5 Seconds of Romance

Alexa has just gone through a terrible break up, so to cheer her up her best friend Bailee takes her to see her favorite band, 5 Seconds of Summer. As they are leaving they run into the lead singer Luke Hemmings. They only meet for 5 seconds, but it was enough to make Alexa fall in love with him. Now these two girls will find out how hard loving members from a famous band is, but they know they can make it through anything.


4. Religious Problems

*Bailee's POV*

Then someone pulled Tyler off of me. 

"Because I'm her boyfriend." the person said.

Tyler got up and walked away really mad.  I stood there wondering who the person why and why they said that they were my boyfriend.

"Bailee!"  someone yelled.

I turned my head and saw Alexa coming over.  I turned back and saw Ashton standing there.

"You saved me?" I asked kinda happy.

"I, uhh, yeah, I just didn't like the way he was touching you and all that."  he said blushing and looking away.

"Thank you, Ashton." I said, hugging him.

He hugged me back and I smiled.  I loved his hugs.

I opened my eyes and saw Alexa and I mouthed a 'thank you.' to her.  She nodded her head and I still continued to hug Ashton.  I then realized what really just all happened and I hugged Ashton tighter, while I tried to hold back the tears.  I did not want to cry in front of them and show them how emotional I can be.

"Aww, now isn't that cute." said Alexa.

We stopped hugging and I saw and Michael did not like that comment.

"I think they mean us."  Michael whispered in my ear and then winking at me.

"In your dreams Sweet Potato." I said to him.

"Oh your funny Baby Cakes ."

"Haha."  I said pinching his cheeks.

"Come on lets get out of this school." Alexa said.

Michael came in front of me and kneeled down on the floor.

"Hop on." He said.



"Cause im fat and I don't want to hurt you."

"When you get on a scale does it say error?"


"That is because you are skinny."

"Awe Michael. That was so cute."

He smiled and I hopped on.  He carried me outside and once we got to the car there was not any room for me, so Ashton pulled me into the car and made me sit on his lap. I laid my head on his chest and listening to his heart beat. I love Ashton as a brother to me.  We drove all the way to my place.  Nobody was home and I didn't want to be alone.

"Can you guys stay? I don't want to be alone."

"I will." Michael said.

"Okay. Anyone else?"

"I wish, but Ashton and I have to go talk to our manager."  said Calum.

"I have to get home.  My curfew is in 5 minutes."


Michael and I got out and I hugged Ashton bye.  He kissed me on the cheek and I smiled.  Everybody then drove away to drop Alexa, and I think, Luke off.  They started to drive away when the car stopped, and then Ashton got out and they drove away.

"What's up Ashton?" I asked.

"We don't have to go meet the boss so I thought I could hang out with you guys."

"Yeah sure come on in."

Ashton, Michael, and I went inside and had a little snack then we went to the living room and played games until my brother came home.

"Hey Bay, I'm home."  my brother said coming in.

"Hey Ryan."

"Hows my little....." Ryan said before stopping when he saw Michael and Ashton.

Michael and Ashton both stood up and introduced them selves.

"Hey, I'm Michael."

"Sup, I'm Ryan."

"I'm Ashton."

"Nice to meet you."

"You too."

I smiled and we went back to our game.  We were playing Call of Duty.

"Can I join?" Ryan asked.

"Sure.  But I am going to beat all of you guys." I said.

"I would like to see that." Michael said as a challenge.

"You will."  I said, winking at him.

He laughed and looked at the screen.  During the whole game thing I had this feeling like every time Michael would stand up or get all excited about something he would move closer to me.  I liked it, he is just such a cutie.  Ashton was being very sweet and getting me something to drink and when I was really cold he got me a blanket.

*1 hour later*

"Haha, I told you guys I would beat all of you."  I said all happy.

"Yes, you did." Michael said.

"We probably should go and get Luke and Calum.  See what they are up to."  Ashton said.

"Okay, well thanks for coming over guys."

"No problem."  Ashton said giving me a hug.

Michael gave me a tight hug and a kiss on my cheek, then they left.

*Michael's POV*

Once Ashton and I left we walked down to Alexa's house.  She was not far from where Bailee lives. Bailee gave us her address and house number.

"Bailee is so cute."  I said.

"Hey no, don't be hitting on my girl."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean I call her and you can't have her."

"Oh come on Ashton, you can tell that she likes me more."

"Thats not true.  She likes me way more."

"Ashton look at what she does around me compared to you."

"You're just jealous."

 "Are we really going to fight about a girl?"

"Whatever, let's just not talk about this anymore."

"Fine."  I said hoping we would get to Alexa's house soon.

*Alexa's POV*

Once we dropped off Michael and Bailee, Ashton's phone went off saying that they didn't have to go talk to their manager tonight, so Ashton went with Bailee and Michael. 

"So Calum, where do you want to go?" Luke asked.

"I don't know."  he said, thinking.

"You could come with us."  I said, looking at Luke.

Luke nodded and smiled at me.  I smiled back and Calum nodded his head for a yes.  We finally got to my place and went inside my parents weren't there.  They usually don't let me have boys over cause if anything happens (If you know what I mean, which by the way never does) then it would be against my religion.  Luke, Calum, and I all went into the living room to watch t.v.

*1 hour later*

My mom texted me saying that she would be here in 15 minutes and if she saw the boys I would be in so much trouble.  I texted Luke.

'My mom is going to be here but I don't want you to leave.'

Luke looked at me and nodded.

"Hey Calum can you go over to Bailee's place and get the boys?  If they want you to stay a little bit longer that is fine just stay there but not for very long."  Luke said.

"Okay. I'll come back and get you soon."  he said getting the keys from Luke.

"Bye Alexa."

"Bye."  I said.

Then Calum got into his car and drove off.

"Luke what are you doing?"

"I am going to stay here with you."

"But my mom won't let me have a boy over."  I said, panicking.

"Alexa calm down.  Everything will be fine, l'll stay in your room."

"Fine but if my mum catches you I am going to be in so much trouble."

"I won't get caught."

After Luke said that, my mom pulled in.  Luke looked at me and I told him where my room was upstairs, he nodded, kissed my forehead, and ran upstairs.  My mom then came in and sat down on the living room couch. 

"Hi honey."

"Hi mom.  How was work?"

"Oh god let me tell you.  It was horrible.  There was this one kid that threw all is food on the floor at the restaurant."

"I see.  Do you need me to go in tomorrow?"

"No, I want you to study for your semester tests."

"Alright, I'm pretty sure I'm going to do fine, they were so easy last year."

"Hey who's phone is that?"

I turned my head and saw that Luke left his phone on the table.

"It's Bailee's phone.  She must have left it."

"Oh okay.  Well, I'm going to go to bed, I'm very tried after today."

"Okay night mom."

"Night sweetie." she said, walking upstairs.

I laid back on the couch relieved that I hadn't gotten caught.  My mom can usually tell when I'm lying.

"Alexa!"  she yelled.

"Yeah?"  I said, hoping to god that she hadn't found Luke.

"Come turn off your bathroom light!"

I sighed in relieve.

"Okay, Mom."

I walked upstairs with Luke's phone.  I went into my room shut the door and locked it, and went and turn off the bathroom light. 

"Okay Luke come on out."  I said, just loud enough so my mom would not hear.

My closet door opened and Luke came out.

"Two things one make sure you have your phone and two when you hide make sure you turn off the lights."  I said, handing him his phone.

"Sorry.  I wasn't sure where to hide."

"It's fine, just please be more careful from now on."

Luke then hugged me and I hugged him back.  There is something about Luke that is so much different than any other guy I have met in my life.  I smiled into his chest. I think I might actually be in love with him.  After we hugged I went grabbed some clothes and went into the bathroom and changed. 

"I'll sleep on the floor." he said, as I came back out.

He grabbed a blanket and pillow from the top of my bed.  He started to lay on the floor.

"What are you doing?"  I asked looking him in his eyes.

"Sleeping on the floor. Why?"

"You don't have to sleep on the floor, my bed is big enough." I said.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah."  I said.

I have a lock so if my parents do try to get in my room they won't be able to.  I climbed up to my bed and had Luke give me the blanket and pillow again.  Luke then came up and sat down looking at me.

I was texting Bailee when I looked up and saw Luke looking at me.  It was so cute.

"What?" I say smiling.

"Oh nothing. You just have something right here."

"Where?"  I say feeling my face.

"Here hang on." he said coming very close to me.

Luke was on his hands and knees hovering over top of my legs.  He looked at me and he put his hand on my face.  He rubbed soft and gently on the side of my lips.  I smiled slightly at him and he smiled back. God, he was so cute. His face, the lip piercing was just perfect on him. Luke then came closer to me.  I could feel him breathing.  I could tell he was nervous. I leaned in to him too and our lips connected.  I put my arms around his neck and he slowly laid me back. His arms on each side of my head.  Luke is such a good kisser. He is way better than my first kiss. Luke and I stopped kissing and looked at each other, and smiled at each other.  Just then there was a knock at the door.

"Who is it?" I asked.

"It's Bella."

"What's up?"

"Can I go over to Skylar's house?"

"Did you ask mom?"

"She said to ask you."

"How long are you going to stay?"

"Maybe 2 days."

"Okay.  But you need to come home on Wednesday. You need to be home about 8:30.  Okay?"

"Okay. Thanks Lexi."

"Yup, have fun."



I turned back to Luke, shook my head and smiled.

"You two get along well." he said.

"We have our off days."

"I see."


After that I turned off my light and got under the covers.  Luke did the same. I turned so I was facing Luke and closed my eyes.  I opened them again to see Luke looking at me. I smiled and closed my eyes again.


In the morning I woke up cuddling close to Luke.

"Honey you need to get up." my mom said from outside my door.

"Okay mom." I said back.

I turned back to Luke and shook him.

"Luke wake up."


"Please.  I have school."

"Give me a kiss and I will."

"Oh my god Luke."  I said, giggling a little bit.

I leaned down and kiss Luke.  He smiled and sat up. I then realized that he didn't have on a shirt. He has really nice abs.  I climbed out of my bed and Luke followed me.  I was picking out something when arms came around my waist. I turned my head and saw Luke's face right there.  He looked really tired.  I turn around hugging him.  He rests his chin on the top of my head.

"Alexa, I'm leaving to take your brothers to school and then heading to work.  Bailee should be here soon." my mom said.

"Okay mom. Bye."

"Bye honey." 

Then she left.

Luke and I waited outside and Bailee then came with Calum, Ashton, and Michael.  Luke and I got up and walked to the car.  We sat in the back together. Calum gave Luke some jeans and a shirt.  He put them on his lap and put his head on my shoulder.

*At School*

We finally made it to school. Luke changed his clothes and looked pretty cute for today.  Bailee came up to me.

"Hey, what happened last night?" She asked.

"Oh nothing, Luke just slept over last night."

"Aww, that's cute."

"Yeah.  How about you?"

"Well, um..... Michael and I kinda cuddled together."


"Shut up." she said pushing me a tiny bit.

The boys were right behind us but a little bit back, so that they could not hear us.  I laughed at Bailee.  We both turned around and Michael looked at Bailee and smiled.  They are just so cute together.  I can't wait till they start dating.

"Luke better ask you out soon."  Bailee said.

"I think we're kind of already together."

"He really likes you."

"Yeah, I know I do too."

"You guys are really cute together."

"So are you and Michael."  Bailee laughed at that.

"Thanks."  she said, still laughing.

"Hey bitch." someone said.

We both looked up and saw Tyler and Sean.

"Hey you cheater." Sean said.

"I never cheated on you."  I said.

"Whatever.  Hey I have a question.  What would you do if I did this to your friend?" he said, slapping her really hard.

She turned back and there was a huge red mark of a hand on her face.  My hand went to a fist and my face got very red.  Then someone grabbed my wrist and four people stood in front of us.  Luke still had a hold of my wrist.

"Would you just leave them alone for once.  Haven't you caused enough trouble for these girls?"  Michael said.

"Who are you?  Do you go to this school?"

"No, we do not." Ashton said.

Michael and Luke grabbed us and dragged us to the car.  Calum and Ashton soon followed. They all gave us a hug and left to go to rehearsal.  Bailee and I are so lucky that we have them to help us.  They are so awesome.

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