5 Seconds of Romance

Alexa has just gone through a terrible break up, so to cheer her up her best friend Bailee takes her to see her favorite band, 5 Seconds of Summer. As they are leaving they run into the lead singer Luke Hemmings. They only meet for 5 seconds, but it was enough to make Alexa fall in love with him. Now these two girls will find out how hard loving members from a famous band is, but they know they can make it through anything.


6. Homecoming & Bowling Night

*Bailee's POV*

I was packing everything I needed for 5 months for this tour. I am excited for this tour. I have never really got a chance to travel anywhere. The only time I have really traveled is when my mom and I got shopping out of town. Other than that I have never really been anywhere. My father is so lucky. I was not even half way threw my packing when I decided that I would go to my parents room and get a picture of them so I can still see them when I miss them. 

I walked to their room and opened the door. I looked around for a picture but they weren't good ones. I looked under the bed and saw a box in the way corner. Maybe there are some pictures in there? I grabbed it and opened it. I saw pictures of when I was little and my two other brothers when they were little too. I kept going threw them and I picked up about 10 pictures and thats when I saw different pictures of someone. I looked and saw different boys and girls. There was 2 boys and 2 girls. I looked at the picture and could not figure it out. I saw one with my dad kissing another women. I looked at the back and it said September 16, 2013. I looked at a photo of my mother and my father kissing and it said September 18, 2013. Thats when my father was suppose to be on a trip. Is my father married to another women while he is married to my mother? I grabbed the photo of my father with my mother and with the other women. I put the box back and went back to my room. I put the photo in my suitcase so I could show Alexa and tell her about it. My father isn't the kind to go and marry someone else and have kids with her too. 

I shook it off for now. I went into my closet grabbed 3 of my dresses, 8 pairs of skinny jeans(I love skinny jeans), I grabbed 5 pairs of leggings. I grabbed different color ones too. I put all of those in a suitcase. I put in some nice shoes and some beanie hats I have. In my second suitcase I put in my shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, bras, underwear, socks, tanks, and Pjs. I put my hairbrush and stuff from the bathroom in the same suitcase. I don't wear make-up but Alexa does. I grabbed a small bag to put things in that I would do for fun. I put in like 6 movies, my i-pod deck and ipod, I put my flute in my suitcase cause I will be missing lessons so to catch up I am going to FaceTime my instructor and learn that way. I put headphones in the bag and a notebook and pencil. I put it all in my closet and laid down on my bed. I was not going to pack my laptop until the day before. I looked at my phone and it said 7:30. I usually don't go to bed until 11, but I was really tired today so I turned off the lights, laid down, and went to bed.

*Next Day*

I woke up to my mom waking me up. She usually isn't here when I wake up. I usually have to wake up by myself and do a lot of things by myself like get breakfast, take a shower if needed, get dressed. Our school does not start till 9:30 and it gets over at 3:30. I love out school but anyways I got up and my mom said she was making me my favorite breakfast. Waffles. I love waffles. I picked out my outfit which was this:

I put it on and went downstairs. There was a plate of fresh waffles. I grabbed a plate and two waffles. I sat down at the table. My mother got me some orange juice which was really good. I took a bit of my waffle and It was so good. My mother is an awesome cook. I ate and my brother finally came down. He grabbed some too and my mom followed him. They sat down and we all talked. I wanted to tell my mother about dad but I couldn't she was having a good day today.

"So kids I was wondering if you would like to go Bowling tonight?" My mom asked.

"Yeah sure mom that would be really fun."

"I can't tonight mom. I have a project to get done." Ryan said.

"Oh okay. Well Bailee I am not going to let that ruin your fun night. You can in 5 friends and that is it okay?"

"Okay mom. Thanks. What time tonight?"

"About 9."

"Okay." I looked at my watched and saw I need to start going to school. 

I got up put my plate in the sink, grabbed my bag and keys, kissed my mom and brother goodbye, and left. I hopped into my car and started it. It was a cold day today. After a few minutes the car was pretty warm. I turn on my CD and the song Jealous by: Nick Jones came on. I turned it up and started driving to Alexa's house. Once I got there I waited outside her house dancing and singing. I grabbed my phone and text Michael.

*To Michael*

Hey, what are you guys doing to night at 9?

*To Bailee*

Nothing but being bored..... Why?

*To Michael*

Because my mom is taking me to go bowling with my friends and I can bring 5 people so I was wondering if you boys would like to come?

*To Bailee*

Yeah, that would be fun. What time?

*To Michael*


*To Bailee*

Okay and Luke wants to know if Alexa is coming?

*To Michael*

Lol, yes she will be there. I am asking her and awesome see yeah tonight. Bye Mikey

*To Bailee*

Bye Baby Cakes

I smiled and then Alexa got into the car.

"Sorry I was late. I woke up late" she said getting in.

"Its fine. We still have 15 minutes."

"Okay thats good."

I started driving and we just sat there talking. Alexa showed me her dress for homecoming tonight. Yeah homecoming is at 7 and ends at 10. We are going to leave early so we can go bowling. I really don't know if Alexa has a date or not. Alexa looked on my phone and found my dress.

Alexa's Dress:

Bailee's Dress:

"I am so excited for tonight." She said.

"Yeah. I guess."

"Oh come on Bailee. Be happy."


We got to the school and went to first period.

*After school*

Once school was out I drove Alexa back to her place. She went inside got her dress and other things and we went back to my place. We always get ready at my place. Once we got back there we went inside. I walked into the living room and saw my brother and a girl kissing. I quietly walked out and told Alexa to just follow me.

Once we got to my room I shut the door and started laughing.

"Whats so funny?" Alexa asked.

"I walked into the living room and saw my brother making out with another girl."

"Wow. I bet that was a pretty sight."

"Yeah not so much." Then we both laughed.

We then started to get ready. Alexa straightened my hair and I curled hers. We helped each other put on our dresses. I really didn't want any make-up. Alexa and I talked about it and I finally gave in. I hate make-up so much. 

When she was done my make-up looked like this:

I gave her a hug and told her it looked great. I was so happy. Alexa did her owns and it turned out really pretty. She is so good at make-up.

It was now 6:30. Alexa and I grabbed out phones and went downstairs my mom just got home.

"Awe, you two look so pretty. Can I get a picture before you two head off?" she asked.

"Sure mom."

She got out her camera and Alexa stood by me. She put her arm around my shoulder and I put my arm around her waist. Alexa is taller then me but not by too much. I am a short person though. My mom took the picture and showed us. I smiled and told her to send it to me. She sent it to me and Alexa. I set it as my back ground and then we headed out. We drove all the way to the school and we waited. We still had 5 minutes. I was talking to Alexa when someone knocked on my window. I looked and rolled down the window. I could not see who it was because they had a mask on.

"I know it is late but would you like to go to homecoming with me?" they asked.

"If I can see who you are then yes."

They took off there mask and it was Michael. I smiled and got out of the car. Alexa came around and Luke was with her. I smiled and she smiled back.

"Oh Bailee did I tell you that Luke and I are dating now?" She said smiling.

"What? Oh my god. I am so happy for you two. You two are just too cute for each other."

"Awe Bailee." Alexa said hugging me.

After the hug I stood back by Michael and he put his arm around my waist. I put mine around his waist and we all started to walk.

"You look really pretty tonight." Michael whispered in my ear.

I smiled and we went inside. Alexa and I payed for the boys. It took a while but we made a deal that if we pay here they will buy us something at the bowling alley. We went inside and there was kinda a lot of people. We went of the side and started talking. Then the song A Thousand Year By: Christina Perri came on. Luke and Alexa started to slow dance, I smiled and looked right at Michael. He looked at me, smiled , and said:

"Would you like to dance?" He said putting his hand out.

I grabbed his hand and he pulled me in front of him. I was a bit nervous but excited too. He put my arms around his neck and put his around my waist. I grabbed the neck of his jacket. I really do not know why I was nervous. I just was. Then the next thing I knew we were slow dancing together. Following his lead, watching him watch me, listening to the music. He pulled me closer to him as we danced. The song slowly got quieter. I could see Alexa and Luke out of the corner of my eye. Michael and I still kept eye connection. He started bring his face close to mine. I looked at him and then down at this lips then back up to his eyes. He did the same-thing to me and then we kissed. It was a really good kiss. After the kiss I looked at Alexa and she smiled. 

*1 hour later*

All four of us left so we could go and bowl.

"Wait, I want a picture of you two." Alexa said to me and Michael.

"Okay. Can we take two?"

"Yes Bailee. We can take two."


I went and stood by Michael and told him to smile first. After Alexa took the picture I looked at Michael and he had the same Idea. I hopped onto his back and we both made a funny face. I hopped off and looked at the picture. We both had our tongues sticking out. I love Michael. After that I got into my car and so did everyone else. I looked at Alexa and she told me that Calum dropped them off. I nodded my head and we drop to my place when I got there Ashton and Calum were waiting with four bags. We all got out of the car and went into my place. The boys changed in Ryan's room and Alexa and I changed in my room. Alexa changed into grey skinny jeans, a black and white stripped shirt, a black beanie, grey/black coats, and brown/tan ugg boots. I changed into black skinny jeans, black tank-top with a gray shirt that is short in the front and long in the back with long sleeves, and grey boots. We walked out and the boys had changed and had everything with them. We all walked down and out to the cars. My mother was meeting us there. Alexa and I got into my car and the boys in Calum's car. The boys followed us to the bowling alley. Once we got there and inside I saw my mother. She had already paid for us we just needed to get our shoes.

"I'll take a 9 please." I said.

"I'll take a 9 too please." Alexa said.

We both got our shoes and walked to my mom.

"Hey mom. Thanks for taking us." I said giving her a hug.

"Yup no problem sweetie and who are theses guys." She said when they got over to us.

"Mom this is mine and Alexa's favorite band 5 Seconds of Summer. This is Calum, Ashton, Michael, and Luke."

"It's nice to met you boys."

"You too." Calum said.

"Well, I hope you guys have fun. There are two lanes right next to each other. So three people on one lane. You guys are going to play 3 games."

"Okay, Thanks mom."

"Okay how about we do captions." Alexa said.

"Are we 5 again?" I asked.

"It would be easier to have teams. Then at the end we all add up the scores and see who wins."

"I like it. Nice Idea. What about you guys." I asked them.

"I'm up for it." Luke and Michael agreed.

"Okay. Who's captions?" I asked.

"You two be captions. So you both are on different teams." Luke said.

"Good idea." Alexa said.

Alexa and I did the rock, paper thingy to see who goes first. I won so I went first.

"I pick Michael."


"Of course. Ashton."

"Shut up Bailee and Calum is with us."

We all put on our shoes and got to the station thing. I put in Ashton, Me, and then Michael. Us three got our bowling balls and set-up to play. I looked at Alexa and they were already starting. Ashton grabbed his bowling ball and went up to bowl.

"We will win." I said to Michael.

"How do you know?"

"Because I love bowling and i'm a great bowler."

"Well, thats puts less pressure on my shoulder."

I laughed at him. Ashton came back over to us. I looked at the board and saw he got a spare. Then it was my turn. I stepped up and when I turned my head a little I saw Michael and Ashton watching closely. I smiled and did my turn. I watched as the bowl went down the lane. It went right down the middle and bang a strike. I was so happy. I turned back to the boys and they were running up to me hugging me. I laughed and Michael went up to bowl.

"Did know you were a lefty." Ashton said.

"Yeah. Its weird I know."

"No its cool."

I smiled and we watched to see what Michael was doing.

*After all three games*

"Haha, we won." Ashton said.

"Thats because you have Bailee." Alexa said.

"Yeah right." I said laughing.

"What was the score?" my mom asked.

"555 to 525." I said.

"Not bad. Bailee I have to go to work after I drop you guys off so do you want to go get something to eat quick."

"Sure mom."

"Where to?"

"Steak and Shake. I love that place."


The boys were following us to the place. We went inside and ordered something to eat and I got a shake to go too. The boys came in and got something too. Once we all got our food we left to go back home. Alexa invited Luke over and I just shook my head. Michael, Ashton, and Calum came inside with me just for a little bit. We all sat there and ate our food, laughed, and just had a good time.

*Alexa's POV*

Bailee and her mother dropped me off at my house. Of course no one was home. Once Bailee and her mother left the boys dropped Luke off. I smiled and we both went inside. We ate our dinner and watched T.V. for a while. I smiled and cuddle up to Luke. He put his arm around me. After a while I looked up at Luke and he looked down at me. He leaned into me and kissed me. I kissed him back and that started a whole make-out season. As we were kissing I pulled on Luke's shirt. He stopped and looked at me.

"Are you sure? I don't want to rush you into anything."

"No you are not. I'm ready."

"Okay. But if you don't want to or anything just tell me to stop okay?"

"Okay Luke. I love you."

"I love you too."

Then we started to make-out again. Luke pulled off my shirt and his too. I stopped him this time and told him that we probably should take this upstairs. He nodded and we went upstairs. I was so lucky we had a spare bedroom. We had a spare bedroom for other family members like for our grandparents and cousins. We went into that room locked the door and started kissing again. After a while we started pulling off each others pants.

I think you know what happens next.

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