Tainted Perfection

Psychopaths. They are a ruthless, unforgiving breed of people. Those who can lie, steal, cheat and even kill - with no conscience or guilt.

The media portrays them as remorseless killers, who hurt others for pleasure and who have no feelings of love or empathy towards anyone.

The world says they are monsters who deserve nothing more than to be locked away forever, or exterminated.

Saria Ahmed is a psychopath. And in Saria's eyes, the world is wrong.


1. Please Read


The following story is a fan fiction based on the best-selling novel Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. It is a story that lays bare the darkest, most cruel aspects of humanity. It deals with controversial topics such as homicide, rape, self-harm, substance abuse, genocide and racism.

This is a story of people who do bad things, simply because they believe them to be good. It's about the choices we make, how perspective and morals can be skewed depending on a person's circumstances and upbringing. Neither I, nor Saria, will sugarcoat anything in this story. Every thought, every crime, and everything in between will be laid bare.

Please be aware that I do not condone the actions of these characters. They are wrong and should be held accountable. But please also try to understand Saria's perspective before you judge her. Don't just read the first chapter and automatically label her a bitch or evil without taking time to step back and understand why.

The point of this story is to stop people from seeing the world in black and white. Before you judge Saria, take the time to get to know her. She may be cruel, but she's not without her reasons.

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