Christmas Gone Wrong

Why does war ruin everything?
It was Christmas night, the bells where ringing and children were skating on the pond near my house. It was all peaceful except the fact that we were still at war with Antogn.


1. Christmas Gone Wrong

It was Christmas night, the bells where ringing and children were skating on the pond near my house.  It was all peaceful except the fact that we were still at war with Antogn   You would look at all the smiling faces and think otherwise but if you really were paying attention you would see that there aren't enough men skating with there kids, or that there aren't any young men out singing Christmas carols and pulling there younger siblings around on sleds.  
All of this caused by one stupid war that is taring us apart.    

My mother and I are over at Mrs. Rodgers house waiting for Henry to return from the patrol he left with a few days ago.  I sat on the couch playing with Henry's three year old sister, Lara, I feel so bad for her.  She is to young to realize what is going on with the war and all but yet she is just old enough to be affected by it.  
Mrs. Rodgers and my mother both leave the room to check on the Christmas dinner that is cooking in the stove.  A few minutes later there is a loud knock on the door.  I look into the kitchen and realize that my Mother and Mrs. Rodgers are both busy with dinner, so I pick Lara up and place her on my hip, going to see who's at the door.
"Tom, what are you doing here so late on Christmas?" I asked Him.  I was quite surprised when I answered the door, I was expecting it to be Henry.  
"Hello Ma'am, I was asked to deliver something to Mrs. Rodgers, is she here?" He asked me.
"She is in the kitchen," I replied.
"Oh, well could you give this to her?" He asked.  Digging in his bag and pulling out a package with a letter attached to it, He handed it to me and bid me fair well.
I set Lara down on the sofa and told her I would be back in a few minutes. I took the package into the kitchen to give to Mrs. Rodgers.  I knew it was about Henry just by how formally the package was wrapped, I also knew it wasn't good news because if it was then Henry would be here himself.  Mrs Rodgers obviously thought the same thing as me because the second she saw the package her whole face fell.  I waited until she was done reading the letter and then asked if i could see it.
As I started to read the letter Mrs. Rodgers pulled a book out of the package and began to read it.  I recognized the brown leather back book that I gave Henry so he could keep a journal while he was gone.
I looked away so I wouldn't cry and continued to read the letter.

Dear Mrs. Rodgers, 
We are very sorry to inform you that we found your son, Henry, and his patrol's bodies near the Antogn border on December 24th at 2pm.      Sadly we could not bring his body back so that he could have a proper burial  but we sent you all of his possessions in the package.    
We are Sorry for your lose.

Sincerely you're Prince Tomas Jeffery Willas 

I set the letter down on the table and just stood there, frozen.  I just lost my best friend.  My only friend.
My Mother sat down at the table trying to comfort Mrs. Rodgers who was pretty shook up.
I was about to leave to go back to Lara when Mrs. Rodgers handed me Henrys journal.
"I don't want to read it.  You should have it," She whispered.
"Thank you," I said.
I sat down and began to read the first entry.

Wednesday, December 24th  7am

Magic use to be everywhere, you didn't just see it, you could feel it.  Magic is now out lawed by the land of Antogn.  Only people like me and my friend, Martha, still us magic. Everyone fights agains Antogn but Martha and I are the only ones who truly fight, with magic, because they do not and never will own us.  
yesterday me and two other men were sent out on a patrol to the dark islands where Antogn and our border meets, to scout out how far away Antogn's troops are.  We should reach the islands by midday today and I will hopefully be home for Christmas with my family and Martha and her Mother tomorrow night.

Henry Rodgers 

That was it thats all I have left of him.
 Or so I thought. 
"Martha," My Mother half heartedly called me back into the kitchen.
They had been going threw the rest of the package and found a little box with my name on it.
Mrs. Rodgers handed it to me.  I opened it and in side there was a ring and a small note.


Martha I love you.
Sincerely your loving friend,


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