."

"Awe mom, I am going to miss you so much."

"I will you too."

I gave her a hug and she gave me the first presents. I opened it up and it was a necklace. It had a silver heart on it. I saw that you could open it. I opened it and saw on one side was Alexa and I and on the other side was my mother. I smiled and hugged my mom.

"Thank you mom. It is so pretty."

"I thought you would like it."

"I love it mom."

I put the lid back on the small box and put it in my purse. 

"Also here is two envelopes with money. I will send more money to you after every month. I hope this will late you so start with this and ill send more later."

"Thanks mom. I promise when I get back I will get a job so you don't have to keep giving me money. It is just hard to fine a job around here."

"Yeah and I almost forgot to tell you that we are moving."


"You won't be moving schools or anything. We are going to live out in the country on a farm."

"That is awesome. I have always wanted to have a farm."

"Sweetie I have something to tell you."

"Mom?" I said as she pulled me down to the couch.

"So we need to talk about father. So that trip he is taking. He really isn't going on a trip. He has been having an affair with another women while with me. He has 4 kids with her. That is why we are moving. I went upstairs to get something and all of his things are gone. He left this box under the bed with pictures."

"Yeah, I saw that because I have this." I said getting the picture out of my purse.

"Anyways we will talk about this some other time. Have a great time. I will miss you so much. I love you Bailee."

"I love you too Mom." I say hugging her. 

Alexa came down the stairs and gave my mom a hug. Then we went and got on the tour bus. I smiled and waved to her as I we drove off. Once we drove off I went to the beds in the back. I climbed into Ashton's cause I saw he was still there. I made sure the curtain got closed. 

I laid there thinking and then it hit me hard. That my father was cheating on my mother and that he left us. Why did he leave us. I started to cry really badly. I think I woke up Ashton by accident. I felt him put his arms around me holding me close to him. I cried into his chest as he rubbed my back. 

"Bailee whats wrong?" He asked in a soft voice.

"My f-f-father left u-us. He was c-cheating on my m-mother." I said trying not stutter.

"Shh..... Its okay. Let it out. I'm here you can tell me anything." He said rubbing my back.

I just sat there and kept on crying. I could not hold it in any longer. 

"Ashton are you crying?" someone asked coming into the room. 

They opened the curtain.

"Oh Bailee. Whats wrong?"

I shocked my head so that only Ashton could see.

"It's fine Luke. I got it."

"Okay. If you need anything Bailee you can talk to me too." Luke said rubbing my back.

Then the curtain closed and I was left alone with Ashton. 

"You okay?" Ashton asked.

"I don't know."

"Don't worry. I will be here for you no matter what. Even if you need me in the middle of the night."

"Thanks Ash." I said snuggling more into him.

After a bit I fell asleep in Ashton's arm.

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