The Drug Dealer

Merry Rose never thought she would fall for him. That wasn't the plan. All she had to do was put him behind bars, just like she promised her father. But she couldn't. She loved him and he loved her. He loved her more than he loved the feeling of getting high, more than he loved fighting and more than he loved himself.


2. Work Your Way Up

Merry Rose

My heart skipped a beat when the loud steps came down the hall. Justin and Ricky's steps. Two of thr most dangerous men were coming my way. I try to focus on the wind outside or the rain drops hitting the window next to me. A storm was coming.

"Justin, meet Merry Rose." I hear Ricky's voice and I quickly turn around to meet Justin's eyes right on mine.

"Hi". I say shyly.

I didn't mean to sound like that at all. My character is supposed to be outgoing. Cocky. Beautiful. Strong. Confident. She is supposed to be everything that I always wanted to be.

And now I have that chance.

"Hey." He answers.

"So, what do you think?" Ricky asks him.

It was obvious that he wanted Justin's approval on me. I only know Ricky for a week now but I know exactly the type of guy he is. He's the shadow. He's the guy that stands behind the main character, suporting every decision, fixing every mistake, keeping every dirty little secret and believing that they're more than that. More than a shadow. They believe that they're actually friends. Ricky is Justin's shadow. Always have been, always will be.

Justin stayed quiet for a while before letting out a scary laugh, shaking his head as he stares at me for a few seconds before looking at Ricky. He seems amused.

"This is a joke, right?" He asks but doesn't wait for na answer. "This is the kind of girl you fuck, Ricky. Not the girl I would like to have working for me. Forget that stupid idea." He says, turning around.

"It's not a stupid idea." I say, taking in a deep breath to get into my character before continuing. "I'm good at what I do, Bieber. I sell drugs since I'm 14 and I've never been caught. Never. I'm probably better than those stupid fuck heads that work for you. Much better. Just give me a shot and I can show you." I say, surprised with my own words. "Oh, and by the way... Even if I was just the type of girl you bring home to fuck, I wouldn't fuck with na asshole like yourself."

I took it too far. Dammit, Merry. I'm going to loose this job even before I got it. My father will be so desappointed. He really thought I could do this by myself. Clearly, he was wrong. I try to keep the confident smile on my lips as Justin slowly turns around.

"I see..." He whisper, pressing his hand against his chin before turning to Ricky. "I like her. She can stay." He says simply before turning his back to us and walking away.

I can't even describe the happiness rushing through my body right now. I did it. I'm in. I let out a sigh of relief before I remembre that Ricky is still here and I have to focus. Be Merry Rose Woods. Just be her.

"I told you he would say yes." I say in a cold tone, like it didn't matter to me.

"Yes, you did." He says with a goofy smile on his face.

My idea was to make Justin fall for me, not Ricky. Ricky can be Justin's shadow but would Justin really fall for his best friend's girl? I don't think so. I have to push Ricky away even though it's really hard to.

"I think I'm going back to my place now. I have a lot of stuff to pack." I say softly, turning my back to him.

"Wait, let me help you." He quickly offers.

I sigh and don't even turn to look at him. Be cold, Merry. Be cold.

"No, thanks. I got this." I say quickly before making my way towards the exit and leaving poor Ricky standing there in the hall with a confused expression.

As soon as I step outside, I hear someone yelling my name. I quickly stop and look around until I spot Justin in one of the many Windows of the mansion. He had a cigarette in his left hand and was leaning against the window frame, staring down at me with those perfect brown eyes. Damn, could anyone be any hotter? Ugh, what am I thinking? I have to focus.

"Yeah?" I yell back.

"Dinner is at 8. Be here. And you better wear something nice." He says simply before stepping back and closing the window.


No one ever talked with me like that. Not even the people that once tried to kill me talk with me like that. Ricky was more than right. This girl... This girl is different. This girl is something that I would like to have, but I know how this works. Ricky's girl, not mine. Besides, this one is dating material and I don't date as I made it pretty clear before.

As soon as I close the window, Ricky barges into my room for the second time today. I put the cigarette down as I was already done with it and look over at him. His eyes were a mix of lust, anger, confusion and... Love? Not sure.

"As much as I would love to talk about your feelings, I'm busy. Get the fuck out." I say, sitting down at my desk.

"I don't get her." Ricky says, ignoring me.

"You don't get who?"

"Merry Rose!" He exclaims as it was obvious that he was talking about her and I was just dumb. "She was all flirty with me last week and now won't even look twice at me." He pauses, glancing at me. "You don't think she likes you, do you?" He asks, desesperation on his voice.

I roll my eyes and rest my elbow on the table, then rest my head on my hand, staring at him. I hate this. He always falls for a girl then gets hurt. Always. Then I have to be the one to listen to his crap almost all day long. It's actually quite annoying but he's the only real friend I have so I better listen.

"She just met me, you fuck head!" I exclaim. Okay, maybe I'm not good at listening. Fuck it. "She obviously likes you now get out." I say what he wanted to hear and he seemed satisfied with my answer.

As soon as the heavy door closed, I grabbed my papers and started signing all that I had too. Maybe I should just hire someone to this daily crap for me. But I don't trust a sould inside this house. I try to focus on my paper work but everytime I look down at it, Merry Rose's image comes to my house. Her name is not the only cute thing about her.

Fuck. Focus, Justin. I look down at the paper once more.

Even the way she said my last name was sexy. Bieber, she called me. If it sounds good like that, imagine how would it sound when she moaned it out?

Fuck this. I throw the paper work away into one of my drawyers and reach over for my phone. Turns out I couldn't care less about how this works. She's Ricky's girl, but I don't want her to be my girl. I wnat her in my bed. I call one of the few good restaurants around here and make a reservation for me and her.

That's right. Justin Bieber is taking a girl out for the first time.




I would really like to see a comment next time I log in though! But it's still amazing how I got favs in only one day and with only one chapter.

Sorry for any mistakes, english is obviously not my first language. I will try to update this as soon as I can. Thanks for Reading ;)

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