5 Seconds of Romance

Alexa has just gone through a terrible break up, so to cheer her up her best friend Bailee takes her to see her favorite band, 5 Seconds of Summer. As they are leaving they run into the lead singer Luke Hemmings. They only meet for 5 seconds, but it was enough to make Alexa fall in love with him. Now these two girls will find out how hard loving members from a famous band is, but they know they can make it through anything.


8. Jealous

*Michael's POV*

I woke the next morning and got all my things ready. I thought maybe I should go wake up Bailee. I walked down the hallway to her room. I walked inside and I saw her and Ashton sleeping with each other. I stood there shocked and I started to get all mad. I shut the door not caring if they woke or not. I went back to the room with Calum. He came back out of the bathroom all changed and ready.

"Michael what is wrong?" he asked.

"Bailee is sleeping with Ashton." I said getting a little bit upset.

"Why is that a problem?"

"Why do you need an answer?"

"I think your jealous."

"Jealous? What no!"

"Okay, well did you know that Bailee talks about you all the time and about how cute and adorable you are. She really thinks your cute."


"See your blushing. You have a crush on Bailee and your jealous that she is sleeping with Ashton."

"Uh, Shut up Calum and don't tell her that I like her."

"Okay Michael."

I grabbed my things and walked out to the tour bus. I put my things near the beds and slid in my bed. Which was on the bottom. I closed my eyes and waited.

I heard someone put something under my bed. I just ignored it and kept laying there. Then I heard Luke talking to Bailee. Then they were gone.

After about 10 minutes I heard crying. I peaked out of my bed and saw Bailee running in crying. She opened up Ashton's bunk and hopped in there with him. She then closed the curtain and I laid back down. Have I done something wrong? I heard Luke talking to them and then leaving again. I rolled my eyes why can't Bailee come to me? I climbed out of my bed and walked to the front of the bus. Alexa and Luke were there.

"Where is Calum?" I asked.

"He is going to the bathroom." Luke said.

"Oh okay."


"Just wondering."

After a little bit Ashton and Calum came into the room. Ashton sat down next to me and I got up and walked away. I was just about to the beds when Bailee got out of Ashton's bed. She smiled and came over to me. She was about to hug me but I didn't let her hug me. I stepped back and she looked at me weird.

"Michael, are you okay?" she asked.

"Yeah, like you care." I say rolling my eyes.

"Whats wrongs?"

"Really? Are you being serious?"


"Everyone tells me how much you like me but then you go and you be with Ashton. Bailee I am not going to play this game. If you want Ashton tell me now. I am so sick of being lead on."

"Michael, would you stop."

"No because I love you Bailee but you apparently act like you love me and then you go to Ashton."

"Really? Michael first off I love you so much. I don't like Ashton like that. I think of Ashton as my brother not like a boyfriend to me. He reminds me of my brother. The person I like is you Michael. I did not know where you were so I went to Ashton. Maybe if I knew where you were I would have came to you and talked to you but apparently I could not fine you so I went to Ashton. If you really think I love Ashton it is not true. I love you but I see where this is going to go. So I have to go." She said walking away.

I thought she loved Ashton what? Is my jealousy getting to the best of me? I need to talk to someone but who? I know Luke.

I walked to the living room and Bailee was there laughing but when she looked at me she turned her head. I knew I messed things up. I was going to ask her out but now I can't because she is mad at me now great!

"Hey Luke can you come and help me?"

"With what?"

"Something in the back."


We both walked back to the back and sat down in the back. The bus is like this: So you walk in in the side. To your right is the front of the bus with a couch and a seat for two people. To the left is the beds then in the back is an extra room and another room.

"Whats up Michael?"

"I kinda just yelled at Bailee and I think my jealousy is taking over me."

"What happened?"

"I yelled at Bailee for playing a game. I thought she was leading me on and then she would go to Ashton and do the same and make me feel bad. I told her that I was not going to be that guy and i'm not going to play this game. Then I told her to tell my if she loved Ashton but she never did she told me that she loves me so much and she only see Ashton as a brother. She said the reason why she went to Ashton crying is because she could not fine me and she did not know where I was and now I feel so bad because I yelled at her and now we aren't talking and I was planning on asking her out but now I can't." I say with tears in my eyes. Two feel down my face.

"Michael its okay."

"No, it's not because she won't talk to me now."

"Give her space for a few days then after a little bit I would talk to her and do something nice. Ask Alexa she can probably help."

"Okay, I'll try. Thanks Luke."

"Yup, and hey if you need to talk you can talk to me. I hate seeing you down and upset."

"Thanks Luke."

We both walked back to the living room. Bailee looked at me again but then looked away like she didn't care. I shook my head and sat down next to Calum.

*2 hours later*

We were all talking and I would look at Bailee but she would never look at me. She would talk to everyone else but me. We stopped somewhere to eat lunch. Ashton and her were laughing and talking. He put his arm around her shoulder which made me feel better. It makes me feel like he knows that I love her and he won't do anything like that.

*3 days later*

*Bailee's POV*

I woke up today. I saw Ashton still sleeping. I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. I picked out an outfit on the way. I put on jeans, a light gray and white shirt that was on the edge of my shoulder, gray converse, and I put my sunglasses. I saw that we were stopped so I talked to the bus driver who was texting someone.

"Hey I am going to go get something at Starbucks."

"Okay sounds good. I will have someone come get you if you are not back in time." He said.

"Okay thank you."

"Yup no problem."

I walked out of the bus and down the side walk. I saw Starbucks and walked inside. I looked at the menu and then ordered. I ordered a large carmel latte. 

After I got it I went and sat down at a table. Alexa was texting me saying that her and the boys might come. As I was texting her someone came and sat down at the table I look from my phone and see a guy come sit in front of me. I just ignored him until he took my phone.

"Hey dude. Give me back my phone you can't just take my phone."

"If I want to talk to you then I can."

"Can I please have my phone?"

"If we can talk."

"I guess."

He slide my phone back over and then came and sat by me. I rolled my eyes and moved away from him but he kept coming closer to me. I turned so my feet were on the booth seat and I had my knees close to my chest.

"Dude, please move back."


"I am claustrophobic." 

"Are you or are you just saying that."

"No I really am." but that never stopped him.

"So you have a boyfriend."

"I'm actually talking to someone."

"I bet I am way better then him."

"Actually no. He is way better then you."

"How can you ever say that. I bet i'm way hotter then him"

"No you are not. You are ugly sorry not sorry."

"No one has ever said that to me."

"Well, now someone has."

"Oh come on a hot girl like you and a hot guy like me go perfectly together."

"Um..... No."

"Oh come on babe."


"Yeah come on babe."

"Eww no. Now can you please leave so I can finish my drink?"

"Give me a kiss first."

"Eww no."

"Come on."

"No and it looks like you don't put on chap stick your lips are gross." he said putting his hands on my knees.

"Yeah, but they will be better when you lips touch them."

"You are so gross now get your hands off of my knees."

"Why you not like this."

"Dude really. Please leave me alone."

"I told you I would if you give me a kiss."


"Fine. Then if you won't I'll force you too." he said grabbing my shoulder. 

He held my head and smashed his lips to mine. I was trying to push him off but he was to strong. He started to lip my lips but I would not do anything I would not kiss him back and I could not get away from him. It was getting to the point where I could not breath because he kept trying to make out with me. Then I finally got a breath of air. I started to cough and breath for air.

"Leave her alone." I looked up and saw someone with red hair standing in front of the booth. 

The guy left the place. I wiped away the gross feeling on my lips. I caught a deep breath and was relieved it was finally over. I looked up at the man who was now turned around.


"Michael? But......"

"I am sorry Bailee but I wanted time to talk to you alone and I knew that this would be the right time. Bailee I am so sorry for yelling at you the other day. I will admit I was jealous I really thought you liked Ashton. You are such an amazing girl. That day that I met you and the next few days when we would hang out, laugh together, and just joke I knew I wanted you to be mine because I started having feelings for you big feelings. I love you Bailee." Michael looking me in the eyes.

I smiled and knew that he was sorry for what he did.

"Awe Michael." I said hugging him.

I looked at him with my arm still around his neck. He leaned into me and I did the same. Feeling his lips on mine was like heaven on earth. It was such an awesome feeling. His soft lips, the way he kiss you, everything was amazing. After we kiss we looked at each other and smile.

"So does this mean we are boyfriend girlfriend?" He asked smiling.

"Yes." I say smiling back.

He gave me a quick peck on the lips and then we both started going back to the bus. Michael opened the door and let me go first.

"There you are. We are just getting ready to leave." Alexa said coming over to me.

"Oh sounds good." I said.

"Everything okay?"

"Yeah why?"

"Because we saw Michael leaving and walked to Starbucks." right after she said that Michael came into the bus.

"Um..... Are you still mad at him?" she asked.

"No, we made up."

"Awe thats so cute."

"Yeah we had a big make up." Michael said hugging me from behind.

"Wait are you guys dating?" she asked with a funny face.

"Yes, we are dating."

"Ahh!" She said jumping up and down and tackling me into a hug. 

Thank goodness Michael was behind me or I would be taken down to the ground.

I hugged her back and then we all sat down on the couch. Calum came to the front with us and sat down.

"Ready for tomorrow?" He asked Michael.

"Yeah. I am." Michael said.

"Thats good..... Wait are you two talking again?" He said now finally realizing us next to each other.

"Yes." I say laughing.

"I am glad. I hate seeing you two fighting."

"It's bad seeing us fight? Its hard when your fighting with someone close and not being able to talk to them that is the worse thing." Michael said.

"I bet." Calum answered.

I smiled and got up.

"Where you going babe?" Michael asked grabbing my wrist lightly.

"To go see Alexa." I say.


I walked to the back and saw Alexa sitting there playing a game on her phone.

"Hey Bailee." she said looking at me.


"So hows everything going?"

"With Michael and I?"


"Good. I am so glad we are talking again. To be honest I really missed him so much."

"Awe, see you two are just to cute for each other."

"Awe thanks. So are you and Luke."

She smiled at me and then stood up.

"Come on lets go talk to the boys." She said locking arms with me.

"Why?" I say laughing as she dragged me.

We both walked into the front and the boys weren't there. Weird they are always there.

"You know what?" Alexa started.


"I could beat you in wrestling."

"Oh my god Alexa."

"Come on you and me."



"No." I say sitting on the couch.

Alexa looked at me and I just rolled my eyes. I saw the boys coming to us. I looked back at Alexa and she grabbed me and took me to the ground.

"Its on." I say.

I saw the boys watching. I tried getting Alexa off me but it was no use.

"Fine I give up." I say.

"Haha I win." Alexa said all happy.

She let up on my shoulders a bit just enough for me to get out from under her. I grabbed her wrist and flipped us around.

"Now look who wins."

"So cheat."

"Never let an opponent give up on you unless they are really scared."

"Dang you Bailee Iris."



"Don't say that."

"Oh come on it is a good middle name."

"Shut up." I say getting up.

I put my hand down to help Alexa up. She accepted it and I helped her up.

"Wait what is your middle name?" Ashton asked.

"Nothing." I said quickly.

"Its Iris."



"Its not a bad name Babe. Its cute." Michael said standing in front of me.

I looked at his eyes and I could feel myself blushing.

"Babe?" Luke said.

"Yeah. They are dating now." Alexa said.

"Awe. I am proud of you Mikey." Ashton said giving him a bro hug.

Alexa and I laughed. It was great seeing the boys best friends again.

We all sat down on the couches. I had to sit on Michaels lap which I was fine with. I turned so my legs were laying across Ashton. 

"Are you guys ready for tomorrow?" Calum asked.

"Yeah. You guy to perform your own songs." Alexa said.

"Actually no. We have another surprise." 


"We are an opening act for a band."


"One Direction."

"Wow, they are a really.......... Good."


We drove all the way to the place. I feel asleep on Michael lap.

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